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On the morning of the first day of the new year, Yu Bing and Jiang Chun were woken up by the sound of firecrackers in the village.

After getting up, the two of them washed up and also set off a string of firecrackers at the door before opening the courtyard door.

At this time, the firecrackers were different from yesterdays.

Setting off firecrackers on the first day of the new year were a way to pray that everything would go smoothly this year, that the farmers would have abundant grains, and also herald the arrival of new spring, when everything would be full of vitality.

Yu Bing and Jiang Chun put the pastries, candy biscuits, and the dates that Xiao Lin had specifically picked in the mountains a few days ago into the bamboo basket.

If anyone came to visit, they had to offer these snacks as refreshments.

It was a tradition to visit relatives and friends during the new year.

Yu Bing carried the two portions of sachima and egg cake, jam, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and so on, and headed to the Song family to pay New Year greetings.

The entire Song family was present.

Yu Bing greeted everyone with a smile.

At this moment, the little baby was already six months old and slightly chubby.

Yu Bing took out the red packet from her coat pocket and stuffed it into his pocket.


Song watched as Yu Bing carried so many things and scolded, “Youre spending money again! This sachima is expensive.

The last time I went to the county city, I saw someone selling it.

When I asked the price of the luxurious version, it was 1.85 yuan a catty! Also, these jam are not cheap either.”

Song Li and Wang Yun were also a little speechless when they heard the price.

Yu Bing had raised the price by at least two catties.

In the commune, everyones New Years gift usually didnt exceed one yuan.

Yu Bings gift cost five yuan.

Yu Bing couldnt say that she had made these things herself, or else the fact that she was doing business in the black market would be exposed.

She could only smile and wheedle.

“Isnt this the first time I came to visit I have to go all out.

Besides, theres only one Spring Festival a year.

I wont buy it next time!”

“I wont buy it next time, but Ill make it again,” Yu Bingxin thought to herself.

Yu Bing brushed over the matter and changed the topic.

Then, Mrs.

Song took out the red packet she had prepared and handed it over.

Yu Bing quickly refused.

“Im already part of the workforce.

Ill be laughed at if I accept red packets.”

President Song said with a straight face, “Dont refuse a gift from an elder! Besides, youre not married yet.

Take it.”

Song Li teased, “Yu Bing, you have to accept it.

Im the same age as you.

If you dont accept my parents gift, they might not give it to me next year!”

At this moment, Wang Yun also took out a red packet and said with a smile, “Thats right.

If dont accept our parents gift, we wont be able to give this red packet away! Take it.

Were all family.

Its our familys tradition to be children before were married.”

Song Hui also said, “Ill testify to this.

I kept getting red packets until the year I got married.

If you dont take it, my parents will ask me to return the red packets from those years.

Ill find trouble with you if that happens.”

Yu Bing felt touched when she saw everyone laughing and teasing her.

Her eyes turned red.

“Alright, I wont stand on ceremony then.” As she spoke, she carefully placed the red packet in the inner pocket of her cotton shirt.

For so many years, only her grandmother would give her red packets when she was still alive.

Her parents only gave red packets to Yu Pan and Yu Wu.

She was already used to this kind of differential treatment.

After Song Li and Wang Yun became familiar with Yu Bing, they could tell that Yu Bing had a hard time in her family.

Therefore, every time Yu Bing came, the Song family would treat her like family.

They hoped that this kind and capable girl could feel the warmth of a family too.

After Yu Bing chatted with Mrs.

Song and President Song for a while, Wang Yun and Song Li pulled Yu Bing into the room and the three of them whispered to each other.

Song Li had been feeling very troubled about deciding what job she wanted to do recently.

Director Song wanted to find her a job at the supply and marketing club, but she felt that it was boring to work at the supply and marketing club.

It usually wasnt very busy there, except on market days and holidays.

Song Li pursed her lips and said, “I feel that that job is just about knitting while gossiping.

I dont have the patience to listen to that!”

Wang Yun burst out laughing.

“You dont know how lucky you are.

This job that many people consider a dream job is actually so worthless in your eyes.”

Indeed, it was good to be able to do their own familys work while chatting, and get a salary.

This was also why many people felt that working in the supply and marketing club was a good job.

Even Yu Bing wanted to live such a life, but no one doted on her or planned for her.

From her previous life until now, she knew that she could only rely on herself, so she didnt dare to slack off and could only force herself to become stronger.

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