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The ox cart drove on the yellow dirt road in the field.

The villagers in the paddy fields on both sides were working hard.

The scene gave off a sense of vitality.

The old man drove the car to the entrance of the village and stopped.

He pointed at the bungalow not far away and said, “The village has arranged a temporary dormitory for you all.

You can reach it after walking straight for a few hundred meters.

Its a three-bedroom apartment.

Its very easy to recognize.

The village chief is waiting for you guys there.

I still have to rush to the field to work.

Get off the cart and walk over.”


Yu Bing knew that it was the harvest season.

If the harvest was reduced late in the season, the already tight supply of food would be even more insufficient.

This was a matter of life and death.


Although she was weak and her body was already a little tired from the long ride, she could still slowly walk a few hundred meters.

When the others heard the old mans words, they all understood.

Only Yu Yan was dissatisfied.

However, when she saw that everyone had gotten out of the car to get their luggage, she couldnt say anything else.

She only muttered indignantly as she got out of the car, “Im already exhausted from sitting in the car for so long.

I still have to walk with so many things.

Hes not even willing to send us for a few hundred meters more.

People say that villagers are compassionate, but they cant even do this simple task.”

The old man couldnt stand Yu Yan to begin with.

In order to pick them up, he had already delayed half a days work.

Now that he was being complained about, he became angry and shouted, “Young lady, do you think I cant hear you muttering behind my back If you have any objections, say it loudly.

Youre so fussy and high-maintenance.

You guys havent even started working, but youre already accusing others for being weak and about to faint.

She took a long bus here just like you, but she didnt say that she couldnt walk a few hundred meters.

Youre so burly, yet you still talk so much nonsense! I think you just look burly.

That little girl might even be stronger than you, yet you say that shes weak.”

Seeing that they had already taken their things out of the car, the old man didnt give Yu Yan a chance to retort.

He directly chased the ox head straight to the field, leaving Yu Yan fuming.

When Yu Bing saw this, she pursed her lips and chuckled.

In her previous life, she was stupid and was instigated by Yu Yan to discuss it with him.

He pitied her for her poor health and sent them to a place.

However, it was also because of this that Yu Yan used this as an excuse to say that she was weak and sickly, causing her to be ostracized the moment she arrived in the village.

After all, no one wanted to have another burden in their team.

Later, she coaxed her into thinking she was doing this to help her get an easy job.

In this life, if she didnt take her bait and no one helped Yu Yan, her plans would indeed be disrupted.

The six of them walked to the temporary shelter under the scorching sun and saw a burly man standing in the courtyard.

He was about 40 years old and his patched clothes and pants were stained with mud.

He seemed to have just rushed over from the ground.

When he saw them, he smiled and shook hands with them one by one.

“Comrades, its been hard on you! Im the village chief of Heshan Village, Sun Wang.”

Only then did everyone officially introduce themselves.

The bespectacled and scholarly boy was called Liu Ming.

The tall and thin boy beside him was called Qian Hao, and the smiling boy was called Li Zhen.

Yu Yan, Yu Bing, and Jiang Chun also gave their names and hometowns.

Sun Wang looked at the names on the list in his hand one by one.

After confirming that there was no problem, he looked up and said, “The dormitory is full now, but every year, there are people who get married and move out, or befriend other villagers and move in.

So every year, the young people who participate in the construction will stay here for a few months first.

The conditions are bad, so you guys should tolerate it.”

Everyone expressed their understanding.

In order to gain favor with the village chief, Yu Yan raised her head and said, “Village Chief Mr.

Sun, we came here to contribute and are prepared to work hard.

Dont worry, this bit of difficulty is nothing!”

Sun Wang saw Yu Yans proactive attitude and nodded in satisfaction.

“Then rest well today.

Well start work tomorrow.” Sun Wang said the arrangements and went to work again.

Yu Bing looked at the familiar house and sighed with emotion.

She was back again!

Everyone looked at the three rooms.

One was the kitchen, and among the remaining two rooms, one was for men and one was for women.

There was also a bathroom at the back.

Seeing that everyone had been assigned, Yu Bing said, “The boys are in charge of filling the water tank and chopping wood.

Yu Yan, you clean the kitchen.

Jiang Chun and I will wash the pot and start a fire to cook.”

The three boys were worried that no one would cook, so when they heard this arrangement, they readily accepted the task they were responsible for, took their tools, and left.

Only Yu Yan walked up to her with an indignant expression.

She glared at her and said, “Why should you assign the tasks!”


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