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Every time her parents received benefits from her, they would be much more amiable to her than usual.

In her previous life, because she craved this trace of warmth, she worked hard to earn money, putting her already fragile body under more stress.

However, when she was lying in bed with cancer, instead of her familys concern, what she received was their anticipation to divide her inheritance after her death!

Therefore, she was used to being busy.

Only by being busy could she feel at ease.

Yu Bing looked at Song Li and asked seriously, “Then what do you like”

Song Li tilted her head and thought about it for a long time.

“I dont think theres anything I like in particular.”

In the past, she had gone to school every day and didnt have to think about anything.

Now that she was suddenly asked this question after graduation, she felt a little lost.

Yu Bing asked again, “Then if you dont want to be too idle, do you want to be very busy”

Song Li was stunned for a moment.

Then, she frowned and replied, “No, I just want to find something meaningful to do.”

Yu Bing smiled and said, “Every job has meaning, but it depends on what kind of purpose you want to pursue.

Although working in the supply and marketing club is very idle, the purpose of this job is to let everyone buy things.

For example, the cleaners.

Their existence allows us to live in a clean and tidy environment.

There are also teachers, doctors, and police officers.

The purposes of these jobs are to teach, save lives, and uphold justice.”

When Wang Yun heard this, she agreed.

“Yu Bing, youre right.

Whether its a big or small job, as long as you do it well, youll be serving the people and contributing to society.

It just depends on which position you want to contribute through.”

After hearing Yu Bing and Wang Yuns words, Song Li felt that her future plan was much clearer.

“Then I want to become a doctor! Although other jobs are also meaningful, saving lives makes me feel more accomplished!”

In the end, Song Li told President Song her thoughts.

President Song looked at Song Li with relief.

Out of a parents love for his children, President Song definitely wanted her to choose a job that was high-paying yet easy, and closer to home.

Studying medicine was very demanding, but he was happy to see Song Li learn to be independent.

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