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Although she no longer had any hope for family, Yu Bing still felt bad when she heard that her mother was treating her like a fool.

“Mom, you and Dad earn 36 yuan a month.

My sister leaves 20 yuan for you and keeps 2 yuan herself, but she can eat and live at home.

In other words, there are four people in the family, and three of them have a salary.

You guys earn a total of 92 yuan a month.”

“Mom, even if you eat meat a few times a month, you can save up a third of your money, right I dont think our family is so poor that we cant even afford to eat.”

Duan Meis expression changed when she heard this.

She was able to save money because of her own capabilities.

“You heartless person.

You said so much because you dont want to give the money to the family, right! Yu Bing, let me tell you, I have many tricks up my sleeve.

Dont force me to use them on you!”

Yu Bing wasnt someone who could be threatened.

“Mom, I believe youve already found out about my salary.

Its 12 yuan a month.

Although theres rice and oil distributed for free, I have to spend my own money to buy everything else.

You know my ill health.

The job of a tow truck driver isnt much easier than farming.

If I dont eat anything to nourish my body, Ill have to spend money to see a doctor if my body cant take it anymore.

Mom, I dont have to calculate this.

You should know that its better to use this money to buy medicine, right”

When Duan Mei heard this, she calculated inside.

In the past, when Yu Bing was at home, she had to see a doctor every two to three days.

In total, the average monthly medical fee was two to three yuan.

However, because it was a small medical room in the factorys infirmary, it didnt cost money.

There was a monthly nutritional allowance of five yuan for the sick family members of the employees.

She used this money to buy nutritional supplements for Yu Wu.

Otherwise, how could Yu Wu have grown so tall She had fed him all kinds of nutritional supplements since he was young!

Thinking of this, Duan Mei was a little smug about her meticulous planning.

She thought about what Yu Bing had said carefully and decided to leave the medical fees as nutritional fees for Yu Bing and give her some extra emergency money.

After all, only when Yu Bing recovered could she continuously get more money from her.

“You make sense.

Leave five yuan for the drivers salary and send the remaining eight yuan and the factory directors salary back.”

Seeing howbenevolent Duan Mei was to her, Yu Bing couldnt help but scoff.

“Mom, I have many places to spend money on, so I wont send the money.

But dont worry, when you and Dad get old and need your children to support you guys, Ill definitely give you the same amount my brother and sister gives you.”

When Duan Mei heard this, she slammed the table in anger.

“You heartless person! I should have strangled you to death when you were born.

I raised you, but you dont have any gratitude at all.

Without me, you would have grown up on the streets!”

The more agitated Duan Mei became, the calmer Yu Bing felt.

“Mom, the five yuan subsidy given by the factory is for me, right Its a fact that medical treatment doesnt cost money, right Ive been working for the family since I was five years old.

Ive been cooking three meals a day since I was eight years old.

I eat meat twice a month, but Im only allowed to eat one piece each time.”

“Although this is a new society and there are no more servants, Ive always felt that this word can more accurately explain my status in the Yu family.

After all, based on the treatment Im receiving, no one would think that Im the Yu familys daughter.”

“Then treat me as the familys helper.

My salary should be enough to afford those meals.

After all, the amount I eat at home has been strictly calculated by you.

I can only eat until Im half full.”

Yu Bing came to a conclusion with a hint of mockery.

“So youve already earned the subsidy money from the time I was born to the time I graduated from high school.

In that case, I supported myself and even earned some money for my family.”

Duan Mei looked at Yu Bing, who seemed completely different, and was a little surprised.

Could a person change so much

Duan Mei secretly sized up Yu Bing.

If not for the fact that Yu Bings face was identical, she would have suspected that Yu Bing had been switched.

Yu Bing sensed Duan Meis suspicious gaze and ignored her.

After finishing the last two mouthfuls of food, she began to clear the dishes.

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