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Jiang Chun nodded vigorously a few times.

Yu Bing said, “Because I understand that being weak will only force me into a corner.

Do you know that If it wasnt for my stiff attitude, my mother would have only given me 10 pounds of food stamps and 5 yuan.”

It turned out that Mrs.

Yu had planned to give food stamp for 15 pounds of grain and some clothing stamps, but Yu Bing had deliberately exaggerated it.

Jiang Chun said angrily, “What! Theyre too much.

Are they trying to force you to death! Its not like they dont know what your health is like!”

Yu Bing pretended to be sad again.

“No matter how obedient I was in the past, I was always the one who was beaten the most.

I was always the one who took the blame for my sister and brothers mistakes.

Even if my parents knew the truth and knew that I didnt do it, so what They couldnt bear to beat up the one who made a mistake, but they needed to vent, and I was the ideal punching bag.”

Yu Bing was indeed telling the truth.

Her poor health was sinful in their eyes.

Even if she got first place on the exams, in the eyes of her parents, she couldnt contribute to the family like her elder sister, Yu Pan.

She wasnt be a boy like her second brother, Yu Wu, so she should suffer such harsh treatment.

Such relationships should exist among outsiders.

Family members should have a sense of kinship, but Yu Bing couldnt feel it at all.

Jiang Chun and Yu Bing had played together since they were young, Jiang Chun naturally knew Yu Bings situation.

Jiang Chun went forward and silently gave Yu Bing a hug.

Yu Bing continued, “So after I came out of the Yu family, I decided to live for myself.

They dont care about me, but I cant neglect myself.

I want to earn money to recuperate.

I want to live a life better than theirs!”

These words werent only direct at Jiang Chun, but also to her reborn self.

Jiang Chun looked at Yu Bing and said seriously, “Dont worry.

Ill cover for you.

If theres anything you need my help with, just ask.”

Yu Bing had no intention of letting Jiang Chun miss out on such a profitable business.

However, she had to ensure that Xiao Sheng was safe enough.

She couldnt harm Jiang Chun.

Yu Bing looked at the sky outside and turned to Jiang Chun.

“Its late now.

Everyone is basically at home at this time.

Ill go to Xiao Shengs house first.

Help me pour the water in the pot into the jar and cover it later.”

Jiang Chun nodded and replied, “No problem.

Go quickly and come back early.”

Yu Bing went straight to Xiao Shengs house and pushed open the closed door.

Xiao Lin and Xiao Li had already returned to their rooms to sleep, and only Xiao Sheng was waiting in the courtyard.

Xiao Sheng went forward and whispered, “Lets go somewhere else.”

Yu Bing was somewhat puzzled.

“We wont do it at your house”


Xiao Sheng replied softly, “Ill bring you to a safer place.

Weve moved our things over in advance.

Although we live at the end of the village, if the families nearby get up at night and smell the scent, were doomed.”

Xiao Sheng brought Yu Bing out quietly.

Yu Bing realized that it was the way up the mountain.

After entering the mountain, Xiao Sheng lit the kerosene lamp he brought with him.

He turned around and said to Yu Bing before leading the way.

“Follow me closely.

It will be troublesome if you lose your way at night.”

It was a little windy at night, and the mountains atmosphere seemed a little gloomy.

Yu Bing wasnt afraid that wild beasts would suddenly appear, because in her previous life, she had never heard of large animals appearing on this mountain.

However, she couldnt help but think of what Yu Yan had said in the afternoon.

There were ghosts in the back mountain.

Under the sunlight in the day, Yu Bing still felt that she wouldnt be afraid of these things, but when she was really there, she couldnt help but feel a little afraid.

After all, even such a freaky thing like rebirth had happened to her.

It was hard to say whether or not there were ghosts and gods in the world.

However, when she thought about how she had never done anything wrong, she felt relieved and only followed closely behind Xiao Sheng, who was leading the way.

After following Xiao Sheng around, she arrived at a small wooden hut.

Yu Bing looked at the distant fields filled with vegetables and raised her eyebrows.

She sighed with emotion.

Xiao Shengs stall was really big.

The wooden house looked very dilapidated from the outside.

When she entered, she found that it was relatively clean.

There was a wooden table in the middle, and everything needed was prepared.


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