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Chapter 177: Shortcut

That night, Yu Bing jogged at the door of the house again.

She suddenly had an idea, so she went into the Xiao familys house.

At this moment, Jiang Chun and Xiao Li were practicing weaving bamboo gift boxes under the corridor.

Although the orders had all been delivered and there was no need to accept gift boxes for the time being, Jiang Chun had failed to make five out of ten gift boxes previously, so she came to look for Xiao Li to teach her so that there would be more gift boxes the next time the factory accepted them!

When Xiao Li heard footsteps, she looked up in Yu Bings direction.

“Sister Yu Bing!”

Xiao Lin was originally playing with water at the side, but when she heard Yu Bing, she immediately stopped and ran to Yu Bing to call for help.

Yu Bing was very popular in the Xiao family.

Yu Bing smiled and reached out to caress Xiao Lins inch-long hair.

Although it felt a little prickly, it was very comfortable to the touch.

Yu Bing couldnt help but rub it a few more times.

“Wheres your brother I have something to tell him.”

Xiao Lin replied softly, “My brother went to the back.”

Yu Bing knew that this meant that he climbed up the mountain, so she carried a small stool and watched Xiao Li and Jiang Chun weave a bamboo basket while waiting.

Half an hour later, Xiao Sheng went down the mountain and returned home drenched in sweat.

When he saw the two new guests at home, he wasnt surprised because he was already used to it.

When Yu Bing saw Xiao Sheng enter the woodshed with the hoe, she followed him in.

Xiao Sheng turned around and smiled.

“Are you waiting for me”

Yu Bing crossed her arms and leaned against the door frame with a smile.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

After Xiao Sheng put the things away, he walked to the door and looked at Yu Bing curiously.

“Tell me.”

The two of them were half a meter apart.

Yu Bing could smell the faint smell of sweat on Xiao Shengs body.

The smell of sweat was mixed with a grassy scent.

She, who was usually a clean freak, actually wasnt put off.

Yu Bing wasnt even as tall as Xiao Shengs shoulder.

When Xiao Sheng saw Yu Bings distracted look, he took a step forward and waved his hand in front of her eyes as he called out softly, “Yu Bing.”

Yu Bing blinked and came back to her senses.

Her eyes darted around as she suddenly remembered why she had come over.

“Ah… By the way, there are still more than 300 bottles of jam in the factory.

I want to discuss it with you.

Should we stock up and sell them”

Xiao Sheng asked in disbelief, “Youre saying that we should get the stock from the factory and sell it on the black market”

Yu Bing nodded.

“Lets see if Brother Qiang has any channels to sell it to the city.

Actually, I suggested this idea because I considered the future operating model of the food factory.

I hope that the food factory will produce food every month.

Otherwise, with just the in-season jam and fish, the factory will be empty for half a year that year.

It can indeed have an income-generating effect, but its not obvious.”

“Thats why I want to use your channel to open the market of the villages food factory.

Otherwise, we can only go to the supply and marketing club.

However, the brand is not famous yet, so they will definitely use this fact to lower the price.

Moreover, with the limited spending power of the county city, the amount the countys supply and marketing club wants is also limited.

If we want the entire factory to keep moving, we have to get more orders.”

Xiao Sheng was in no hurry to reply to this.

After thinking for a moment, he lowered his eyes and said, “I have something to tell you.”

Yu Bing looked at Xiao Sheng curiously.

Xiao Sheng looked at Yu Bing fixedly.

“Ive already taken over Brother Qiangs faction in the county city.”

Yu Bings eyes widened as she asked in surprise, “When did you agree”

Xiao Sheng replied calmly, “A week ago.

I was dealing with the vegetable fields on the mountain just now.

The money comes slowly and the job consumes a lot of energy and time.

If I want to focus on that side, I definitely wont be able to take care of this side, so I plan to stop selling vegetables after harvesting the last batch.”

Yu Bing was very surprised by Xiao Shengs decision.

She thought that Xiao Sheng would be afraid of the risks and choose to come to the factory.

However, this was Xiao Shengs personal choice.

Although she didnt agree, she couldnt say anything.

In fact, Xiao Sheng had no choice but to make this choice.

After all, Xiao Lis surgery fee was too expensive.

After cooperating with Yu Bing, his earning speed had increased greatly.

However, at this speed, no matter how capable he was, he would still have to wait for two years.

However, things would be different after he took over the countys black market.

As long as all the goods passed his hands, there would be a transaction fee.

Moreover, Xiao Sheng didnt want Xiao Li to wait any longer.

Xiao Li was going to celebrate her ninth birthday next month.

Previously, there were only few ways to earn money, so he had no choice but to save money slowly.

However, now that a shortcut had suddenly appeared in front of him, even if it was very dangerous, he couldnt help but be tempted.

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