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Chapter 176: Gift

Yu Bing replied nonchalantly, “She did, but I didnt have enough money and you didnt leave me any money.

This is all I could buy.

I only had the money to buy the jam after I got the staff discount!”

With that, she turned around and jumped out of the car without looking at Duan Meis ashen expression.

She started shaking the handle at the front of the car to start the car.

When Shi Lian heard Yu Bings reply, she was in a good mood.

She was very happy with Yu Bings unyielding attitude towards Duan Mei.

This way, she wouldnt have to worry about Yu Bing subsidizing her family after marrying into the Yao family.

Yao Nian didnt prepare anything for Shi Lian.

He only took the blanket and spread it on the seat.

He even borrowed two straw hats and handed them to Duan Mei and Shi Lian.

Shi Lian was very gratified to see Yao Nians actions.

She felt that her son had become much more sensible and considerate.

As for the food, they had enough at home.

She wouldnt want it even if Yao Nian gave it to her.

Before she went to the countryside, she specifically asked her daughter for some household expenses and bought this months worth of food.

Yu Bing drove alone in front while Yao Nian kissed up to Duan Mei from behind, making her happy and making Shi Lian jealous.

Shi Lian, Yao Nians biological mother, had never been coaxed by Yao Nian like this before, but she understood.

After all, Yao Nian had yet to marry Yu Bing, so her son naturally had to put in some effort.

When Yao Nian got Yu Bing, she would get payback on Yu Bing and let Yu Bing know that it wasnt easy to be the daughter-in-law of the Yao family.

Yu Bing drove quickly.

When they arrived at the train station in the city, it wasnt even eleven oclock.

The few of them went to buy bus tickets first.

Yu Bing naturally paid for Duan Meis bus ticket, while Shi Lian paid for her own.

After Yu Bing sent Duan Mei to the waiting room, she left directly.

Yao Nian originally wanted to show off in front of Duan Mei again, but he didnt dare to delay anymore.

Shi Lian was also worried that Yu Bing would leave Yao Nian behind, so she couldnt be bothered to remind him anymore.

She hurriedly took out 10 yuan from her pocket and stuffed it into Yao Nians hand so that he could spend it.

After Yao Nian said goodbye to Duan Mei, he hurriedly went out to chase after Yu Bing.

At this moment, Yu Bing was starting the car.

When she saw Yao Nian panting as he ran to her side, she was a little disappointed.

She wanted to quickly start the car and leave so that Yao Nian had to walk back.

What a pity.

After the car started, Yao Nian wanted to climb into the empty seat beside Yu Bing.

The front seat was more comfortable than the back and they could chat to improve their relationship.

If not for the fact that he wanted to curry favor with Duan Mei just now, he would have sat in the front long ago.

Yu Bing blocked the seat beside her with a joystick.

She raised her chin and gestured for Yao Nian to go to the back.

Yao Nian frowned and said, “Theres an empty seat beside you.

Why cant I sit there”

Yu Bing glanced at Yao Nian and said slowly, “I dont like people sitting beside me when I drive.

If you dont want to sit in the back, you can walk back.

Ill count to three.

If you dont get in the car, Ill drive.


When Yao Nian saw Yu Bing counting, he immediately ran to the back and climbed into the car before Yu Bing could count to three.

Before he could steady himself, the car started immediately.

Yao Nian was startled.

Fortunately, he was fast enough.

After Yao Nian got into the car, he couldnt help but let his imagination run wild again.

He clearly remembered that Xiao Sheng and Jiang Chun both sat beside Yu Bing in the past.

Jiang Chun sat beside her because they were on good terms, but what about Xiao Sheng

Yao Nian couldnt help but suspect that the two of them were close.

In addition, Xiao Sheng was a man, and the two of them were neighbors.

The more Yao Nian thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

What if Yu Bing took a fancy to that farmer

Therefore, even though the tow truck was loud, Yao Nian didnt want to let go of this rare chance to be alone with Yu Bing.

He wanted to win Yu Bings heart, so he spoke to Yu Bing loudly, but Yu Bing pretended not to hear him and focused on driving.

At first, Yao Nian thought that Yu Bing didnt hear him, so he raised his voice again and again.

Only when he shouted for the third time and Yu Bing didnt react did he realize that Yu Bing did it on purpose.

Yao Nian was furious and filled with hatred.

He had to teach Yu Bing a lesson after they got married in the future and let her know how a woman should treat her husband!

It had to be said that Yao Nian and Shi Lian were indeed mother and son.

Before the marriage was even confirmed, they were already thinking about how to deal with Yu Bing in the future.

After sending Duan Mei off, Yu Bing returned to work.

The Dragon Boat Festival was getting closer and closer.

The factory worked overtime and sent the goods to various units at the agreed time.

In the end, there were still about 200 pounds of cherries left.

The ripe cherries had to be picked from the tree, but after picking them, they couldnt be kept for more than a few days, so Yu Bing ordered them to continue producing.

This jam could last for at least eight months.

She didnt believe that she wouldnt be able to sell it in such a long time.

Even if the shelf life became shorter, it was better than letting the fruit rot.

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