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Chapter 10: Wow, Daddy Is So Amazing!

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Shangguan Jie and Chong Lingtings words shocked everyone present.

Their teacher was Jiang Jiubai, North Mystic Heavens so-called Great Literary Scholar.

This person was immensely talented.

It was rumored that he had cultivated literature for 7,100 years and had taught three emperors of North Mystic Heaven.

Moreover, Jiang Jiubai was even more famous in the literary scene in North Mystic Heaven.

North Mystic Heaven Poet Master.

North Mystic Heaven Literature God.

Living Shakespeare.

He was the top scholar in the literary world.

“I really didnt expect this poem to stump even Great Scholar Jiang!” Mu Youqing couldnt help but sigh.

Shangguan Jie nodded and said, “Because this poem was a break from 50,000 years ago, and there were no later versions of the poem.”

“And this poem is extremely profound. It seems like any poem will pale in comparison to it.”

“I wonder which world-shaking genius from 50,000 years ago was able to write such a heaven-defying poem.” Chong Lingting took a sip of tea. “If I could hear the other half of it, I would die with no regrets now!”

When everyone heard him say this, they nodded silently.

A literary addict was someone who had reached a certain realm and viewed literature more important than life.

It was clear that the poem from the last tea party had mesmerized Chong Lingting.

Xuan Zhu blinked her big eyes and looked at the uncles and aunties chatting there.

She pulled Mu Youqing and asked, “Aunt, are you talking about that poem”

Among the four daughters, Xuan Zhu loved literature the most.

Donghuang Ziyou had taught her many ancient poems over the years, so the little girl was very interested.

Mu Youqing smiled. “This poem is about the union of autumn waters and heaven.”

“I wonder if this is the first half or the second half.”

“What a powerful sentence.” Xuan Zhu felt that this poem was very extraordinary.

However, Lin Xuans eyes lit up.

He was familiar with this poem.

With the Absolute Mystic Sutra, he could instantly memorize all the poems that had appeared on this planet.

Although this poem came from 50,000 years ago and had become a blockbuster now.

But for Lin Xuan, saying the other half of the poem was as easy as blowing off dust.

“Father, can you say the other half” Xuan Zhu asked Lin Xuan expectantly.

Before Lin Xuan could reply, the other three girls spoke.

Xuan Xi said, “Father definitely can!”

Xuan Han said, “Yes!”

Xuan You said, “Daddy is the most awesome!”

Since the children said so, Lin Xuan could only nod and smile. “Yes.”


Everyones eyes lit up.

Shangguan Jie and the others had always felt that Lin Xuan was not an ordinary person.

Now that they heard him say that, they felt intrigued.

Perhaps Lin Xuan would really bring them a surprise today.

“Consort, tell us quickly!”

Shangguan Jie urged.

Lin Xuan said calmly, “The setting sun and the lone rustling ducks fly in unison, and the autumn water shares the same color with the everlasting sky.”

Everyone fell silent.

Shangguan Jie and Chong Lingting looked at each other and could see the shock in each others eyes.

“The sunset, the lonely rustling, the autumn water, the everlasting sky, what a profound autumn painting!”

“These two stanzas, with their corresponding sentiments and parallelism, are really brilliant!!”

“Brilliant! Truly brilliant! I dont know any poems, but I can tell how good these two lines are!”

“The empress husband is really too talented!”

After a brief silence, the crowd was awash with praise.

Lin Xuans poem was like enlightenment, making everyone present feel like they were being caressed by an immortal.

It was because these two lines of the poem were too beautiful, and it gave people an indescribable sophisticated enjoyment.

At this moment, Shangguan Jie, Chong Lingting, and the others looked at Lin Xuan with admiration.

Mu Youqing and the other girls looked mesmerized.

Not only was Lin Xuan extremely handsome, but his words were also shocking.

He had both looks and talent.

These young girls could not resist his charm.

“Wow, Daddy is so awesome!”

“Thats right, Daddy is great!”

“Praise, praise, praise!”

“Daddy is the best!”

The four little girls took in everyones expressions and immediately clapped happily.

They were filled with admiration and love for Lin Xuan.

Xuan Zhu hurriedly pulled Lin Xuan. “Father, from tomorrow onwards, can you teach me how to read I also want to learn how to write poems from you!”

“No problem, leave it to Daddy!” Lin Xuan immediately said.

Xuan Xi and Xuan Han raised their hands at the same time. “Father, we also want to learn!”

Xuan You pouted. “I dont want to study. Its so tiring!”

Lin Xuan shook his head. “You have to learn. If you dont learn, youll fall behind.”

“Then I just want to learn a little, okay” Xuan You thought about it and decided to listen to her father.

“Sure.” Lin Xuan smiled and nodded. It was not easy to convince this little devil.

Mu Youqing and the others were impressed when they saw that Lin Xuan was not only talented but also good at teaching children.

Especially when he said that she would lag behind if she didnt study. This was the first time they had heard that.

“The empress husband is really talented. It looks like I have to invite the empress husband to participate in the literary discussion in three days.”

Shangguan Jie took out an invitation and handed it to Lin Xuan.

“Consort, this is literary discussion that my teacher holds once every five years. He has invited all the scholars in the world to participate.”

“This invitation is a VIP invitation. I only have one, so Ill give it to you. You must come!”

Mu Youqing and the others were shocked.

There were only nine such invitation cards in the world.

Those who could get this VIP invitation were all top experts with high status in the literary world.

Unexpectedly, Shangguan Jie gave one of the cards to Lin Xuan immediately.

On second thought, since Lin Xuan even knew a song from fifty thousand years ago, he was worthy of this VIP invitation.

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Seeing Shangguan Jies eagerly attentive look, Lin Xuan took the opportunity to accept the invite.

In any case, his task in North Mystic Heaven was to enjoy life while taking care of his children.

Since there was such a grand event, he would bring the children out to play and broaden their horizons.

Then, the tea party continued.

Because Lin Xuans poem stunned everyone, the tea party next was completely dominated by him.

Lin Xuan enjoyed the feeling of being fawned upon by the royal family.

Heavenly Demon Realm, Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

Emperor Zheng Song hurried into Bloodthirsty Demon Lords palace and bowed. “Demon Lord, there hasnt been anything strange in Mystic Ice Palace recently, and we havent found any Great Saint experts.”

“The only abnormality is a man, Lin Xuan, from the Lower Realm. It is said that he is the biological father of the Great Empress four daughters and has arrived at the Crystal Palace.”

“Lower Realm” Ye You frowned. “I didnt expect that the mighty Empress Mystic Ices man actually came from the Lower Realm!”


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