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178 Advancement

Brother Qiang had retired from the county city to take over the market in City Z.

After Xiao Sheng was promoted, although he was still under Brother Qiangs control, he had a lot of control over the county citys black market.

Most importantly, he could take over a transport convoy that Brother Qiang had developed previously.

With a convoy, there were too many things he could do.

Therefore, Xiao Sheng was very tempted by Yu Bings suggestion.

He now had the ability to take on the factorys orders.

Moreover, as a middleman, he could earn money quickly.

Xiao Sheng didnt think too much about it and agreed readily.

“In that case, we have to implicate Uncle Jin.

We have to look for him together.”

Although the government didnt interfere with the sales route of township enterprises, it had to be legal.

For example, the black market wasnt legal.

Under normal circumstances, township enterprises could only sell products in bulk to units or supply and marketing clubs.

Purchasing departments of companies would only go to the food factory or supply and marketing club to buy products on daily employee benefits during the holidays.

The supply and marketing club was the primary model of modern business superpowers.

They targeted the terminal market, which was the people in the entire county.

However, after the food had been distributed, people would only go to the supply company to buy it if they liked it.

Peasants who didnt work rarely wanted to buy these products.

Their money was mostly spent on necessities, such as firewood, rice, oil, and salt.

They were only willing to go to the supply company to buy cakes and pastries during the holidays.

However, be it workers or farmers, if they wanted to buy things, they had to have stamps.

Therefore, these legitimate channels restricted the production of the factory.

In Yu Bings current situation, there were a few villages with food processing plants, but the number of enterprises in the county city was fixed and the demand was very limited, so most villages chose to produce them according to the required quantity.

If there were no orders, they would return to the fields to continue farming.

If Yu Bing wanted the factory to operate all year round, other than letting the factory produce new products that were not available in the city, she also had to sell the products to further counties and cities.

For example, Feng Cai relied on his connections to get an order from the provincial city.

Yu Bing wanted to distribute the goods to various places through Xiao Shengs black market.

Black market transactions didnt accept stamps, so it was convenient for many people with money but no stamps in the city.

These people were the customers Yu Bing wanted to win over.

This matter definitely had to be discussed with Wu Jin.

Although Yu Bing was the factory director, this was a public industry in the village.

Without Wu Jins approval, if such a large amount of goods couldnt be sold, Wu Jin would definitely investigate it.

“If we approve it directly, the wholesale price will definitely reduce the cost of transporting products from the county to the city.

Moreover, the retail price of wholesale and selling units is different.

The price has to be lower, but the exact price will definitely have to be discussed with Mr.


There was no time to lose.

The two of them went to Wu Jins house in the dark and explained their intentions.

Wu Jin was originally smoking a pipe leisurely when he was shocked by their bold plan.

Thats right.

He had also sold things on the black market previously.

He had brought Xiao Sheng into the business, but that only involved himself.

Now, the two of them wanted to implicate the entire village!

Wu Jin looked at Xiao Sheng and said after a while, “Looks like Yu Bing already knows what youve been doing behind peoples backs”

Yu Bing interrupted, “Xiao Sheng and I are partners.” Xiao Sheng had never revealed to Yu Bing that Wu Jin had also sold things together in the black market.

Yu Bing simply felt that she had to show some sincerity to let Wu Jin see her determination.

Reselling goods was a serious crime.

Yu Bing took the initiative to expose herself because she hoped that Wu Jin would believe her.

Moreover, Wu Jin had long known about Xiao Shengs methods, but Xiao Sheng had been unscathed for so many years, so she could tell that Wu Jin was a reliable person.

Wu Jin really didnt expect Yu Bing, a little girl from the city, to be so bold as to go to the black market with Xiao Sheng to do business.

However, from this, he could tell that the two of them had already made up their minds.

They didnt plan to discuss it with him.

They probably wanted to convince him!

Yu Bings suggestion was indeed very beneficial to the entire factory, but it was too reckless.

Wu Jin sighed as he said, “Yu Bing, I know youre thinking for the sake of the factory and hope that the villagers economic standards can improve, but this pathway is too dangerous.

If the higher-ups find out that our villages factory sold the goods to the black markets channels, this matter will implicate the entire village! As the village chief, I cant take this risk.

I have to be responsible for the villagers.”

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