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179 A New Move

Yu Bing expected this outcome, so she continued, “Dont you think the scrutiny on the black market isnt that serious now Moreover, Ive already thought about it.

Well find a few enterprises in the city where Xiao Sheng is distributing the goods and get the orders through our connections.

On the surface, everyone will see the purchasing documents of the enterprises, and when we transport the goods over, well naturally be able to do it openly.”

After Yu Bing finished speaking, she tapped Xiao Sheng gently with the tip of her foot.

Xiao Sheng knew that it was his turn to speak.

“Uncle Jin, Im the one protecting Brother Qiangs relationship with the county bureau now.

Brother Qiang also has people in City Z.

If they hear any news, Ill definitely know in advance.

The forged goods list is mixed in with the goods lists of various enterprises.

Some small factories dont even have to use a stamp to place orders.

They just have to sign an autograph.


Weis focus is only on checking the numbers.

As long as he gets the money from the total number of goods, he definitely wont notice anything.”

Wu Jin picked up the pipe and took a deep puff.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Ill think about it again.

You guys can go back first.”

Yu Bing wanted to say something else, but Xiao Sheng pulled Yu Bings arm gently.

“Go back first.

I havent talked to Uncle Jin in a long time.

Ill leave later.”

Yu Bing glanced at Xiao Sheng and understood the hint.

Hence, she didnt say anything else and stood up to say goodbye to Wu Jin.

After Wu Jin left the courtyard, he said, “Dont think I didnt see the two of you sending secret signals!”

Xiao Sheng pursed his lips and smiled.

“I knew I couldnt hide it from you.

You didnt force me to leave with her because you wanted to hear what I planned to tell you.”

Wu Jin glanced at Xiao Sheng and snorted as he smoked.

Xiao Sheng took the initiative to take Wu Jins tobacco bag.

He took out a few strands of tobacco and kneaded them into fluffy balls before putting them in the pipe.

“Actually, youre also tempted, right Otherwise, you wouldnt have hesitated.”

Xiao Sheng and Wu Jin were considered old friends, so he knew Wu Jin very well.

“Now that youre the village chief, its impossible for you to rely on your connections to apply for half a month of leave from the village every year, like when you were idle in the past.

You used to travel extensively to collect goods and sell them.”

“The factory is opening now.

Putting aside the fact that the factory still owes money, if its really opened for half a year and closed for half a year, it will be difficult for the debt to be repaid in two years.

The village wont get much money in the first two years.

I know that the families of your comrades who sacrificed themselves are in a bad situation.

If you really want to wait for the factory to make a profit, Im afraid you can only use your work points and your salary as the village chief for the next two years.”

With that, he added, “But your salary is meager”

Wu Jin, who was about to take a whiff, paused and knocked Xiao Shengs arm with the pipe, making Xiao Sheng grimace.

“You always want to use this method to convince me.

Arent you very smart Why dont you try something new!”

Xiao Sheng smiled and said, “Uncle, it does not matter if its new or not, as long as it works!”

Wu Jin had to admit that Xiao Shengs trick worked every time.

If it was just him alone, he would definitely work with Xiao Sheng and Yu Bing.

However, this matter involved too many people, so he still couldnt make up his mind.

He glanced at Xiao Sheng and changed the topic.

“Are you and Yu Bing together”

Xiao Sheng was shocked and hurriedly replied, “Dont talk nonsense! Yu Bing and I are in a platonic cooperative relationship.”

When Wu Jin saw Xiao Shengs flushed face, he rolled his eyes.

“Yu Bing is not bad.

If youre interested in her, hurry up and make a move.

Otherwise, she might be snatched away.”

Xiao Sheng felt his heart race.

After calming down for a while, he slowly said, “Before Xiao Lis eyes recover, I wont think about anything.

Besides, with my familys conditions, whoever I marry will suffer.”

Wu Jin was tired of hearing Xiao Shengs old excuse for refusing to get married and knew his obsession with treating Xiao Lis eyes, so he stopped persuading him.

“Go back first.

Ill think about it.”

Xiao Sheng didnt delay any further.

“Alright, Uncle, take the time to think about it.”

Yu Bing didnt know if Wu Jin had been convinced by Xiao Sheng or not, so she could only wait.

After work in the evening, Wu Jin went into the orchard to find Yu Bing and asked her to go to his house with Xiao Sheng after dinner.

When Yu Bing heard this, her eyes lit up.

She knew that he probably agreed.

In fact, be it the ecological industry in the village or finding a sales route for the factory, Yu Bing was thinking for the sake of the factory and herself.

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