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Yu Bing smiled ingratiatingly and then told him about the situation she had encountered in the past two days.

“Im here to ask you to help our village apply for another factory document.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for us to get a loan from a bank.”

President Song smiled helplessly.

“At that time, I was only thinking about reclamation and didnt expect that you would have plans to open a factory.

I heard Wu Jin report your plan.

I think its a good idea.

The commune will apply for the documents to be sent to you as soon as possible.

Just now, you said that you wanted to get a loan from a bank I heard that its difficult to get a loan now.”

Yu Bing smiled and joked, “Even if its difficult, we have to do it! Uncle Song, Ill have to trouble you with the documents!”

Song smiled.

“The countrys leaders all say that the world is yours and ours, but in reality, its yours.

Its a good thing that you young people have novel ideas.

Us old farts should support you young people more.

Yu Bing, work hard!”

Not long after they met, President Song had already thought that Yu Bing was a promising candidate for a cadre, so Wu Jin approved Yu Bings application without hesitation.

President Song asked someone to handle the matter.

The documents were completed two days later.

Yu Bing took the documents approved by the county and went to the Commerce Bureau to repeat the registration process and waited for a few more days.

When Yu Bing got the receipt from the Commerce Bureau, she ran to the bank without stopping.

There were only two banks in the county, and Yu Bing had learned about the specific policies.

This was because many villages had previously opened factories to borrow money.

However, there were profits and losses, causing the banks repayment to be affected.

Therefore, the banks current loan policy was relatively stricter in this area.

After some consideration, Yu Bing chose AC Bank, which had a higher chance of approving a loan.

Yu Bing went straight to President Bai of the AC Bank.

“Hello, President Bai.

Im Yu Bing, the head of the He Mountain Brigades Community Enterprise.”

President Bai stood up politely and invited Yu Bing to sit on the sofa at the side.

“Hello, Miss Yu.

Are you looking for a loan from a new company”

Yu Bing explained to President Bai, “Yes, were a food processing plant.

We mainly process our own fruits and canned fish.”


Bai nodded and asked, “How much do you want to borrow”

Yu Bing pursed her lips and said carefully, “Five thousand yuan.”

If Yu Bing were to apply for a loan in the name of the Community Enterprise, the target of the review would also be the factory.

New enterprises didnt have any assets or capital flow for review.

Yu Bing heard that in such a situation, they could only borrow this amount at most.

Yu Bing was already prepared to ask for 500 less if this amount was rejected.

No matter what, she would borrow as much as she could!

President Bai saw that Yu Bing was a little nervous and smiled.

“I can approve five thousand yuan for you.

Which loan repayment method do you plan to choose”

Yu Bings mouth opened slightly as she looked at President Bai in shock.

What happened to approval being difficult and policy being tight

She should have borrowed more!

She wanted time to rewind to before she answered.

President Bai raised her eyebrows.

“I know Wang Wei.

He told me that you might come to our bank to apply for a loan, and he told me to make an exception.”

Yu Bing was touched when she heard this.

A warm smile appeared on her face.

It seemed that President Song had told Brother Wei after finding out that day.

She naively thought that she had gotten lucky today.

Yu Bing looked at President Bai and said firmly, “President Bai, Ill choose a three-year loan.

No matter what, thank you very much! Dont worry, Ill definitely return this money.

To put it bluntly, even if the factory is not profitable, Ill personally return this money.

I wont make things difficult for you!”

When President Bai heard this, he looked at Yu Bing in a different light.

He and Wang Wei had known each other for many years.

Although the two of them were ten years apart in age, they were close friends.

Previously, when Wang Wei asked him for help, he thought that Yu Bing had taken the initiative to look for Wang Wei to get in through the back door.

He didnt expect her to be completely unaware.

The two of them discussed how to repay the loan, the deadline, the loan interest rate, and the disbursement time, which was after the new year.

President Bai asked Yu Bing to collect the approved documents three days later.

When Yu Bing submitted the documents at the village council meeting three days later, it silenced those who were previously against Yu Bing being in charge.

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