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He had already given Brother Qiang a 0.01 yuan profit per catty.

If he gave up more, he wouldnt be able to earn much more than in the county city.

Why did he have to go so far in that case

Xiao Sheng said with a bitter expression, “Uncle Ping, 0.01 yuan is too much.

The village is already far from the city.

This is hard-earned money for us.

At most, I can only give you a 0.005 yuan discount.

You know the market price outside.

This is already cheaper than the price outside.”

Qin Ping did a mental calculation again.

It wasnt a big deal for him to report an additional 1 point to the finance department at this price.

The rebate here was less, but with the extra portion, he could earn 0.015 yuan per pound, so he didnt say anything else.

He smiled at Xiao Sheng and said, “I know its not easy for you guys either.

Alright, its only right for the workers to take care of the farmers.

Lets go with this price.”

Xiao Sheng quickly agreed.

After returning to the village, Xiao Sheng went to Yu Bings house to talk about the gains from this trip.

“I think going to the city this time was the right decision.

Although I gave up on 0.015 yuan of profit, the price of each catty of vegetables is still at least 0.01 yuan higher than selling them in the county city.”

Yu Bing looked at Xiao Shengs excited expression and smiled.

“Of course.

It easier to work in the city, but compared to us self-sufficient people, they have to rely on the supply chain and the black market to buy things.

However, the supply is insufficient.

Even if we have money and stamps, we might not be able to buy anything.”

Xiao Sheng agreed very much.

“Im selling in batches now.

If we can find someone to help us sell more later, the food we make can also be sold for a good price!”

Yu Bing thought about it for a moment, then raised her eyebrows.

“When the food processing plant is set up next year and the goods are shipped out, it will be more convenient for us.”

When Xiao Sheng heard this, he had a trace of anticipation for this factory.

He suddenly realized that Yu Bings arrival not only brought him a trace of vitality and hope, but also the entire village.

It was a stark contrast to the lifelessness from so many years.

… .

For the registration information, they needed a factory name.

For this, Wu Jin specifically held a village committee meeting to discuss it carefully.

In the end, he decided to call it “Delicious Food Processing Plant”!

It was simple, crude, and catchy.

The most important thing about a brand was that its name had to be easy to remember!

The day after the name was confirmed, Yu Bing started commuting to the county to register and apply for a loan.

In this day and age, approval was slow, there was a lot of procedures, and the bank was strict, especially when it came to bank loans.

That was why Yu Bing started preparing so early.

When she came to the Commerce Bureau, the staff used the excuse that the excavation documents were to promote the development of the rural industry, but they didnt explicitly mention allowing the establishment of a factory, so they refused to register for Yu Bing.

Then, Yu Bing ran to the department that approved the reclamation documents.

She wanted to use the fact that the factory was also used to promote the development of the rural industry as an excuse, hoping that the department could write her a document that allowed her to set up a factory.

However, the answer she received in the end was that she had only received an application for the communes reclamation.

Reclamation and the factory were two separate affairs.

Yu Bing had no choice but to return to the commune to look for President Song.

In President Songs office.

After Yu Bing entered, she smiled and shouted, “Uncle Song.”

When President Song looked up and saw Yu Bing, his serious expression softened.

He pretended to complain, “Yu Bing, why did you think of coming to my place today Usually, you dont even have the time to stay for a meal at my house!”

Knowing that Wang Yun liked to eat dried sweet potatoes, Yu Bing dried a lot of sweet potatoes and gave them to Wang Yun.

Later, she found out that Auntie Songs appetite wasnt good, so she made hawthorn cake and sent it to the Song family.

Similarly, the Song family sincerely treated Yu Bing as family, especially since Auntie Song, who always complained that Yu Bing was too thin.

When she received some foreign dried goods, she asked Song Li to send them to the village so Yu Bing could eat them to nourish her body.

Slowly, Yu Bings heart that had been broken by the Yu family began to slowly heal because the Song family.

Yu Bing touched her nose and said embarrassedly, “Didnt we just start preparing for the industrial chain in our village Im indeed a little busy.

When Im done, Ill definitely go eat delicious food at your house.

I came today because I have something to ask of you.”

President Song looked as if he had expected this.

“I knew it.

For you to come to my office, it must be business again.

Tell me, what is it”

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