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Zhou glanced at Zhang Feng coldly.

A man being sarcastic when he was outdone was a matter of bad character.

He raised his voice and said, “A group of men who arent good at their own tasks are quite good at saying jealous words! Is the DMV competing in terms of driving skills or the ability of blabber nonsense!”

The commotion ended just like that.

Soon, it was the day of graduation.

Yu Bing obtained the graduation certificate with the best results.

The students of the Fengtou Mountain Commune returned to the Commune to collect their cars.

During this period of time, everyone had been instructed by Yu Bing, so they let Yu Bing choose first.

The moment Yu Bing drove the tractor into the village, envious voices sounded in the field.

“Yu Bing is so impressive.”

“Exactly, just like the female driver on the $1 note!”

The adults and children by the road immediately surrounded the car and ran with it excitedly to see the first car in the village.

Yu Bing first drove to the village committee and reported the training progress to the village staff.

During this period of time, Sun Wang had been wondering who had reported him.

The village wasnt far from town, and everyone who went to town those few days was suspected of going to the commune.

But now, the one with the biggest vested interest in this matter was Yu Bing, and she had been to the town before.

Sun Wang decided to secretly observe again.

Yu Bings arrival made Sun Wangs expression instantly darken.

In the crowd, Sun Yus face flushed, and the veins on his clenched fists bulged.

As long as he thought of everyones envious and admiring gazes when Yu Bing entered the village, his heart burned with anger.

If this woman hadnt snatched his spot, these would have all been his! At the thought of this, Sun Yu gritted his teeth and rushed out.

He shouted at Yu Bing, “What right do you have to drive this car”

Yu Bing turned around and looked at Sun Yus widened eyes.

She felt a little amused.

“I was chosen during the villages meeting.

Why am I not qualified to drive it”

The surrounding villagers chuckled when they heard this.

Sun Wang had mentioned in his self-reflection letter that he had secretly chosen Sun Yu without anyone knowing.

“Youre even questioning her You didnt even wipe your own butt clean.”

“Thats right.

He knows that he wont be chosen if he takes the formal route!”

When Sun Yu heard the ridicule of the surrounding people, he was enraged.

His eyes were red as he roared, “What do you know! Driving is a mans business!”

Yu Leng sneered.

“The countrys leaders all say that women are capable as well! Why cant women drive”

When the female director heard this, she couldnt tolerate it anymore and shouted, “Sun Yu! The country encourages equality between men and women.

Women can participate in labor just like men.

Theres something wrong with your mindset if you look down on working women!”

Once he was deemed a dissident, many spots would have nothing to do with him in the future.

Sun Yu was stunned.

When he heard that the surrounding women were also denouncing him, he could only run away dejectedly.


In the next few days, Yu Bing used her capabilities to refute Sun Yus doubts.

She drove the tractor and sped up the farm work.

This earned Yu Bing a lot of praise, and it also made Sun Wang angry.

Sun Wang and Sun Yu were still thinking about the tractor spot.

Sun Wang thought that Yu Bing was more suspicious, but without evidence, it was possible that someone else had reported it.

It was just that the person who benefited in the end was Yu Bing.

However, Sun Yu had long decided that it was Yu Bing.

He didnt care how Sun Wang analyzed it.

In any case, whoever snatched his spot was the culprit!

His eyes were filled with ruthlessness as he looked at Sun Wang and said angrily, “Second Uncle, I cant take this lying down! I have to teach Yu Bing a lesson!”

Sun Yu was the only boy in the Sun family.

Sun Wang treated him as his son, which was why he always thought of his nephew when there were good offers.

However, at the thought of the Song family, Sun Wang hesitated.

“Dont be anxious.

Finding out who reported it is our goal.

Lets investigate this first.”

If it was Yu Bing, even if she had the support of the Song family, he could make things difficult for Yu Bing in the village.

However, he didnt tell Sun Yu this because he was afraid that he would be impulsive.

Sun Yu looked at Sun Wang coldly.

He felt that his second uncle was timid and afraid of trouble.

He decided to do it himself!

The tractors were all placed in the Yu Bings courtyard.

Before Yu Bing set off, she drove around but didnt find anything unusual.

Then, Yu Bing drove out of the house.

Halfway there, she saw a group of people in front and wanted to slow down.

However, when she stepped on the brakes, she realized that there was no reaction at all.

Yu Bing immediately shouted, “Everyone in front, move to the right! Hurry!”

The people in front turned around one after another.

Although they didnt know what was going on, seeing Yu Bings anxious expression, they hurriedly followed suit.

Fortunately, Yu Bing had planned to slow down in advance, so she was still a distance away from the crowd.

Yu Bing pulled the hand brake forcefully, but realized that it had also failed!


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