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Later, she found out that the Yu family had no problem eating their fill.

In this life, she would no longer live for these people.

She would live for herself.

At this moment, Yu Pan wanted to jump up and curse when she heard that she wanted 70 yuan.

However, she thought about it and immediately stopped herself.

After all, 70 yuan was only two months of her salary.

It was still very worth it for her to continue being a city girl!

Her mother had always safekept her salary.

After Yu Pan understood, she immediately left the room to ask Mrs.


The mother and daughter fought in the living room over this matter.

In the end, as expected, it ended in Yu Pans victory.


Yu and Mrs.

Yu called Yu Bing out of the living room.

Yu Bing knew that her parents wanted her to express her stance clearly.

“Dad, Mom, as long as you give me enough stamps and money, I can go to the countryside to do construction.”

Yu Pan pulled Yu Bing to his side with a smile.

“Little Bing is knowledgeable and sensible.

The elders say that there is much to be done in the world.

I definitely wont be able to do much there with my primary school educational level.

Only you intellectuals can help build the country.”


Yu and Mrs.

Yu were very happy to see their youngest daughter take the initiative to go to the countryside.

Although the factory had objections, it couldnt stop people from voluntarily answering to the countrys call.

This would lessen their trouble greatly.

Thus, the two of them hurriedly ran to find someone to let Yu Bing take Yu Wus place.

When they were preparing dinner, Yu Bing suggested that Mrs.

Yu take out the food stamps and money for her so that she could set off directly in a few days.


Yu stammered as she changed the topic.

“Lets eat first.”

Yu Bing stood at the door and watched coldly.

sHe said calmly, “Mom, if you dont give it to me now, Ill go upstairs and tell factory manager Mr.

Qian that my body suddenly cant take it and I cant go.”

“You d*mn girl! How much money do I usually spend on your medicine Youre already at this age, but you still have to ask for money from your family when you go to the countryside to work.” Mrs.

Yu scolded sternly as she served the dishes.

In fact, Yu Bings body was weak and needed supplements.

However, during that era, it was difficult to buy nutritional supplements even if one had money.

Every family ate the same food.

It didnt cost any money to go to the bathroom in the factory.

Moreover, the factory had subsidies for such situations.

Yu Bing didnt need to spend much money on medicine.


Seeing that the matter was settled, Mrs.

Yu started to feel distress over the 70 yuan.

The family had been saving for half a year and planned to find a girlfriend for their son.


Yu Pan was afraid that Yu Bing would change her mind, so she immediately added, “Mom, didnt we agree If youre unwilling, Ill get married immediately and let your precious son go.

Lets see if youre still unwilling to part with that 70 yuan.”


When Mrs.

Yu saw that her elder daughter was throwing a tantrum and that her younger daughters attitude was firm, she could only angrily take out the money and food stamps from her room and throw them at Yu Bing.

“What a debt collector!”

Yu Bing squatted down and picked up the money and food stamps one by one with a cold gaze.


In the next few days, Yu Bing jogged in the courtyard for half an hour every morning and night.

During the day, she looked forward to going to work.

She practiced yoga in her room for an hour every day in preparation for going to the countryside.

The night before they set off, the Yu family had just finished eating when they heard a knock on the door.

Yu Bing got up to open the door and realized that it was her best friend, Jiang Chun.

This was the first time the two of them had met in their lives.

Yu Bing suddenly felt a lump in her throat and her eyes was a little blurry.

Seeing this, Jiang Chun immediately pulled Yu Bing under the tree downstairs.

“Dont cry, Little Bing.

Were going to the same place.

Ill take care of you.

Dont be afraid.” Jiang Chun comforted Yu Bing while wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

Yu Bing could no longer control her emotions.

She hugged the person in front of her and thought to herself that in her previous life, it was Jiang Chun who protected her.

In this life, it was her turn to protect Jiang Chun.

Jiang Chun didnt know that the reborn Yu Bing only wanted to stay away from her family.

She thought that she was afraid of leaving her family and going to the countryside alone, so she comforted her gently.

It took Yu Bing a long time to control her emotions.

Seeing that Yu Bing had calmed down, Jiang Chun said with heartache, “Your brother is strong enough to kill a cow.

Youve never been in good health since you were young.

I didnt expect your parents to be so heartless as to let you replace him.

But dont worry, I can protect you even in the countryside!”

Jiang Chuns words warmed Yu Bings heart.

“Dont worry, Ill take care of my body.

Ill be fine.”

As the two of them were talking, they saw Yao Nian walking past them angrily.

Jiang Chun bumped Yu Bings shoulder and whispered, “Do you know Yao Nian is coming with us.”

Yu Bing looked at Yao Nians back coldly and didnt speak.

In her previous life, Yao Nian had indeed gone to the countryside.

This fiancé who claimed to be her childhood friend had even set a trap for her with that person.

In her previous life, she didnt have the time to settle this score.

In this life, she had to settle it properly!

Jiang Chun continued to tell her what she knew.

“I heard that its because Yao Ling is preparing to get married.

She works in the Food Bureau and her parents are both supervisors.

Otherwise, the Yao family wouldnt have let Yao Nian go to the countryside.”

After Yu Bing heard this, the corners of her mouth curled up into a cold smile.

As expected, it was the same as in her previous life.

These days, there were a few families that didnt favor boys over girls.

Only when they obtained enough benefits from their daughters would there be the situation of favoring girls over boys.

However, Yao Nians unhappiness was her source of joy.

Yu Bing looked forward to seeing if Yao Nian could withstand her revenge in this lifetime.


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