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After a short internal struggle, Shu Ya chose to say her true thoughts.

“Leaders, sometimes, one plus one might be less than two.

If all the good points are used on a single trademark, it will seem too complicated and it wont be as pleasing aesthetics-wise as the simple-looking one.”

When everyone heard this, they were baffled.

Why did good things become bad when added together

At this moment, Yu Bing stood up.

“Trademarks are the same as brands.

Whats important is that they should be simple and easy to remember! Overly complicated patterns will distract consumers.

Everyones memory points are limited.

Moreover, if theyre too complicated, other manufacturers will take advantage of the situation to copy our design.

For example, if the other partys design is a child wearing an inconspicuous hat, consumers wont pay attention to such details at first glance.

They might think that it is our brand and buy it without a second thought.”

These were all actual cases that happened in the future.

The previous explanations were from a professional perspective.

Many people might not be able to understand it, but after hearing Yu Bings example, they understood clearly.

Anyone with a brain wouldnt do such a thing.

Hence, everyone was convinced.

In the end, they decided on the design with a thumbs up.

Yu Bing once again promoted her principle of choosing the most simple design to everyone.

Shu Ya returned to the field.

The young people who knew that Shu Ya had helped the factory create designs quickly asked about the results.

After knowing that the design was chosen, they were very happy for her.

Yu Yan also heard them and asked, “Seeing how happy you are, Yu Bing agreed to let you enter the factory”

Shu Ya smiled and replied, “Im happy because my knowledge was able to help the village.

Captain Yu didnt say anything about me entering the factory.

Since the factorys trademark doesnt have to be changed often, she probably only asked me to help design it as a one-time favor.

Its not a big deal.”

When Yu Yan heard this, she sneered and mocked, “Isnt that letting people work without compensation!”

Some people could tell that Yu Yan was always looking for trouble with Yu Bing, so they said with dissatisfaction, “Dont be so utilitarian.

Captain Yu is our superior, so how can we disobey her If this factory is run well, we will get bonuses at the end of the year! Whether its for public or private reasons, we should help when needed and not be so fussy about personal gains and losses.”

“Thats right.

Captain Yu is such a capable person.

If she can showcase her capabilities in front of her, if there are more opportunities in the future, she will think of her.

What a good opportunity to perform!”

As they spoke, the topic shifted to how capable Yu Bing was.

Seeing everyones admiration for Yu Bing, Yu Yan was furious.

Yu Bing! What was so impressive about her!

If she had been raised in her biological parents home since she was young, she would definitely be more outstanding than Yu Bing!

At the thought of this, she blamed her adoptive parents for not nurturing her.

After the food factorys trademark was confirmed, Yu Bing planned to go to the county to contact the sugar factory to supply sugar.

She also had to place orders for the glass bottles in advance.

Wu Jin stopped her and used the excuse that it wasnt safe to bring money alone to signal Yu Bing to bring Xiao Sheng along.

Yu Bing felt that it was faster to go there alone.

However, Wu Jin stuffed Xiao Sheng into the car.

Yu Bing had no choice but to bring Xiao Sheng to the county city.

Yu Bing was very puzzled.

“Whats going on”

Xiao Sheng sighed softly.

“Uncle Jin hopes that Ill stop selling things in the black market and will help you in the factory.”

When Yu Bing heard this, she suddenly turned to look at Xiao Sheng with widened eyes.

“The village chief knows that were doing this”

Xiao Sheng looked at the car that had gone astray and hurriedly reached out to turn the steering wheel.

“Watch the road! Watch the road!”

Yu Bing came back to her senses and looked ahead.

Xiao Sheng said, “He only knows about my involvement.

He doesnt know that youre also involved.”

Yu Bing heaved a sigh of relief, but then she thought of Xiao Lis eyes.

“Then what do you think”

Xiao Sheng leaned against the back of the chair and looked at the road as he replied, “I havent thought about it yet.

The last time I went to deliver, Brother Qiang also mentioned to me about picking up the countys black market.”

Of course, Yu Bing knew Xiao Shengs dilemma.

After all, the government policy still didnt allow private business dealings.

There were still a few years before the reform and opening up, so it was indeed very dangerous to take over the black market.

If something happened, it would be a problem for Xiao Shengs two siblings to survive.

But if he didnt continue, then Xiao Lis eyes…

Yu Bing sighed.

What a dilemma!

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