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From the corner of Yu Bings eye, she saw Yu Yan stop writing for a moment.

Then, when she wrote again, she could see that she was holding the pen even tighter.

A smile appeared on Yu Bings lips.

She treated it as collecting some interest from Yu Yan for setting her up in her previous life.

Then, she sat at the square table in the middle of the room and started writing something with a pen.

After thinking for a moment, she had an idea.

She first described the tough life in the countryside in detail.

The farming work was heavy, and at the end, she even wrote that her body was even weaker after the journey.

She wrote that if she didnt have enough money to go to the doctor, she hoped that her family could support her with more money and stamps.

Yu Bing smiled and looked at her preemptive letter in satisfaction.

She would kill the Yu familys intention to exploit her in advance.

However, in Yu Yans eyes, Yu Bing was happily telling her family that she had arrived safely.

She felt indignant again.

She looked at Yu Bing as if she was looking at a thief who had stolen her family and happiness.

Yu Bing ignored Yu Yans gaze and placed the letter into her luggage.

She leaned closer to Jiang Chun, who was still writing, and whispered a few words into her ear.

Then, she went out to discuss planting vegetables with Liu Ming and the others.

Yu Bing knocked twice on the boys rooms open door and said gently, “Jiang Chun and I asked for some vegetable seeds.

After all, its not sustainable to keep buying vegetables.”

Speaking of which, Yu Bing was the youngest among them.

Originally, the three of them thought that with Yu Bings gentle and frail appearance, she would definitely be a sensitive young lady.

Who knew that after interacting with her for a day, they discovered that she was efficient, meticulous, generous, and cheerful On the other hand, the tall and fit Yu Yan was the fussy troublemaker.

The older Liu Ming immediately replied, “I think its feasible.

Since were here to build a village, we have to be prepared in the long-term.”

The other two agreed and turned over half of the land that the young man who had previously lived here had reclaimed.

Considering that it was only for a month or two, they decided to only turn over half an acre of land and sprinkle some water on the seeds.

After they were done, it was already evening.

Only then did Yu Yan slowly return to the resettlement point.

Seeing everyone return from planting vegetables in their own land in exhaustion, she felt that she had made a wise decision by joining forces with the villagers.

Then, Yu Yan and everyone handed the lunch box containing the rice to Yu Bing and steamed it in the pot.

After eating, Yu Yan ran out again.

Yu Bing, Jiang Chun, and three boys carried firewood and water to fill the two large pots that were used for cooking with water to boil water and shower.

One pot was used to heat up the boys bath, while the other pot was used to boil water.

Half of it was boiled to drink, and the other half was used for the two girls bathe.

Seeing that both pots of hot water had been used up, Qian Hao was thinking about what Yu Yan would do and was hesitating about whether to help her boil a pot.

Liu Ming saw through Qian Haos thoughts and whispered, “Lets go back to our room.

Just now, Yu Bing and Jiang Chun were in charge of boiling water together, but in order to let everyone rest early after showering, they also took a basin to fetch water.

Yu Bing almost fell.

But what about Yu Yan She left after eating and didnt do anything.

Why do you still care about her”

On the other side of the room, Yu Bing and Jiang Chun were lying comfortably on the bed and talking after taking a hot shower.

Bang! The door was pushed open and hit the wall beside it.

Yu Yan pushed the door open angrily.

“Why isnt there hot water for me!”

Yu Bing sneered.

Seeing this, Jiang Chun immediately turned around and sat on the bed.

“What do you mean by hot water for you Did you fetch the water Or did you pick the firewood Or did you help boil the water”

Yu Yan replied indignantly, “I was assigned to clean the kitchen previously.

Ive already done it.

Why cant I have a share of the hot water!”

Yu Bing stood up and looked at Yu Yan as she said softly, “Are you planning to reap all the benefits after cleaning the kitchen only once”

“Everyone except you picked water together.

Dont take advantage of others hard work.

Were not your parents, so we have no obligation to spoil you.”


Yu Yan didnt think that there was anything wrong with her not working.

She only felt that Yu Bing was taking the lead in targeting her.

“You guys are bullying me together!”

After saying that, she rushed out of the door and walked to the kitchen.

She saw that there was still half of cold water in the tub.

Fortunately, it was midsummer, so Yu Yan could take a simple cold shower.

She felt hatred.


Yu and Mrs.

Yu, who she had been looking forward to seeing, were also resented at this moment.

She hated them for giving birth to Yu Bing, who always went against her!

The two people in the room were also talking about Yu Yan.


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