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In her previous life, Yu Bing was happy when she heard Yu Yans words.

She wasnt in good health and rarely went out to play.

She only had Jiang Chun, her best friend.

Therefore, in her previous life, she rushed to befriend her.

Every time Yu Yan needed something, she would look for her.

Yu Yan would coax her with sweet words and Yu Bing be willing to help her do anything after hearing them.

Yu Yan would even frame Yu Bing time and time again.

Now that she thought about it, Yu Bing wished she could slap herself!

Yu Bing recalled her previous life experience, but she didnt show it on her face.

She pretended to be confused and said, “Is that so If we have the same surname, then we might really have been a family five hundred years ago.”

She pretended to recall for a few seconds and said seriously, “Im sure my family doesnt have any relatives in Linshui City.

Moreover, my parents said that I always look silly and non-threatening, so many people want to get close to me.

This time, they even reminded me to be careful when Im out.”

Jiang Chun knew about the Yu familys situation and didnt understand why Yu Bing said the exact opposite.

However, she believed that Yu Bing must have a reason for doing this, so she sat at the side without saying anything.

When Yu Yan heard this, the smile on her face froze.

Yu Bing looked at Yu Yans expression and covered her mouth.

“Miss Yu, dont misunderstand.

My parents arent talking about you.

Theyre talking about those bad people.

You dont look like a bad person.”

Yu Bing knew too well what kind of words could make Yu Yan uncomfortable!


At this moment, Yu Yan was indeed feeling worse than if she had swallowed a fly.

If she had seen that Yu Bing wasnt favored in the family, she would have felt better.

However, Yu Bings words had clearly indicated that the Yu family protected her.

Yu Yan only felt that Yu Bing had snatched the happiness that should have belonged to her.


She even thought that her parents were targeting her.

What did they mean by wanting to get close to her and being more careful!

Who were they guarding against!

At this moment, Yu Yan no longer had the urge to continue talking.

She only sat quietly in her seat.

A girl sitting beside her felt the awkwardness and quickly tried to smooth things over.

“We are good young people who support the countrys construction.

Were all good people.”

Then, the others changed the topic, and the atmosphere slowly returned to normal.

Unknowingly, everyone chatted until late at night before falling asleep.

Just as the sun rose from the ground in the east, the train arrived at the station.

A few young people who had the same destination alighted with their luggage.

Yu Bing watched as Yu Yan took the car to the Fengtou Mountain Commune in Jiangning County.

After arriving at the Commune, they took an ox cart to the He Mountain Brigade.

The car swayed and smelled of gasoline.

Yu Bing resisted the urge to vomit and finally got out of the car.

Looking at the sunroof car ox cart in front of her, Yu Bing felt alive again when she smelled the fresh air.

The ox cart had pulled people and things.

It had basically pulled everything.

The driver had even specifically washed it last night before picking them up.

However, it still looked dirty after so many years of usage.

Although Yu Yan lived with her adoptive parents, she had been doted on by her family since she was young and had never suffered much.


She looked at the ox cart in front of her with disdain.

“Cant you change it Its so dirty and it smells! My clothes and pants are stained from it.”

The old man was a straightforward person and couldnt stand such pampered behavior.

He said angrily, “If you dont want to sit in it, you can walk back to the village!”

Although the other threes who supported the construction of the village also despised the ox cart, they knew that the village didnt have anything better.

It was better than walking, so they naturally wouldnt complain.

Jiang Chun wasnt a high-maintenance person.

After seeing Yu Bing put down her luggage and step into the ox cart, she followed him into the cart.


The old man driving the cart didnt expect this thin young lady to lead the way into the car.

He originally thought that she was a pampered young lady, but who knew that the one complaining was the tall and muscular young lady He thought to himself that one really couldnt judge a book by its cover.

After Yu Yan saw everyone get into the carriage, she stomped her feet and followed them into the ox cart.

She felt a little resentful that Yu Bing, who had taken the lead to get into the car, was deliberately going against her to embarrass her.

She wanted to use the soft approach to approach Yu Bing, but now, she couldnt help but say, “Little Bing, I heard that farming is quite tiring.

What if you faint since youre so frail Wouldnt this implicate everyones progress”

She was undoubtedly insulting Yu Bing in front of this group of companions who had come to the countryside to build.

After all, no one wanted a burden in their team.


Before Yu Bing could speak, Jiang Chun was so angry that she contorted, “Who are you trying to slander According to what youre saying, youre so burly, so you should be dispatched to the wilderness!”


Yu Yan had heard praises since she was young.

When Jiang Chun suddenly said this, she immediately lost her temper.

“Who are you calling burly! Im just healthy!”

“Ill scold whoever looks for trouble!” Jiang Chun turned around and glared at Yu Yan with anger.

Yu Yan was someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

When she saw that Jiang Chun wasnt to be trifled with, she calmed down and sat at the side gloomily.


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