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Yao Nian forced a smile with a stiff expression.

He looked at Yu Yan and said calmly, “You were thinking for my sake.

Why would I blame you”

When Yu Yan heard this, she was secretly delighted.

Men couldnt tolerate their women being involved with other peoples men.

As long as she seized this opportunity, she would definitely be able to make Yao Nian and Yu Bing fall out.

This way, Yu Bing would suffer.

Yu Yan changed the topic.

“Im not saying that Yu Bing is bad.

I just think that it would be good if she could change her behavior.

It might be better if you guys could discuss it in private.

Im still an outsider.

I kindly reminded her yesterday, but she didnt accept it, so we had an argument.”

It was best to talk quickly and have a big fight after that!

That way, Yu Bing would feel like she wasnt trusted by her fiancé!

At the thought of this, Yu Yan felt better.

Yao Nian only nodded and didnt say anything else.

Ever since he quarreled with Yu Bing over the apprenticeship, Yao Nian had not helped chop wood and fetch water anymore.

Yu Bing also had not taken the initiative to look for him.

From this, it could be seen that Yu Bing didnt care about him at all.

What was the point of talking! He would only embarrass himself if he went!

Yao Nian didnt really want to marry Yu Bing.

He only wanted to use her to get a drivers position before thinking of a way to kick her away.

Initially, he wanted to take it slow, but according to the current situation, he had to speed up.

Otherwise, if Yu Bing was really shameless enough to get together with that uncultured farmer in the village, he would really become a cuckold in the eyes of others!

Thinking of the contempt that might appear in others eyes, Yao Nian felt terrible.

Another few days passed.

At 1 PM, when everyone had finished lunch and was about to take a nap, Yao Nian arrived at the small courtyard at the foot of the mountain to look for Yu Bing.

After Yu Bing opened the door, Yao Nian immediately put on a smile and looked at Yu Bing gently.

“Yu Bing, I have something to tell you.

Come out for a while.”

Yu Bing said impatiently, “Lets talk here.

Im about to rest.”

Yao Nian continued to speak gently, “Yu Bing, Ill only take a few minutes of your time.

I really have something important to tell you!”

No matter how Yu Bing refused, Yao Nian insisted on Yu Bing going out for a few minutes.

Yu Bing didnt know what Yao Nian was up to, but when she saw Yao Nians fishy move, she was a little curious, so she pretended to be impatient and agreed.

“Just a few minutes.

Even if you cant finish your words, Im coming back.”

Yao Nian hurriedly smiled and said, “Alright.

It wont take long.

I wont delay your lunch break.”

“Then wait for me for a while.” Yu Bing closed the door and followed Yao Nian out after a minute.

Yao Nian brought Yu Bing to the small forest at the back of the mountain.

Yu Bing frowned slightly and quietly followed a few steps behind to pick up a small stone with a sharp corner.

After walking for two minutes, Yu Bing said to Yao Nian impatiently, “Why do you have to walk so far Im not going any further.

I dont care about what you have to say!” With that, she walked back.

Yao Nian immediately secretly gestured to the people in the forest and stopped Yu Bing.

“Ill say it now.

I just want to bring you to the forest to cool down.”

Seeing this, Yu Bing stopped and looked at Yao Nian.

“Alright, lets talk here.

Why are you looking for me”

Yu Bing stood with her back facing the forest at the back of the mountain.

Yao Nian lowered his head and looked at Yu Bing.

“Yu Bing, I came to apologize to you today.

I didnt have a good attitude when I spoke to you about the apprenticeship that day.

I hope you can forgive me.”

Yu Bing looked at Yao Nian suspiciously.

Yao Nian taking the initiative to apologize was indeed very fishy.

However, she said calmly, “I didnt take it to heart.

I accept your apology.

If theres nothing else, Ill go back first.”

From the corner of his eye, Yao Nian saw two sneaky figures quietly approaching the two of them from the forest.

He hurriedly thought of an excuse to stall for time.

“Theres another thing.

Arent the two of us engaged I was wondering if I should write a letter home and let our parents discuss whether we should have an official engagement ceremony.”

Just as he finished speaking, Yu Bing heard a rough voice behind her.

“Are you two here to make out”

The sudden voice startled Yu Bing so much that she turned around and immediately stood to the side.

Her sharp gaze shot towards the two masked men.

The two of them were about the same height.

The person who spoke was a thin man.

Another slightly plump man chimed in wretchedly, “Bro, this woman is quite good-looking.

Why dont we enjoy ourselves this afternoon”


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