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Chapter 24: Donghuang Ziyou Gets Mind Blown!

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Xuan Xis words caused Donghuang Ziyous face to blush.

However, the little girls did not know about their mother feeling shy.

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Han, and Xuan You all shouted loudly.

“Mother, come down and shower with us!”

“Mother, its so comfortable when Daddy showers us!”

“Mother, let me teach you how to swim!”

The louder the children shouted, the redder Donghuang Ziyous face became.

Although she had forced herself on Lin Xuan four years ago,

in reality, her love life had always been blank.

In terms of relationships, she was extremely prude, just like those young girls who had just fallen in love.

Now that this bunch of children had made such a request, even though Donghuang Ziyou was the empress, she was so shy that she wanted to run away.

Asking Lin Xuan to scrub her back and shower her…

Donghuang Ziyou only thought about it for a moment before she felt her heart race.

However, she was an empress after all, and she was an Emperor Realm powerhouse. Her self-control and composure were extraordinarily high.

She took a deep breath and shook her head slightly. “Mother is a cultivator. I can already use spiritual energy to clean myself now. I dont need to shower.”

With that, she conjured a seal.

They saw a blue light flash from head to toe as if it had washed her entire body.

“Oh, so this is how Mother showers.” Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han nodded in unison.

Xuan You shook her head. “Its not fun to shower like this. When I grow up, Ill still have to let Daddy shower like this!”

Lin Xuan shook his head and smiled. “When you grow up, you have to shower yourself. Father cant shower you.”


The four girls looked conflicted and puzzled at the same time.

Lin Xuan chuckled. “Youll know when you grow up.”

The children were still young now. Saying too much would affect their emotions.

It was naturally best to brush over such a problem.

Fortunately, the children did not pursue the matter and continued to play in the water.

Donghuang Ziyou then helped Lin Xuan bathe the girls.

However, compared to Lin Xuan, she seemed a lot more clumsy.

“To be honest, I truly didnt expect you to be so talented in the field of bringing up children.” Donghuang Ziyou couldnt help but speak.

Lin Xuan casually said, “So God gave me four daughters at once.”

Donghuang Ziyous face blushed.

Before she met Lin Xuan, she didnt expect herself to become a mother so quickly.

She also did not expect to give birth to four babies in one go.

She was the only one in the entire royal family of North Mystic Heaven with four treasures.

Heavens, so it turned out that she was so capable of giving birth… This had completely overturned Donghuang Ziyous worldview!

She coughed and forcefully changed the topic.

“Oh right, Im preparing to send troops to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom again. This trip will require more time, so Ill have to trouble you to take care of the children alone.”

“Youre going to send troops again so soon” Lin Xuan asked.

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“Thats right.” Donghuang Ziyou thought for a moment and decided not to hide anything from Lin Xuan.

“I wonder which mighty figure killed the sovereign of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom in a night. Even Bloodthirsty Demon Lord might have been wiped out.”

“Therefore, Ive decided to recover the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom as soon as possible and give them and North Mystic Heaven some peace.”

Lin Xuan nodded. There was indeed nothing wrong with Donghuang Ziyous decision.

The two of them finished helping the children shower.

After Donghuang Ziyou played with the children for a while, she left and returned to the Mystic Ice Palace.

The next morning,

Xuan Zhu and the others had just finished cultivating when Donghuang Haoyu arrived at the Crystal Palace with a few disciples of the imperial family.

When he saw Lin Xuan, Donghuang Haoyu immediately bowed respectfully. “Greetings, uncle!”

“Yep.” Lin Xuan saw that Donghuang Haoyu and the others were holding four jade boxes and asked, “You want to send something to Xuan Zhu and the others”

“Yes!” Donghuang Haoyu nodded. He thought that his uncle-in-law was really impressive to tell what he wanted to do with a single glance.

Xuan Zhu and the others also gathered around and asked curiously, “What are you going to give us”

“Good stuff!” Donghuang Haoyu kept them in suspense.

He and the royal family descendants placed the four jade boxes on the ground and opened them one by one.

Phew ~

Instantly, four dazzling green lights shot into the sky.

Xuan Zhu and the others quickly went over to take a look.

In every jade box, there was a cute, snow-white, furry little demon beast.

There was a ball of green light in the stomach of this demon beast, like a fire candle, that kept flickering with dazzling light.

“Wow, is this the Emerald Spirit Rabbit” The little girls eyes lit up.

The Emerald Spirit Rabbit was gentle and cute, and it was well-liked by the girls in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

However, this type of demon beast was extremely agile and was extremely difficult to capture.

Once they caught it, they would have to place it in a special jade box.

Only by sealing the jade box with spiritual power could they obediently stay inside.

“Thats right. The few of us went to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range to temper ourselves yesterday and were lucky to catch four Emerald Spirit Rabbits, so we sent them to you.” Donghuang Haoyu had a proud expression.

The royal family kids behind him were also in high spirits.

Being able to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range to train meant that they had officially embarked on the path of martial arts.

This was as important as a boy growing a beard and becoming an adult.

Not to mention, they even caught four Emerald Spirit Rabbits in one go.

“Then we will accept it. Thank you, Haoyu!” Xuan Zhu and the others generously accepted the Emerald Spirit Rabbits.

Xuan You squatted in front of the Emerald Spirit Rabbit and looked at it for a long time. Her eyes darted around and she asked,

“Haoyu, are there many formidable demon beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range”

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han looked at Xuan You at the same time.

They could vaguely feel that their sister was up to something again.

“Thats right. The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range is the largest demon beast mountain range near the borders of North Mystic Heaven.”

“There are millions of demon beasts inside. Its said that there are even greater demons in the depths of the mountain range!”

Donghuang Haoyu said sternly.

“Wow, that must be fun!” Xuan Yous eyes lit up.

She loved to catch ferocious demon beasts.

In the past, her mother would help her whenever she had the time.

Now that her father was here and the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was so fun, she would definitely be able to catch even more ferocious demonic beasts.

“Daddy, lets go to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range too!” Xuan You hugged Lin Xuans thigh excitedly. “I want to cultivate too!”

Lin Xuan asked Xuan Zhu and the others, “Do you guys want to go too”




After some thought, the three girls nodded.

Lin Xuan had expected them to agree.

After all, they had already learned the Infinite Swordsmanship technique and were proficient in swordplay.

When they heard that Donghuang Haoyu and the others had gone to train, how could they not feel tempted

“Then daddy will bring you guys there.” Lin Xuan smiled dotingly.

With him by the childrens side, all demons were insignificant.

Just as he finished speaking, Xuan You pulled Lin Xuan along impatiently and set off.

After they left, Donghuang Haoyu revealed an envious expression.

“Uncle is too good to Xuan Zhu and the others. He can really agree to anything!”

“Yes. If my father was so good to me, I would have laughed myself awake in my dreams.”

“Sigh, I wish I had a father like him!”


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