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Duan Mei was convinced by her words and she sneered.

“Alright, Ill go.

If theres really something else going on, it can only mean that the Yao family can benefit more from it.

Shi Lian can forget about brushing me off with a betrothal gift!”

Shi Lian would never have expected that her almost succeeded plan would be ruined by Yu Pans occasionally lucid mind.

When Mr.

Yu heard this, he looked up and said, “Food is easier to get in the villages than here.

Get Yu Bing to buy more for you.”

Duan Mei said matter-of-factly, “Thats for sure.

Ill get all her salary back this time.

Our family is in such a difficult situation, so she definitely has to help.”

When Yu Pan heard that her mother was preparing to get Yu Bings salary, she excitedly thought about how she would get a few yuan from her mother.

This way, with the money she had saved up, she could buy the dress she liked.

Therefore, the next day, the reply Shi Lian received was that Duan Mei decided to go to the countryside to ask Yu Bings opinion in person, in case Yu Bing didnt agree to be with Yao Nian.

Shi Lian had no choice but to ask for leave to visit Yao Nian.

The matter of Yu Bing being the factory director would definitely be exposed, so she could only try to think of a solution according to the situation.

The two of them made up their minds and applied for leave from the factory in three days.

At this moment, Yu Bing was completely unaware and was still focused on production.

Because the bamboo gift boxes cost more than 16,000 yuan, the villagers started weaving at home as soon as they got off work.

As long as they passed the inspection, they would get 0.02 yuan.

The materials could be obtained for free in the villages bamboo forest.

They could weave one in 10 minutes.

With these income-generating projects, the villagers, who liked to gossip and sow discord all day long, turned their attention to earning money.

The entire He Mountain Brigade was immersed in the harmonious atmosphere of doing business.

As for the ordinary version, the mobility team was in charge of them.

Because the craftsmanship was very simple, it only took a minute to weave a rope.

Yu Bing wanted to save as much as possible.

If the mobile team could handle it, they would do it themselves.

In the future, if the quantity was large, they would hire one or two more people to be in charge.

The goods from the farm had to be shipped first.

There were a total of 369 bottles of ordinary goods.

Yu Bing personally drove them there.

Although they owed the farm money, that was another matter.

Yu Bing insisted on paying the remaining 295.2 yuan.

After all, they had agreed in advance when they placed the order.

At this moment, before Yu Bing received the letter from the Yu family, Duan Mei and Shi Lian had already arrived at the county city and were on their way to the commune.

The two of them were carsick from being on the road for an entire day and night.

When they finally arrived at the commune, they found out that the ox cart in the village only came to town on market day.

They had no choice but to drag their tired bodies to the village.

Shi Lian and Duan Mei werent young anymore.

There were buses for long trips in the city, so they rarely walked so much, especially on uneven yellow soil.

Duan Mei had even sprained her ankle.

Shi Lian brought a bag of dried meat and chili sauce.

The two of them supported each other for three to four hours.

When they arrived at the village entrance, they happened to meet the villagers preparing to go to work in the afternoon.

Everyone knew that the two of them were from the city from their clothes, so a friendly villager walked up and asked, “Hello, are you here to visit your relatives”

When Yu Yan, who was passing by, saw a stranger coming into the village, she took a few more glances.

She saw two middle-aged women.

One of them had short hair and looked smart and capable, while the other had her hair tied back.

Both of them looked tired.

Yu Yan felt that the long-haired, round-faced woman gave her a sense of intimacy, so she stopped and took another look.

Yu Yan looked like Duan Mei.

The two of them had round faces and almond-shaped eyes.

They looked 50% alike.

Perhaps because of the sense of kinship, Yu Yan developed a good impression of Duan Mei.

When Shi Lian heard the question, she hurriedly replied, “Hello, Im Yao Nians mother.

This is Yu Bings mother.

Were here to see the children.”

When everyone heard Yu Bings name, they stopped and said enthusiastically, “Yao Nian is with the intellectuals.

She should be starting work soon.

Miss Yu went to collect the payment early in the morning.

Its been hard on her.

I wonder if shes back now”

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