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Chapter 26: So Hes Empress Mystic Ices Man!

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Ling Rongs words made everyone fall into a short silence.

Among the people present, Bai Fengxins cultivation level and power were the highest.

He had already said that he wanted the Longevity Flower, so no one was qualified to compete with him.

But Ling Rong said this at this time, so she clearly wanted to go against Bai Fengxin.

Fight against Bai Fengxin, who was at the Spirit Stages peak

In the end, not only would she humiliate herself, but she might even die!

Lin Tong and the others shook their heads in secret. The girl standing in front of everyone didnt seem to be such an ignorant person.

Bai Fengxin could not help but sneer. “Why do you want the Longevity Flower”

Ling Rong had a determined expression. “Because I want to remodel my spirit root and recover my lost cultivation talent!”

Everyone revealed understanding expressions.

No wonder this girl wanted to get the Longevity Flower. She was once a martial artist.

Bai Fengxin looked at Ling Rong meaningfully. “It seems like youre a person with a story. Speak, what is your name, and which sect are you from”

Sensing the stubbornness in her bones, Bai Fengxin became interested in her.

Ling Rong clenched her fists and said, “Im Ling Rong, from the Great Xia Kingdoms Ling Clan!”

Hearing this, Bai Fengxin, Lin Tong, and the others from Crimson Nimbus Heaven came to a sudden realization.

The Great Xia Kingdom was a medium-sized kingdom in the Crimson Nimbus Heaven.

And in the martial arts world of the Great Xia Kingdom, the most famous was the Ling Clan.

It was rumored that the Ling family had existed for eight thousand years and was an ancient martial arts family.

Even in the entire martial arts world of Crimson Nimbus Heaven, they were an influential family.

Of course, the most famous person in the Ling family in Crimson Nimbus Heaven was the familys former daughter, Ling Rong.

When Ling Rong was three years old, she had been discovered to have a rare five-elemental spiritual root. Her cultivation talent made her peerless.

The Ling family had also treated her as their future leader in the past, and another bright star in the Crimson Nimbus Heavens martial arts world.

It was to the extent that the king of the Great Xia Kingdom personally visited the Ling family and wanted her to be the crown princess.

He would pass the throne to the Crown Prince in the future and let her become the rightful Empress of the Great Xia Kingdom.

She was the future star of the ancient martial families and the future empress of the Great Xia Kingdom.

Such a status was really glorious to the former Ling Rong.


Half a year after the Great Xia Emperor delivered the marriage contract, Ling Rong lost her five-elemental spirit root overnight.

In the blink of an eye, she had become a piece of trash that could not cultivate.

Although the Ling family tried their best to hide this matter, it was still impossible to hide the truth. The Emperor of the Great Xia Kingdom found out about this.

The king of the Great Xia Kingdom then asked the crown prince to break the engagement and revoke all his previous promises.

And after the Ling family suffered the heavy blow, they could not recover from this setback.

It had become the Great Xia Kingdom, and even the entire Crimson Nimbus Heavens joke.

“So the woman who was dumped by the crown prince was you.” Bai Fengxin nodded slightly.

Ling Rong bowed respectfully. “Senior Bai, I only want a chance to compete. Please grant my wish, Senior!”

“Do you think youre qualified to say such a thing” Bai Fengxin frowned slightly.

“In terms of strength, I am weak, but I have nowhere to go. I can only go all out!” Ling Rong gritted her teeth.

“Naive! And childish!”

Bai Fengxin berated.

“If it was anything else, I would have made some concessions on account of how pitiful you are.”

“However, the Longevity Flower is something that I must get. Whoever wants to snatch it will be my enemy.”

“Youre just a woman. I dont want to fight you. Get lost!”

A terrifying pressure suddenly appeared and slammed into Ling Rong.

Ling Rongs face paled, and her legs trembled as she took a few steps back and almost fell.

A disdainful look appeared on Bai Fengxins face. “You cant even block a look from me. How are you going to fight me”

“Those demon beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range are not as kind as I am.”

“I asked you to leave so that you can live!”

When everyone present saw how desperate Ling Rong was, they could not bear to see her like this.

Lin Tong went forward and comforted her. “Little girl, Sect Leader Bai is right. The mystic realm is filled with unknown dangers.”

“Let alone you, even if we encounter high-level demon beasts, we can only run away.”

“Youd better go. There are some things in life that cant be forced!”

Ling Rong, her eyes filled with tears, slowly raised her head.

It was said that the Longevity Flowers mystic realm only appeared once every few years.

She had already spent a lot of effort to come here.

But now, an expert like Bai Fengxin was blocking in front of her, and she was completely helpless.

“Could it be… that I am destined to live a poor life and watch as the entire Ling family is ridiculed by others”

Ling Rongs heart was filled with unwillingness and pain.

Phew ~


At this moment, a huge black figure suddenly descended from the sky and landed in the center of the crowd.

Everyone focused their gazes and saw that it was a huge iron lion monster.

When they saw the iron lion monsters pupils and the tree branches on its body, everyone cried out in shock.

“A ninth grade iron lion monster!”

“My God, only someone at the peak of the Spirit Stage can deal with a demon beast of this level!”

“A tree branch pierced through its chest. Im afraid that even someone at the peak of the Spirit Stage cant do it, right”

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“The iron lion has bronze skin and iron bones. Its extremely difficult to injure it. Which powerhouse killed it”

Everyone, including Bai Fengxin, was stunned by the scene before them.

If a Rank 9 iron lion monster was placed in the human world, it would be someone at the peak of the Spirit Stage.

As for the unknown powerhouse, he pierced it with a tree branch.

Such ability was simply shocking!

“Im afraid only Emperor Realm cultivators can kill an iron lion monster like this,” Bai Fengxin murmured.

At this moment, a clear voice sounded.

“Father, I saw it fall in front!”

Not long after,

a handsome man in white appeared in front of everyone with four little girls who looked like porcelain dolls.

Xuan Zhu and the others gathered around the iron lions corpse in shock.

“Wow, its already dead!”

“I thought it was very powerful, but I didnt expect it to be unable to withstand Fathers attacks at all!”

Xuan Zhu and Xuan Xi were extremely shocked.

Hearing their words, everyone looked at Lin Xuan in shock.

Bai Fengxin and Lin Tong even revealed awe.

It seemed that this iron lion monster was killed by this handsome man.

Who was the other party Why was he so young and so powerful

A man in a grayish-white robe walked out from the crowd and bowed in front of Lin Xuan. “So its the Consort. Greetings, Consort!”

Lin Xuan asked, “You are”

The man had a flattering smile on his face. “Im Ning Jie, from the White Deer Institute. A few days ago, I admired the Consorts elegant demeanor during the literary discussion, so I recognized him at a glance.”

“I see.” Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

Hearing their conversation, Bai Fengxin and the others were in awe.

The White Deer Institute was a famous Confucian academy in the North Mystic Heaven.

Ning Jie had called Lin Xuan the Consort, which meant that Lin Xuan was the man of the North Mystic Heavens Empress.

“No wonder this person is so confident, elegant, and terrifyingly strong. So hes Empress Mystic Ices man!”

Bai Fengxin and the others were enlightened.


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