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192 Little Overlord

Zhao Xing did not say a word.

He immediately threw a punch at Xiao Sheng.

Seeing this, Xiao Sheng hurriedly took a step back and turned around.

Zhao Xing quickly raised his leg and kicked Xiao Sheng, while Xiao Sheng used his arm to block Zhao Xings kick in time.

The two of them exchanged moves one after another.

Although Zhao Xing only attacked with one hand, Xiao Sheng was still at a disadvantage after more than ten rounds.

Zhao Xing retracted his hand and smiled.

“Not bad! It seems that youve practiced the martial arts techniques I taught you.

Youre stronger than before and are almost taller than me!”

Zhao Xing hugged Xiao Shengs shoulder and sized him up.

Without special training, anyone who could last more than ten rounds under an outstanding special forces soldier like Zhao Xing wasnt an ordinary person!

After Xiao Sheng received Zhao Xings praise, he smiled and touched his inch-long hair in embarrassment.

“Im far inferior to you.

I was thinking of learning a few more moves when you came back.”

When Zhao Xings brother joined the army, Zhao Xing wasnt even 10 years old yet.

Every time Zhao Xings brother returned home, Zhao Xing would say that he wanted to learn boxing from him.

Over time, his boxing skills became famous among the children in the village.

At that time, Xiao Sheng was only a six or seven-year-old child.

When he saw how capable Zhao Xing was, he followed behind Zhao Xing all day long and clamored to learn martial arts from him.

When Zhao Xing was young, he was an aloof loner.

However, he could not withstand Xiao Shengs pestering, so their friendship began from that time.

Zhao Xing handed the specialties in his hand to Xiao Sheng and teased, “Ill be back for half a month this time.

As long as youre not afraid of hardship, Ill let you practice until you get sick of it.”

Not only was Xiao Sheng not afraid, but he was also very excited.

Ever since he took over Brother Qiangs job, it was inevitable that he would encounter dangerous situations.

Fighting was even more unavoidable.

It was all thanks to his good martial arts skills that he was able to survive.

Otherwise, he would have been beaten up countless times already.

Now, his reputation for being able to fight helped him avoid a lot of trouble.

The two of them entered the house to catch up.

Auntie Zhao waited for the entire afternoon.

When she finally saw her son enter the house, she smiled as she went forward.

“Looks like you and Yu Bing hit it off.

You two chatted for the entire afternoon.”

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Zhao Xing said to his mother helplessly, “Mom, I went to Xiao Shengs house.

I wont consider marriage for the time being.”

Auntie Zhaos expression froze.

She thought that going to the Xiao familys house was in passing, but she did not expect that helping her give Yu Bing a gift was in passing!

Seeing that Zhao Xing did not understand her painstaking efforts, Auntie Zhao was so angry that she pinched her sons arm hard.

“Rascal, good girls are targeted early on.

While you still have a chance, hurry up and show off your assets!”

As for Yao Nian, her so-called fiancé, after they heard Mrs.

Yus ambiguous words that day, many people already knew the real situation.

Therefore, most of the villagers had already tacitly agreed that Yu Bing was not engaged, especially Gao Xin and Huang Yu, who had wanted to enter the factory through Yao Nian.

At that time, in order to please Yao Nian, the two of them had even helped him cook for the entire day.

Therefore, now, the two of them would mock Yao Nian from time to time, saying that he was delusional and wanted to rely on a woman to climb up the ladder, but failed.

Yao Nian was so angry that he could not even eat, especially when he saw that Feng Cai, his roommate, was doing well in the food factory.

He felt even more indignant.

Yao Nian could not figure out why Yu Bing treated him like this.

Even if the two of them did not have much interaction in the past, they grew up in the same neighborhood and were neighbors who lived in the same building.

At this moment, Feng Cai was packing his luggage in the dormitory and preparing to take a taxi back to City H to look for orders.

As Yao Nian looked at Feng Cai coldly, he was even more indignant about Yu Bing ignoring him.

If Yu Bing was willing to be with him, Feng Cai would not be the chief of the sales department.

The more he thought about it, the more he gritted his teeth.

Feng Cai inadvertently turned around and saw Yao Nians expression.

His hand that was holding the clothes paused.

He knew that Yao Nian was just jealous of him.

Hence, he threw the clothes onto the bed and glared at Yao Nian fiercely.

“Why Are you unhappy with me”

When Yao Nian saw Feng Cais fierce expression, he immediately retracted his gaze and lay down.

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