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Because it was the next day, after discussing with Xiao Sheng at night, Yu Bing decided to convince Jiang Chunlai to be in charge of making loach mustard soup and jam.

Although she had to train for more than ten days, her business couldnt be paused.

Yu Bing originally wanted to make two batches and see if this plan was stable before letting Jiang Chun take over, but the plan couldnt keep up with the changes.

However, it was certain that Xiao Sheng had been doing these things in the previous life.

Moreover, she hadnt heard of anything going wrong.

At the very least, it could prove that the person Xiao Sheng found was relatively reliable.

Yu Bing entered the house and closed the door.

She said softly, “Chun Chun, you know that I have to go for training in the next ten days.

I cant make jam and loach soup, but Ive already promised him.

Can you take my place Ill give you all my profits.”

Jiang Chun was a little hesitant when she heard this.

It wasnt that she cared about the profits.

It didnt even matter if she didnt get any money.

The main thing was that she was afraid of being discovered and criticized, but she was also afraid that Yu Bing wouldnt be able to fulfill her task.

Seeing this, Yu Bing continued to persuade her.

“Chun Chun, dont you want to send some money back to your parents Didnt the doctor say that theres a medicine from abroad thats effective in treating asthma”

Jiang Chun thought of her fathers sadness when her illness acted up.

Her mother looked much older than her peers.

She made up her mind.

“Ill do it! But I dont want so much.

I just want a third.

After all, you guys started the business.

Im just helping cook something.”

Jiang Chun smiled and said, “I didnt help at all during this period of time.

You deserve the profits.

Dont worry, when I return from my studies, you wont be able to take them all anymore.

Ill bring you to do it tonight.

Then, you can give it a try.”


When everyone was about to sleep, Yu Bing brought Jiang Chun and Xiao Sheng into the deep mountains.

Jiang Chun had also been a cook since she was young.

She had only learned how to cook once, but her cooking was already comparable to Yu Bings.

The next morning, Yu Bing packed her things and set off for the commune.

After successfully going to the place where they practiced, the coach Mr.

Zhou looked at the thin little girl in front of him and suspected that the village had chosen the wrong person.

Starting the tractor required a lot of strength.

Even the chosen female tractor drivers had strong and burly bodies.

Beside the car, there stood a row of boys.

When they saw Yu Bings thin appearance, their eyes revealed disdain.

The more Mr.

Zhou thought about it, the more he felt that the He Mountain Brigade was treating learning to drive a tractor as a joke.

The boy from before was lazy and slacked off all day long.

His learning progress was the slowest! This time, they sent a thin girl over!


Zhou suppressed his anger and let Yu Bing stand at the front to see how to start the tractor.

Yu Bing was the only girl in this group of 20 people, but she stood in front of the team with a firm gaze.

Although Mr.

Zhou was dissatisfied, he was very serious about teaching.

As he explained seriously, he demonstrated.

After he was done, he let Yu Bing try.

“The first time we pulled it properly, there was at least a sound.

Look at this womans body.

Its probably difficult for her to even pull it!”

“Isnt that so Just after the slacker from their village left, another one came.”

“The fastest learner is Zhang Feng.

It took us three days to completely start the car.

I bet she will take ten days.”

“In my opinion, she might not even be able to start the tractor after the training period is up.”

Yu Bing ignored the chattering discussions beside her and only followed the steps Mr.

Zhou demonstrated step by step.

She recalled the feeling of the joystick in her previous life and shook it faster and faster.

When she heard the sound of the car starting and the familiar sound, she quickly pulled the joystick away.

The tractor was successfully started.


Zhou looked at Yu Bing in shock, and the boy who had been mocking Yu Bing fell silent.

At this moment, there was no smug expression on Yu Bings face.

She only stood beside the team with the same calm expression as before.


Zhou glanced at the students training sharply.

“Look at her, then look at you guys! There are still some people who havent learned how to start the car.

You guys cant even compare to a young lady.

Arent you guys embarrassed”

Then, Mr.

Zhou asked the male students to go to another training vehicle to practice what he had taught a few days ago.

Then, he gave Yu Bing some tutoring lessons.


Zhou didnt expect that Yu Bing would learn so quickly.

In the morning, Yu Bing had caught up with the rest of the class progress.

If it wasnt for the fact that it was lunchtime, he would have wanted to continue teaching Yu Bing.


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