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The next day, Yu Bing rejected her roommates help.

After all, they had to move their things to the youth dormitory, and there was not much work left in the small courtyard.

Yu Yan happily packed her luggage to go to the youth dormitory.

Because the journey from the head of the village to the end of the village was still a little far, Yu Bing and Jiang Chun borrowed a small cart to put their luggage in the cart and push it over.

When they arrived at the small courtyard, they realized that the young men had already started working.

Yu Bing entered the kitchen and made a pot of sweet potato syrup with a small piece of brown sugar to replenish the strength of the boys who came to help.

The young men felt grateful.

In order not to delay Yu Bing and Jiang Chuny today, they sped up.

The project that should have taken more than half a day was completed in half a day, and the wall and roof were built very firmly.

After sending away the person who had come to help, Yu Bingxin was very excited.

In her previous life, she and Jiang Chun had both stayed in the villagers houses.

Now, she had relied on her own efforts to stay in this independent small courtyard with Jiang Chun.

This also symbolized that this lifetime of rural life would welcome a brand new life.

Yu Bing said happily, “Chun Chun, lets close the door and window.

The wormwood we picked in the morning is burning in the room.

Otherwise, the room will be too damp.

Ill bring you to the Xiao familys house to buy some bamboo baskets.”

Jiang Chun looked around the room and said, “We still have to buy a wooden bucket and basin.”

Yu Bing went to the kitchen to fill a box of sweet potato syrup and brought Jiang Chun to the Xiao familys home.

It was already afternoon.

The Xiao familys door was open, and Yu Bing walked in directly.

Xiao Li was still sitting on the ground of the main room and making a mat.

When Xiao Li heard the sound, she smiled.

“Sister Yu, youre here”

Yu Bing was surprised.

“Your ears are so sharp.

Ive only been to your house once, but you already remember my footsteps.”

A smug expression appeared on Xiao Lis face.

“I can even tell that you brought someone.

Shes probably a girl.”

“Hello, Xiao Li.

My name is Jiang Chun.”

Before Jiang Chun came, Yu Bing had told her about Xiao Lis situation.

Xiao Li was as friendly as ever.

“Hello, Sister Jiang.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

You can come often in the future.”

Jiang Chun replied readily, “No problem!”

Yu Bing went to the kitchen and took a large porcelain bowl.

She poured the sugar water in and carried it into the central room.

“Xiao Li, we brewed some sweet potato sugar water and specifically brought a bowl over.

Do you want to try it now”

“Thank you.

Im not hungry now.

Ill eat later.” Actually, Xiao Li wanted to wait for her brothers to come back before eating.

Yu Bing looked at the bamboo basket hanging under the roof and said, “Xiao Li, we just moved here and are short of many things.

We want to buy two bamboo baskets, one wooden bucket, and one wooden basin from your family.

We wont take them for free! Otherwise, Ill buy them from someone else.”

Xiao Li could only smile helplessly and say, “Alright, but I dont know how much it will sell for.

I have to wait for my brother to come back.”

At this moment, Xiao Sheng was stopped by Yu Yan.

Yu Yan raised her head and smiled at Xiao Sheng, who was a head taller than her.

“Hello, I just came to the village.

Your name is Xiao Sheng, right”

Xiao Sheng looked at the girl in front of him and replied calmly, “Yes.”

Yu Yan continued to ask, “Do you still remember that I was in the same team as you during the planting”

Xiao Sheng did not want to have too much interaction with these young women who came to support the construction, so his answer was a little perfunctory.

“I didnt notice.

Whats the matter”

Ever since Yu Yan saw Xiao Sheng when she was doing farm work, she had been thinking about him.

In her entire life, she had never seen anyone more handsome than Xiao Sheng.

However, she was busy preparing to move into the youth dormitory, so she did not find the opportunity to talk to Xiao Sheng.

“Nothing much.

I just happened to meet you, so I greeted you.”

Seeing this, Xiao Sheng said, “Youve greeted me now.

Since theres nothing else, Ill take my leave first.”

“Hey!” Yu Yan looked at Xiao Shengs back and stomped her feet.

However, the colder Xiao Sheng was, the more Yu Yan wanted to win over this man.

Xu Ling, who was sweeping the floor at the entrance of the dormitory, walked forward when she saw him.

“Yu Yan, dont tell me you like him.

Hes indeed good-looking, but his family…”

Xu Ling told her about the Xiao familys situation.

When Yu Yan found out that his family was poor and he had a blind sister, she was indeed dismayed, but she was unwilling to give up.

Xu Ling looked at the hesitation on Yu Yans face and thought that since she had already stopped her, if Yu Yan insisted on pursuing him, it would be none of her business.


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