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Chapter 610: Mantis and yellow Finch.

Inspiration is like buying a lottery ticket, and you wont know which day you hit the grand prize.

Zhang Yutian himself was one of those winners.

With his innovative smart gym products, he has won the grand prize, but if he had won five million, Ye Qing won a billion prizes, and he won more than once.

No, its not always the case with always winning.

For example, when someone on vacation can suddenly take inspiration and prototype the second generation of wastewater treatment equipment, its the grand prize.


Looking at the incomplete drawing manuscript in his hand, Zhang Yutian forced himself to calm down.

Now that the lucky goddess has just undressed, if he could get her into bed it only depends on his next efforts.

Because the drawings in his hands were not complete and it is necessary to ensure that any line drawn by the young president can be transmitted to him without leveling off.


As Ye Qing quickly understood the positions of all the tails behind him, when he returned to the sea view villa, he opened the curtains to let the warmth of the sunshine directly through the glass and hit the desk.

He sat at the desk, like a monk who had fallen into a sitting position.

He adjusted his thoughts in his mind.

Then he once again improved the three drawing manuscripts in front of him.

Not only to draw their mechanical structure but also to use his brain to design many faulty secret doors that can be called the best classics.


What does a product with hidden doors or fatal flaws mean

Perhaps today, in the impression of ordinary people, designers and engineers have conscientious talents who are conscientiously engaged in scientific research.

When a product is produced, it will inevitably undergo the most rigorous scientific experiment to confirm the product has no problems before it is released to the market.

But this is only the best perfect!

In the world, with the exception of Monster Heavy Industry, no company can guarantee its products are safe and reliable.

Is Samsung awesome

When they launched their Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they swept the mobile phone market.

The iPhone 7 Plus was caught off guard and exclaimed that the wolf was coming.

But now the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has pulled out of the market.

By permanently withdrawing from the market, Samsung suffered terrible losses, so Samsung must now consider splitting into several subsidiaries.

In the following, in order to study the fatal flaw of spontaneous combustion in this mobile phone, they put all their might and used hundreds of thousands of cell phones to run the test line, but they still didnt know where the problem was.

Is the Raptor hunter more powerful

It has brought together the scientific and technological might of the whole of the United States from birth to the present day.

The Raptor hunter has encountered many major technical failures.

During the service period, all planes had to be immobilized due to maintenance issues and urgent technical research was required.

They are lucky to find the problem.

Since the first industrial product entered the market, it is still on the market today.

There are too many products that have been permanently withdrawn from the market because they cannot find the faults or how to correct the faults, and besides, the company that produces them goes bankrupt.


Now, Ye Qing is about to let Amano Heavy Industry come and taste this seemingly sweet fruit, but it contains deadly poison.

As the saying goes, the higher you stand, the worse you will fall.

As for the dark pit where you will fall…

Ye Qing promised that there would definitely be more than one place.

After spending a long time outside in the morning, he and the Monsters had already discussed many fatal technical flaws that could be unfound.


Zhang Yutian, after hearing from the person in charge of monitoring Ye Qings movements and who sent him back a very detailed report telling him that Ye Qing at that time was working at the desk in front of the window facing the beach, he thought about the new designs that are going to be drawn, as if they were engraved in his heart, and he felt more irritated and anxious.

He couldnt tell whoever was watching how interesting these designs were to him.

He told himself, in case this man leaves surveillance and goes for a race and misses the most important moment, and the more and more he thought about it, the more and more he grew impatient.

In the end, he simply asked the secretary to prepare a set of low-key casual clothes for him and rented the sea view villa next to Ye Qings villa.

Half an hour later, wearing large polarized sunglasses and a peaked cap and sneak into the next villa overlooking the sea.

The “investigator” had already prepared a high-powered telescope and found the best viewing position in the gymnasium on the third floor.

After Zhang Yutian had gone upstairs, he nodded to him, then lay down on the floor and quietly observed through the eyeglasses.

The Ye Qing in the lens can only be described by the idiom [full attention].

Zhang Yutian was stunned to observe for half an hour.

During that half-hour, Ye Qing frowned and thought, sometimes shouting at the holster, then swiftly swiping his pen, using the most common ruler, to move it quickly over the manuscript paper.

“I want to have a third of his mind, so why worry all the time with Anqi Heavy Industry” Zhang Yutian muttered: “It looks like he can finish the picture today.

As long as I have a design drawing, we can make products according to the diagram.”

“The main part can disassemble the chip of their ionization water purifier.

Our two principles are very similar, and our research on this ionization water purifier is sufficiently extensive.”

Zhang Yutians mood was more and more excited, and his brain was spinning rapidly.

These kinds of drawings, drawn by the inspiration of Ye Qing, are probably perfect.

These stunning designs will be supported in various ways by the young president when they are finally completed.

Then… Zhang Yutian turned around and explained to the right investigator, “You will install the signal jammer in advance, find the villas network cable, and when I give the signal, you will immediately unplug it and you open the shield.”

“Got it,” The latter accepted the order without discussion.

During this wait, from morning to night, Zhang Yutian also fully appreciated the seriousness of the young president, he spent nearly ten hours of work, and he simply ate a few snacks at noon and spent the rest of the time sitting at his desk office to meticulously draw plans.

Compared to him, Zhang Yutian, who can barely work half an hour, Ye Qing is considered high incense.

The distance between them is too great.

Zhang Yutian could not see the details of the handwritten papers.

But he could still clearly see the number of handwritten papers.

Twenty-two sketches in total!

The scene finally froze when the young president kicked the chair, threw in the pencil and ruler, stretched his waist with a smile, and took out a glass of champagne from the wine cellar to celebrate the moment the scene where he was drinking was empty, there was no one with him he was all alone.

Zhang Yutians back was instantly wet with cold nervous sweat, and he knew in his heart that the most important moment had arrived.

Sure enough, after the celebration, the young president turned on the computer, pulled out a digital camera, and got ready to take pictures of the drawings to save them.

“Disconnect the network, turn on the signal jammer,” Zhang Yutian almost roared.

The next moment when the word “Damned” came through the headset and through the binoculars, Zhang Yutian could see the young president checking the computers network cable.

It is not uncommon to see such a thing as a network failure in a hotel.

This may be because there are enough reasons causing this breakage, but there are always methods of resupply if the grid is disconnected.

The young president just took the photos, retrieved the drawings, copied them to a USB drive, and left to ask the person staying at the front desk to send someone to check on the outage.

Then he paid the bills for his stay and left.


In the last step, the “investigator” rushed to the airport.

Without further ado, all he had to do was use a handbag of the same brand as Ye Qings to replace it with the one that contained the drawings, the camera, and the USB stick.

Two hours later, Zhang Yutian hid in his office and couldnt help but laugh wildly.


A piece of news is urgently promoted on the public information account of the city of Asashima.

A man at the airport claimed to have encountered a mysterious outsourcing incident.

After airport police checked and monitored, they said no suspicious images of outsourcing were found on the surveillance screen.

The man said he was willing to pay five million Yuan to get his purse.

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