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Chapter 611: The leader came in person.

That night, in Amano Heavy Industry, there were several things that ordinary employees did not know, and which even surprised management, especially when Zhang Yutian summoned all of the companys engineers to accompany him to the lab and announced at the same time that without his order, no one was allowed to go to the mechanical lab to disturb them.

This investigator was also invited by Zhang Yutian and integrated into the engineering team as an assistant.

This man knew very well what to do, upon hearing that Zhang Yutian was soliciting for him, he immediately gave a look of gratitude and expressed his willingness to seduce the boss.

If the engineers did not agree with him, they wouldnt express what is going on in their heads, Zhang Yutian will not allow them not allow the investigator to participate in their meeting, and he will not let him hang out outside.

If they didnt do things the way he wanted, an accident could happen and take away his happiness when tomorrow arrives.

Of course, the most shocking for many directors is that tomorrow morning the boss of Anqi Heavy Industry comes to inspect the Amano Heavy Industry subsidiary; he is the legend who created Anqi Heavy Industry!

In the lab, Zhang Yutian and a large group of engineers sat in front of a large multimedia screen, staring at the content.

Engineers who were proficient in software drawing handed overdrawing and modeling urgently.

On the large screen, we find a device model with an appearance close to a triangle and a slightly raised top, which rotates.

The lab was extremely quiet, only the sound of engineers typing quickly on their keyboards is heard.

However, as the mechanical model built and filled in this equipment piece by piece, more and more engineers began to open their mouths and gasp.

The model of the device in front of them was the most sophisticated they had ever seen, and it was also the most creative.

He subverted everyone present to understand the concept of mechanical engineering.

After a long period of surprise, an engineer wearing glasses sighed and spoke: “There is no description of the shell material of the magnetic generator element in the drawing, but from experience, we shouldnt be able to make this material.”

“The shell material is sintered with powder metallurgy technology.

Similar technology can be found in ionization purifiers,” Zhang Yutian said with determination: “Now is not the time for you to sigh.

It is necessary to overcome all the difficulties and build the first test prototype.

~ We have technical drawings, as well as technical references for ionization purifiers which have been carefully researched.

~ Anqi Heavy Industry will also provide vigorous technical support since it has the worlds leading high-precision processing technology.

~ I believe that since Monster Heavy Industry can produce it, we have to.”


Daisuke, with all due respect, Monster Heavy Industrys industrial technology is unmatched by any technology, whether it is Amano or parent company Anqi,” An Amano Heavy Industry engineer retorted: “Take his magnetic generator as an example.

The purity of metallic silver is fifty-nine after the decimal point.

Can Anqi Heavy Industry do this Even though you can get the ultra-pure and as brittle metal as tofu, how can you wind it into a spool like in the picture”

“Monster ~ Monster Heavy Industry, since it can do it, we can do it.” Japanese engineer Daisuke has a serious lack of tone.

“Dont argue,” Zhang Yutian hit the table and said in a low voice: “I think everyone in the room understands the weight of these designs.

I know the technical difficulty inside, but such set of sewage treatment equipment can sell for at least 200 million Yuan per unit price.

~ Its technically difficult, so what”

Indeed, after realizing the interest in this kind of equipment, all the engineers stopped talking about technical difficulties.

Faced with a unit price of 200 million Yuan, even for a magmatic purgatory, they should try everything and experiment.


The light in the room was on all night long, and the next day, when the sun rose and black turned white, and when the employees entered the building one after another, Zhang Yutian moved his body and returned to his office.

After watching the images on the screen intently all night long, Zhang Yutians eyes filled with blood, he paid close attention to the images projected on the screen.

Right now he had messy hair, and the clothes are the same as pulled from a cows ass, his expression was untired at all, but there was a kind of excitement of a sample chicken blood.


According to news received from the airport, the young president returned yesterday overnight and sent twenty Shanghai city security guards to search for his purse anywhere in Asashima Airport.

The airport police station was also hit hard by these security guards.

The more anxious the young president, the happier Zhang Yutians heart became.


Inspiration is, therefore, called inspiration because it is accidental.

After missing it, remembering the original idea is as difficult as remembering the dream scene.

Now Ye Qing has lost more than 20 drawings and manuscripts, and he could remember only three-thirds of them and Zhang Yutian considered him guilty and unable to reproduce these drawings.

More rewarding, after a night of technical discussions, they found it is not a fantasy to make a piece of equipment out of the drawings.

If the first generation of wastewater treatment equipment is hellishly difficult, the second generation on the drawing is even more difficult.

Perhaps this is the reason why the young president attached so much importance.

The first generation of wastewater treatment equipment was very difficult to manufacture.

This point has been publicly explained several times by Monster Heavy Industry.

After exploring the first equipment, they were stranded for six months before finding clues to small-scale mass production.


In the eyes of Zhang Yutian, the rental but not selling method was mainly due to the lack of confidence in the product, and the greater improvement of the second-generation sewage treatment equipment shows that the difficulty of the technology of manufacturing was greatly resolved.

Zhang Yutian believed that in some details of the second-generation products, Amano could not reach the level of Monster Heavy Industry, but it was only 80 points of a 100-point gap, and as long as the passing line is crossed, the product can be launched.

At nine in the morning, Zhang Yutian and half of the companys management went to the airport to greet Taiichi Harada, the boss of Anqi Heavy Industry.

There was no grand welcoming ceremony, and there was no powerful caravan.

The old man, who could be considered a legend in Japanese business, rushed to the city of Asashima due to a phone call he received yesterday.

Taiichi Harada and Ye Qing met in the United States.

On this side, Taiichi Harada chose to smile to express his kindness and friendliness.

He was eighty-nine this year, and hes seen too many people and things.

Long experience has made him realize that if a business wants to grow, it can only learn to compromise and cooperate.

He was ready to cooperate with Monster Heavy Industry, but the young man was so ambitious he didnt care about the Americans.

“When I was young, I had the same idea as him.” Taiichi Harada sighed, “But America taught me to be a man.” Taiichi Harada wanted to live a few more years, he didnt think he will live until one-day Monster Heavy Industry goes to the US and the worlds capital markets.

When people are old, they inevitably come from their past.

When he arrived at the Amano Heavy Industry building, Taiichi Harada came to his senses and slowly walked into the lab with the support of Zhang Yutian.

Looking at the three-dimensional drawing model on the screen, he was silent for a long time.

“Zhang Yutian, this is a huge challenge and an opportunity for us.

~ In terms of technology, I will use all our strength to support you.

Even on the American side, we can also ask for their help.

After all, the benefits of sewage treatment equipment are also part of their needs.”

“Hi ~” Zhang Yutian leaned over a ninety-degree nail, saying categorically: “Please rest assured, Mr.


I am very confident the company will help… “


The next day, Amano Heavy Industry held a global press conference and published a piece of news that shocked the world… They made major achievements in industrial wastewater treatment technology, and related technical theories were verified.

Shortly after, the first prototype will enter the test.

The White House immediately issued a statement… They are willing to cooperate with Amano Heavy Industry on environmental protection technology issues to accelerate the birth of the first prototype.

At the end of the press conference, Amano Heavy Industry, which has just been listed at the start of the year, its rating was raised in barely half an hour.

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