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Liu Bao had been watching from the side, so he could tell what was going on.

He came out and said sternly, “Yu Yan, since you cant produce evidence, youre slandering her! Youre also destroying internal unity.

You have to apologize to Yu Bing and write a self-reflection report of a thousand words tomorrow.

If I find that its not sincere enough, youll have to write another one!”

After saying that, he looked around and said loudly, “Whoever dares to do such a thing in the He Mountain Brigade will have their work points deducted!”

After Liu Bao finished speaking, he even glanced at Yu Yan with a warning look in his eyes.

After all, he was in charge of the villages matters for the time being.

If anything happened, he would be responsible.

After the farce ended, Yu Yan glared at Yu Bing with anger.

Yu Bing smiled at Yu Yan and shrugged without caring about her hostile gaze.

Yu Bing felt relaxed after dealing with Yu Yan.

After all, Yu Yans hatred for her had never dissipated in her previous life or now.

If she cared, it would only make her feel uncomfortable.

Yu Bing walked to the roadside and started the tractor.

The engine was successfully started.

Yu Bing asked the villagers loudly, “Im driving home.

Those who need a ride, get in the car quickly!”

The villagers who lived further away from the village entrance climbed into the cars one after another.

Accompanied by the sound of the tractor moving forward, Yu Yan watched as Yu Bing drove away with a car full of people.

The flesh of her clenched fists was scratched by her nails.

The next morning, after work, Yu Yan reluctantly finished her self-reflection and walked out of the radio room to meet Yao Nian.

Yu Yan lowered her head slightly.

Her eyes were slightly red, and her fragile appearance made her look quite pitiful.

When Yao Nian saw this, his heart fluttered, so he took the initiative to go forward and say gently, “Yu Yan, are you alright”

Yao Nian handed the handkerchief forward.

Yu Yan took it and wiped her tears as she thanked him.

As long as Yu Yan thought of her apology to Yu Bing in front of the entire village, she felt depressed, ashamed, and resentful.

She felt that everything had gone wrong since she met Yu Bing.

She couldnt help but think about whether her decision to come to build the village was right.

Yu Yan had come to the countryside to take revenge on Yu Bing and use Yu Bing to bring her home.

She wanted the Yu family to regret their decision to send her away when they saw such an outstanding person like her.

Then, they would help her torture Yu Bing!

However, the reality was that Yu Bings life was getting better and better.

Even her gentle and considerate fiancé had specifically transferred to this village for her.

Yes! Fiancé!

Yu Yan looked down at the handkerchief in her hand and suddenly had another plan.

Yu Yan lowered her head and said in a low voice, “Yesterday, I saw Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng talking very close.

The two of them seemed very intimate.

At that time, I felt bad for you, so I went forward to expose Yu Bings affair.

Its my fault for being too impulsive.

I was in a hurry to say it before I even got the evidence.”

Yao Nian frowned.

“Xiao Sheng” He had only been in the village for a short time and didnt know many people.

Yu Yan explained gently, “Its the neighbor who lives beside Yu Bing.

There are four families at the foot of the mountain, but the remaining two families are closer to the village and are still some distance away from the foot of the mountain.

I realized that Yu Bing and her neighbor are quite close.”

Yao Nian remembered the muscular man with tanned skin.

He was indeed handsome.

At the thought of this, his gaze turned cold.

Yu Yan raised her head and looked at Yao Nian with sparkling eyes.

“Youre so good to Yu Bing, but shes still dissatisfied and messed around with another man!”

Yu Yans tone carried a hint of indignation for Yao Nian.

After saying that, she hurriedly covered her mouth with an awkward expression.

Yu Yan lowered her hand that was covering her mouth and bit her lower lip slightly.

An embarrassed smile appeared on her face.

“Yao Nian, you wont blame me for being nosy, right Sigh, this is just how I am.

I cant bear to see anyone doing immoral things, so I couldnt help but say a few words.”

Although Yao Nian didnt like Yu Bing, he was a male chauvinist.

He could despise and abandon Yu Bing, but Yu Bing couldnt do anything to let him down.

Moreover, the entire village knew that he was Yu Bings fiancé.

If Yu Bing really flirted with another man behind his back, wouldnt that mean he was cuckolded The more he thought about it, the uglier Yao Nians expression became.


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