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Everyone arrived at the field together.

Everyone continued to work according to the division of labor in the morning.

Because Yu Yan didnt rest well, she felt even more tired, and her performance was worse than in the morning.

With this contrast, Li Ping looked at Jiang Chun, who was still working hard.

She thought of the news she had heard in the afternoon and felt tempted.

She planted seedlings with Jiang Chun.

“Jiang Chun, I heard that you and the Yu Bing familys work in the same factory”

Jiang Chun subconsciously replied, “Yes.”

Li Ping pretended to be nonchalant and continued to ask, “Then what other siblings do you have”

Jiang Chun didnt think much of it and replied honestly, “Im an only child.

I dont have any siblings.”

Li Pings eyes lit up when she heard this.

Being an only daughter meant that everything in the Jiang family would be left to Jiang Chun in the future.

Moreover, without the support of her siblings, if she married into their family, she would be at her mercy.

She immediately thought about how to matchmake Jiang Chun and her son.

On the other side, Yu Bing was much better after her nap.

However, her body couldnt withstand continuing to work in such a high-intensity field, so she thought about her future as she worked.

In her previous life, after returning to the city due to policy reasons, Yu Bing had never done farm work again.

Therefore, when she first started working in the morning, her hands were still a little rusty.

However, after half a day, Yu Bings speed gradually increased.

Pulling the seeds were a little easier than planting them.

Yu Bing finished work faster than Jiang Chun in the afternoon, so she told Jiang Chun and decided to go back to cook first.

Li Zhen, who was passing by with a tired look on his face, instantly perked up.

“What are we eating tonight I feel like Im about to collapse after working all day.

If a big pot of rice appeared now, I could finish it immediately!”

During the harvesting and planting period, the farming tasks were more important than usual.

During this period of time, everyone would eat well and nourish themselves.

Otherwise, many farmers wouldnt be able to withstand the intense labor.

Yu Bing thought for a while and said, “I still have three eggs left from yesterday.

Ill stir-fry some chives with eggs, carrots, beans, and vegetables.”

Although there was no meat, Yu Bing planned to make up for it with quantity.

Moreover, eggs were nutritious and could at least nourish everyones bodies.

After the heavy labor, Li Zhen and Jiang Chun felt motivated when they thought of what they would eat for dinner.

When Yu Yan heard their conversation, she couldnt help but feel proud of the small piece of fish she had eaten this afternoon.

Although it was only a small piece, it was still fish.

Moreover, she didnt have to cook herself.

Seeing that Yu Bing still had to go back and cook after a day of farm work, she felt very happy.

“Yu Yan!” Li Pings voice sounded again.

Yu Yan bent down and resigned herself to work.

Seeing that there was still a small half of the field that hadnt been planted with seedlings, her mood plummeted again.

On the way home, Yu Bing met two children who were roasting mudfish by the stream.

There were more than ten swimming in the shallow water in the wooden basin beside them.

She had an idea.

Yu Bing smiled as she quickly walked over and said with a smile, “Can I use candy to exchange for loaches”

When the two seven and eight-year-old children heard that they could get candy, they immediately agreed happily.

In this era, unless it was a wedding or the new year, children wouldnt be able to eat candy.

On the other hand, loaches could be caught by rural children with little effort.

Moreover, because it tasted muddy, no one liked to eat it.

Only children who were very hungry would catch it and roast it.

Because Yu Bing had slight hypoglycemia, she had the habit of carrying candy with her.

She took out the two candies from her pocket and exchanged them with loaches.

She watched as the two children immediately stuffed the candies into their mouths and instructed the children to go to the temporary dormitory to look for her to get the wooden basin after dinner.

Yu Bing carried the wooden basin towards the dormitory with a smile.

After all, even if there was little meat, it was still meat.

She had a way to solve the problem of the heavy muddy taste.

At that moment, a 10-year-old boy suddenly ran to Yu Bings side.

“My name is Xiao Lin.

I can catch loaches for you.

I only want one candy in exchange for 10 loaches.

Can you look for me to help you catch them in the future”

Yu Bing looked at the dark-eyed boy and thought that he might have seen the scene just now.

She was impressed with this child for being so smart and knowing how to do long-term business.

Yu Bing pretended to hesitate in order to tease him.

She didnt expect him to look at her calmly.

At that moment, Xiao Lin was actually very worried that Yu Bing wouldnt agree, but he thought of his brothers words: When negotiating with others, the more hesitant they appear, the calmer he had to appear.

Once others knew that he was more anxious, the initiative would be in their hands.

They could demand whatever conditions they wanted.


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