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Everyone also saw Yu Bing at this moment and stood up to greet her.

Yu Bing placed the pastries in her hand on the table in the hall and said with a smile, “This is the first New Year I spent with everyone in the He Mountain Brigade.

Usually, because I dont live in the dormitory, although I know everyone, Im not very familiar with them.

I wanted to come over and chat with everyone during the New Year.”

Yu Bing came over this time firstly because she didnt know all the intellectuals very well.

In order to effectively carry out the follow-up work, it was necessary to know more about everyones situation.

After all, the information registration she had asked the two team leaders to do previously only had simple information.

She would only know more after familiarizing herself with everyone.

Secondly, it was because the policy of supporting construction in the countryside had been around for many years.

Some people had resigned themselves to fate and stayed in the countryside to get married and have children, but most people still had a strong desire to return to the city.

This was also an important reason everyone hadnt been able to integrate with the villagers.

After the year was over, when the factory was established, the advantages of the intellectuals would slowly be revealed.

In terms of farming, the villagers were teachers, but in terms of management of the factory, the intellectuals had more say.

The educational foundation they had would make them more accepting of new knowledge.

The network behind them would also have a positive effect on the development of the factory.

Yu Bing didnt want to see the younger generation of intellectuals show an even stronger sense of superiority after gaining power.

Otherwise, it would only intensify the conflict between the two sides and sooner or later, something big would happen.

When Yao Nian saw everything Yu Bing was enjoying, she felt even more indignant.

And those pastries weighed several kilograms!

The tractor drivers salary really made Yu Bings life good.

Yao Nian stared blankly at the pastries on the table, thinking about how to get Yu Bing.

Yu Bing supervised the intellectuals now, and she was in charge of a huge industrial chain.

When they opened the factory next year, she would be the factory director.

Yao Nian originally only wanted to control Yu Bing, but not only did he fail that time, but he also fell seriously ill.

People who did bad things tended to feel diffident.

Yao Nian was indeed manipulative, but the most daring thing he had done was to try to rape Yu Bing.

In the end, he didnt get anything out of it and even harmed himself.

Yao Nian was still a little afraid.

After that, he also went to ask Li Ping, but Li Ping insisted that she had seen Yu Bing drink the tea and even suspected that there was something wrong with his drug.

She complained to him, making him confused.

Previously, he didnt plan to marry Yu Bing, but after Wu Jin came to power, no one dared to slack off or bribe people to work for them.

If this continued, Yao Nian felt that he really wouldnt be able to hold on anymore.

Moreover, as Yu Bing held more positions, her value also increased.

Now, marrying her seemed to be a good choice.

As for thinking of a way to scheme against Yu Bing, Yao Nian didnt consider it for the time being.

This time, he planned to use some above-board methods.

Yu Bing stayed in the dormitory for a long time before leaving.

In the afternoon.

“Yu Bing!”

Yu Bing was reading alone in the room.

When she heard the familiar voice, she calmly read the last two lines before looking at the door.

Yu Yan covered her face with a scarf, revealing only her angry-looking eyes as she limped into the living room.

Seeing Yu Yans appearance, Yu Bing knew that the peanut butter she had put in had worked.

When making pastries today, Yu Bing specifically brushed on a layer of peanut butter.

Thats right, she did it on purpose!

There was a price to pay for daring to take her things.

Yu Yan could forget about taking advantage of her in this lifetime.

Yu Bing had learned about Yu Yans peanut allergy in her previous life.

At that time, Yu Yan went to the Yu familys house as a guest and accidentally ate bread stained with peanut butter.

Not long after, an allergic reaction appeared.

Only then did everyone know that she was allergic to peanuts.

Yu Yan had eaten peanuts once when she was young.

Since she had an allergic reaction, she had never eaten any peanut products again.

However, she was still too young at that time and didnt have any memories of it.

Her adoptive parents were worried that she would accidentally eat it, so they specifically told her when she grew up.

It was because she didnt remember the taste of peanuts that she didnt realize there was peanut butter in the pastries today.

She even felt that the pastries were sweet and ate quite a few!

Yu Bing looked at Yu Yan in confusion and asked, “You are”

Yu Yan snorted.

“Stop playing dumb! How can you not know that Im Yu Yan”

Yu Bing looked at Yu Yan in surprise.

“Yu Yan! I really didnt recognize you.

What happened to you”

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