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She was just short of saying that Wang Yun had been deceived by Yu Bing.

Wang Yun secretly rolled her eyes and ignored her aunt.

Wang Yuns aunt was someone who could talk for a long time even without anyone talking to her.

She didnt mind if Wang Yun didnt speak.

“Yu… Her name is Yu Bing, right As soon as you left, Yu Bing pulled your brother to the balcony! I dont know what theyre talking about, but its obvious that she has ill intentions!”

Only her family knew about Wang Yuns difficult labor.

Since this wasnt a joyous matter, the Wang family didnt intend to publicize it, so none of the relatives in the village knew about it.

Wang Yun took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Aunt, I know very well what kind of person Yu Bing is.

Even if Im blind, my brother and father arent.

Just take care of your familys matters.”

Wang Yuns aunt didnt seem to hear the displeasure in Wang Yuns tone.

She narrowed her saggy eyes and said with certainty, “You dont have to make any excuses.

Theyre naive and gullible too.

How can your father and brother understand the thoughts of a scheming woman I think she deliberately gained your trust to get close to your brother!”

“Your brother is tall and handsome.

He even works in the government.

My cousin also works in the unit! Your familys wealthy background attracts those women with ill intentions.

Therefore, your brothers wife has to find a woman with a known background!”

When Wang Yun heard this, she knew what the other party was up to.

She sneered.

“You dont have to worry about my brothers marriage!”

Wang Yun didnt say much because it was useless to say anything.

Wang Yuns aunt was an opportunist.

Wang Yuns aunt didnt have the slightest self-awareness that she was a guest.

She continued to say annoyingly, “I have a niece whos very good-looking! Shes just right for your brother.

They are… a match made in heaven!”

Wang Yun laughed out loud when she heard this.

Her aunt had never gone to school before.

In order to matchmake, she was probably using all her knowledge to try to persuade her.

“Its rare for you to come here.

You should go outside and drink tea.”

Wang Yuns aunt felt that Wang Yun didnt know what was good for her and was rebuffing her good intentions.

“Im only thinking for your brothers sake because Im your aunt! Wang Wei is not young anymore.

If he doesnt look for a wife now, itll be too late!”

Wang Yun glanced at her aunt.

“The niece youre talking about is called Fang Fang, right”

Aunt Wang Yuns heart skipped a beat.

She tucked her hair behind her ear.


Wang Yun asked again, “Shes 22 this year, right”

In the countryside, girls who were 22 years old but still unmarried usually had some problems.

Normally, they would marry before 20 years old.

Wang Yuns aunt didnt know how much Wang Yun knew.

She said calmly, “Shes not married because my brother and sister-in-law cant bear to part with her.

Shes really a good girl.

If you dont believe me, go and ask around.

Everyone says that Fang Fang is the most beautiful and is worthy of your brother.”

Wang Yuns aunt kept praising the other partys appearance, but she didnt mention anything else.

Wang Yun thought of what the other party had said when she met her fifth aunt in the commune that day and couldnt help but sneer.

Since the other party was shameless, there was no need for her to give her face.

“Aunt, why are you only talking about her looks and not her character For example, she pushed a female intellectual into the river and was caught on the spot.

Shes lazy, illiterate, and promiscuous.

Shes always gossiping and badmouthing others.

Why Do you think our family is too peaceful”

Aunt Wang Yuns expression froze.

She knew that this matter was a lost cause.

She secretly felt rueful about the 100 yuan that her sister-in-law had promised her!

She secretly cursed the person who revealed this to Wang Yun.

If she found out who had ruined her plan, she would definitely tear the other partys mouth apart!

When Wang Yuns aunt saw Wang Yuns cold expression, she argued guiltily, “Those people are spreading rumors.

Um, Ill go out first.

You can continue busying.”

Wang Yun threw the knife in her hand onto the stove angrily.

If not for the fact that she was an elder, she really wanted to slap her.

Wang Yuns aunt turned around and left the kitchen.

She almost bumped into Yu Bing, who was about to enter the kitchen.


Wang was the most capable relative in her hometown, so even if Wang Yun was a junior, she had to curry favor with her.

However, she would not be polite to Yu Bing, so she said angrily, “Are you blind!”

When Wang Yun heard this, she turned around and said seriously, “Aunt, this is my sister.

Shes my family.

I hope you can be nice to her.”

Wang Yuns voice was clear and loud.

Everyone in the living room could hear her.

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