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Chapter 175: Foolish and Rich

With that, she took out 65 yuan from her pocket.

She had saved it up for half a year, but at this moment, Yu Yan wasnt reluctant at all.

After she counted out 50 yuan, she added another 10 yuan and only left 5 yuan for herself to send a telegram home in two days and ask her adoptive parents to send more money over.

“Mom, take it.

Its not much money, but its a token of my appreciation.”

Duan Mei was shocked by Yu Yans actions.

She only planned to maintain her image as a loving mother.

She didnt expect Yu Yan to take so much money!

Duan Mei lowered her eyes and thought about it.

In the end, she resisted the urge to take the money and refused.

“No, the expenses in the countryside are not small either.

Keep it for yourself.

Besides, we cant use your money!”

When Yu Yan heard this, she became even more anxious.

Her eyes turned red as she asked, “Mom, do you not treat me as your daughter”

Only then did Duan Mei take it with a helpless expression.

In fact, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She had rejected Yu Yan because she wanted to test her daughters tolerance for her familys situation.

She was now certain that her second daughter was a rich fool!

Duan Mei suppressed her joy and frowned slightly as she said softly, “Yu Yan, thats not what I meant.

I was worried that if you gave the money to the family, it would be difficult for you to explain it to your adoptive parents.”

Only then did Yu Yan smile.

“Dont worry, Mom.

Ill handle it!”

Seeing this, Duan Mei was relieved.

If Yu Yan couldnt deal with them, she would rather ask for less each time.

As time passed, she could save up a lot of money bit by bit.

The mother and daughter conversed for a while more before parting.

The two of them had a tacit understanding not to let others know.

Duan Mei was worried about Shi Lian, while Yu Yan was worried about Xu Ling, who was in the same city as her.

Xu Lings house wasnt far from hers.

If her true relationship with Duan Mei was exposed, it was inevitable that her adoptive parents would find out.

If they were angry and stopped sending her money every month, how could she survive in the countryside!

Moreover, now that she knew that her biological familys conditions were not good, she had to hide this matter even more so that she could send her adoptive parents money back to her biological family.

Besides, she was still hoping that they would help transfer her back to the city in two years.

She came here this time purely to get close to Yu Bing and return to her biological parents house.

She didnt plan to stay in the countryside for the rest of her life.

However, the truth would always be revealed eventually.

Shu Ya left the kettle on the table when she was eating breakfast in the kitchen this morning.

When she wanted to drink water in the field, she realized it.

She applied for leave from her team leader and ran back to the dormitory building.

She didnt expect to discover such a shocking secret.

After sensing that the two of them were about to come out, she immediately left the door quietly.

On the day Duan Mei and Shi Lian returned home, Yu Bing brought 15 pounds of corn to the lobby of the intellectual team dormitory early in the morning.

Yu Bing handed the corn in her hand to Yao Nian.

“This is my mothers expenses for the past few days.

You helped pay for it previously.”

Yao Nian smiled gently and rejected, “Yu Bing, with our relationship, theres no need to return the favor.

Your mother is also my mother.”

Seeing that Yao Nian didnt take it, Yu Bing placed it at his feet.

“Take it.

We have nothing to do with each other, so I have to return the favor.”

Yao Nians smile froze.

Seeing this, Duan Mei smiled and said, “Yao Nian, theres no need to be anxious.

Let me discuss this matter with your mother.”

Shi Lian knew that Duan Meis attitude was one thing, but saying this in public was another.

Shi Lian saw that there were a few intellectuals in the hall who had also heard it, and her expression was very ugly.

However, she couldnt cause trouble again, or things would be even worse.

She could only scowl.

After Yao Nian placed the food back in the dormitory, the few of them left the dormitory building.

When Duan Mei walked out of the courtyard, she saw Yu Yan under the osmanthus tree.

Despite seeing the reluctance in Yu Yans eyes, she didnt dare to respond.

She only nodded quietly as a farewell.

Shi Lian also noticed Yu Yan.

When she saw Yu Yans face, she felt that Yu Yan looked very familiar, but she didnt think much of it.

Today, Yu Bing and Yao Nian both took a day off and sent their mothers off.

Yu Bing helped Duan Mei onto the back seat and pointed at a sack on it.

“Mom, theres sweet potatoes and yams inside.

I also put some dried sweet potatoes and radishes in it.

The sweet potato noodles weigh 20 pounds, and there are two bottles of jam at the top.

Be careful not to break them.”

Duan Meis expression changed and she immediately asked, “You werent there when I went to your house two days ago.

Jiang Chun didnt tell you that I asked you to buy 200 pounds of rice”

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