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Chapter 23: Daddys Threat!

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In the Mystic Ice Palaces Main Hall.

Donghuang Ziyou sat upright on the Ice Phoenix Divine Throne and looked down at the subjects with delighted expressions.

“Congratulations. I didnt expect that after one night, the king of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, Zheng Song, would actually die!”

“Thats right. As for his backer, Bloodthirsty Demon Lord, hes gone. It looks like he suffered a miserable fate too.”

“This really helped North Mystic Heaven. I wonder which mighty figure killed them!”

When she saw the happy atmosphere, a faint smile suffused the corners of Donghuang Ziyous mouth.

Zheng Songs death and Bloodthirsty Demon Lords disappearance were indeed a heavy blow to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

For North Mystic Heaven, this was delightful news.

However, Donghuang Ziyou didnt just see this.

She retracted her smile and said sternly,

“Although Zheng Song is dead, the conflict between North Mystic Heaven and the Heavenly Demon Realm is far from over.

“I have decided to send troops again until we take down the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom!”

Song Yan and the others were puzzled.

“Your Majesty, since the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom has lost its backbone and is no longer a threat to our North Mystic Heaven, why should we send troops”

“Your Majesty, Im worried that the people will think that North Mystic Heaven is too war-hungry if we send troops to the Heavenly Demon Realm again and again!”

There were even a few old officials who were not unsatisfied with Donghuang Ziyou to begin with who openly and covertly mocked Donghuang Ziyou for being a war-hungry person.

In the face of their doubts, Donghuang Ziyou said calmly,

“There are two reasons why I decided to send troops again.”

“Firstly, the Heavenly Demon Realm is restless. If we dont send our troops to take down the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom at this time, it will inevitably make the Demon Clan think that we are too weak.”

“Second, I want to take down the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, but not to kill the innocent. If we let the people of the Heavenly Demon Realm fight for the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, Im afraid the entire Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom will be consigned to eternal damnation.”

As she spoke, she stood up from the Ice Phoenix Divine Throne and looked down at the crowd with one hand behind her back.

“North Mystic Heaven is not to be trifled with!”

“Taking down the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom is to let the world see our way of doing things!”

“Do you have any objections”

The ministers were rendered speechless by her reasonable words.

They all knelt and bowed. “Your Majesty is wise!”

Donghuang Ziyou nodded lightly.

Seeing that the troops were about to be dispatched, she planned to settle the government affairs as soon as possible today and go see her four daughters.

“Although Im not a good mother, Im also working hard to become better!”

When she thought of her children, Donghuang Ziyou revealed a rare gentle expression.

South Mystic Heaven, in the backyard of the royal palace.

Two men in luxurious golden clothes were sitting opposite each other at the glass crystal table.

The person on the left had a head of red hair and green eyes. He was Emperor Qin Cang of the South Mystic Heaven.

The man opposite him was wearing a pair of Thousand Feather Earrings.

This was his ally Kong Qingyu, the Imperial Crown Prince from Dongyuan Heaven.

The two of them raised their glasses and drank a cup of nectar.

Kong Qingyu put down the cup and said, “Brother Qin, have you heard about the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom”

“Of course.” Qin Cang nodded without the slightest hesitation. “I wonder what sort of luck that Donghuang Ziyou had to actually encounter such a good thing!”

“Thats right.” A sinister look appeared on Kong Qingyus handsome face. “I thought that Bloodthirsty Demon Lord would pull some stunt. I didnt expect him to vanish into thin air!”

“Then do you know what happened in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom last night” Qin Cang had long sent intelligence agents into the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

However, up until now, the intelligence personnel had not found any clues.

Other than Zheng Songs two halves of his body being released to the public, there were no other clues that pointed to anyone suspicious.

Kong Qingyu shook his head. “No one knows what happened last night!”

Qin Cang took a deep breath and sighed. “Forget it, if we want to deal with Donghuang Ziyou, we have to rely on ourselves.”

Kong Qingyu nodded in agreement. “Thats right. We let her turn the tables last time. We have to be fully prepared next.”

“Its fine if you dont make a move, but once you make a move, you must kill Donghuang Ziyun!”

Qin Cang nodded. He thought so too.

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Four years ago, he and Kong Qingyu had sent out twelve suicide warriors of the quasi Emperor Realm with the intention of killing Donghuang Ziyou.

Unexpectedly, this woman actually succeeded in turning the tables.

Not only had her cultivation base improved drastically overnight, but she had also returned to North Mystic Heaven and seized the throne.

This matter had always been like a nail in Qin Cangs heart, making him gnash his teeth in hatred.

And speaking of the grudge between him and Donghuang Ziyou, it had to be started from their first encounter six years ago.

At that time, Qin Cang admired Donghuang Ziyous beauty and tried all sorts of methods to propose marriage to her through her father.

However, Donghuang Ziyou wasnt into him and repeatedly rejected him mercilessly.

Qin Cang couldnt get her, and as time passed, a seed of hatred was planted in his heart.

Of course, this was only one aspect.

The reason why he had to marry Donghuang Ziyou was that South Mystic Heaven and North Mystic Heaven had similar environments. They were both snowy places.

After Qin Cang inherited the throne, he had always wanted to expand his territory.

His first target was North Mystic Heaven, which was very similar to South Mystic Heaven.

But that didnt happen.

Donghuang Ziyous heartlessness caused Qin Cang to lose the chance to capture North Mystic Heaven with the smallest price.

So, he joined forces with the imperial family of Dongyuan Heaven to deal with Donghuang Ziyou to get revenge.

In order to avoid his scheme being exposed, all his plans were carried out in secret.

“Recently, I have already secretly contacted the Demon Clan. They will send out the Black Eagle Battle God. After Donghuang Ziyou attacks the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, we will ambush her halfway.”

Qin Cang smiled coldly. “As long as we kill Donghuang Ziyou, our army can march in and take down Mystic Ice Palace!”

Kong Qingyu smiled proudly. “Okay!”

The moon was setting in the west.

After having dinner with his daughters, Lin Xuan brought the four girls to take a shower.

Xuan Zhu and the others were soaked in the water side by side in a bathtub made of jade.

When Lin Xuan washed their hair and bodies, the little girls were restless.

Xuan Zhu would constantly scoop up water and slap it on her face.

The splash carried the scent of flower petals and various precious spices.

Xuan Xi and Xuan Han, on the other hand, kept swinging their calves and kicking the water in the bathtub into the sky.

The most mischievous person was naturally Xuan You.

This little girl was actually swimming in the water like a nine-winged frog, causing water to splash everywhere.

Since Lin Xuan wanted to bathe them, he naturally couldnt avoid the splashing water.

When they saw that Lin Xuan was also wet, the little girls were all excited.

“Haha, Daddys hair is wet!”

“I even wet Fathers sleeve just now!”

“How fun! How fun!”

“Daddy, look, Ive become a nine-winged frog!”

Seeing his daughters fooling around, Lin Xuan was caught between laughter and tears.

“Youre not allowed to get water on Daddy again, or Ill hit you little butts!”

Lin Xuan could only threaten them.

However, this was useless.

Xuan Zhu and the others knew that their father would not really scold them. He was just scaring them.

“These little girls are really smart!” Lin Xuan smiled helplessly. If he wanted to deal with them, he really couldnt use simple methods.

“Its been hard on you to take care of the naughty children.”

Just as Lin Xuan was racking his brains to deal with these little girls, Donghuang Ziyous calm voice came from behind.

However, before Lin Xuan could turn around and speak, Xuan Xi, who was facing Donghuang Ziyou, shouted,

“Mother, its so fun when Daddy bathes us. Come down and let Daddy bathe you too!”


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