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Jiang Chun said with heartache, “Every time theres an assignment, you start work earlier than us and get off work later than us.

Your long working hours off set the low-intensity advantage of this job.”

Yu Bing smiled and patted Jiang Chuns shoulder.

“No matter what, its better than farming.

Theres a salary.”

After chatting for a while, Jiang Chun remembered something important.

“By the way, your mother and Auntie Shi came together!”

Yu Bing choked, scaring Jiang Chun so much that she hurriedly patted Yu Bings back.

Yu Bing confirmed with Jiang Chun, “My mother and Yao Nians mother”

Jiang Chun nodded seriously.

Yu Bing was a little puzzled.

She didnt reply to the previous letter, so hadnt they not contacted each other for a long time Why did her mother come so suddenly, and with Yao Nians mother

At the same time, Yu Bing also realized that her identity was about to be exposed.

Thinking of her mothers methods, Yu Bing sneered.

In any case, she wouldnt let her mother succeed.

Yu Bing was halfway through her meal when Duan Mei and Shi Lian came over under Yao Nians lead.

The courtyard door was open.

The three of them saw the dim yellow light in the kitchen and walked in.

When Duan Mei saw the small bowl of hibiscus eggs and two vegetables on the table, she felt a little dissatisfied.


Yu and Yu Wu were given priority to the eggs at home.

She and Yu Pan could only eat them two to three times a week.

Yu Bing could actually afford to eat them now.

It seemed that this girl had really saved up some money.

Jiang Chun was facing the kitchen door.

When she saw them, she greeted them first.

When Yu Bing heard this, she could only put down her bowl and chopsticks and stand up to call out, “Mom, Auntie Shi.”

“Yu Bing, my mother and Auntie Duan are here to discuss our marriage,” Yao Nian said excitedly.

Marriage Yu Bing frowned.

She wondered when Yao Nian had arranged this.

Shi Lian also smiled and said, “You guys are already at the legal age of marriage.

Its time to fulfill the arranged marriage.”

The mother and son wished they could immediately settle this matter so that they could publicize it.

This way, they could force the Yu family to agree to this matter for the sake of their reputation.

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