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Chapter 16: Esteemed!

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“That jade carriage is so fast!”

“This speed… the person inside is very powerful!”

“Its dressed so luxuriously and looks like its specially used by the royal family. Could it be that Empress Mystic Ice is inside”

“We dont know if its the empress or not. In short, the people inside are very powerful!”

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The cultivators stopped and watched in shock as the jade carriage pulled the four azure-winged birds forward.

They guessed that to be able to make such a huge jade carriage move forward with lightning speed,

the person inside must be a powerhouse.

Moreover, she was very likely an Emperor Realm powerhouse!

With this in mind, the cultivators who were flying in front of the jade carriage all took the initiative to make way.

After all, she was the strongest in the North Mystic Heaven Realm.

Everyone who came out of the empress Mystic Ice Palace would receive a high appraisal.

Not to mention, this jade carriage in front of them was specially used by the Mystic Ice Palaces Imperial Family.

When they saw the jade carriage flying forward and leaving all the cultivators behind in the blink of an eye, the four little girls were overjoyed.

“Whoa! Were flying so fast!”

“Fathers magic is so incredible!”

“I feel like Im a ray of light now!”

“Look, the four green-winged birds are following behind us. Theyre so silly!”

The little girls were extremely excited.

Their four pairs of beautiful eyes were filled with admiration and love for Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan enjoyed his daughters enthusiastic worship and his vanity was greatly satisfied.

“If you guys like it, Daddy will bring you guys out often in the future.”

The little girls clapped their hands happily. “Okay!”

Xuan Zhu took the initiative to lean forward and kiss Lin Xuan on the face.

Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You also rushed forward to kiss Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan felt coldness on both sides of his face.

Clearly, the little girls had left a lot of saliva on it.

However, this was not a problem for Lin Xuan.

As long as his daughters liked it, it was not a problem for him to wash his face with saliva!

They laughed along the way.

Lin Xuan quickly saw a golden mountain in front of him. It was tall and magnificent.

Seven-colored holy light enveloped the top of the mountain, and it was dazzling under the clouds.

This was Wenqu Mountain, the symbol of North Mystic Heavens literature world.

And this seven-colored holy light was said to be the light of the Literature Saint.

For hundreds of millions of years, the entire North Mystic Heaven literature world had worshiped it.

Lin Xuan immediately put away his Divine Movement Bracelet and slowed down the speed of the jade carriage.

Before long, the jade carriage slowly landed on Wenqu Mountain.

Lin Xuan walked with the four girls for a while and saw a woman in a long green dress walking towards them.

“Cousin-in-law!” Mu Youqing, dressed exquisitely, walked up to him with a smile.

“Youre quite early,” Lin Xuan said casually.

Mu Youqing nodded. “Thats necessary. Under normal circumstances, only people from the literary world can participate in the literary discussion.”

“Besides, even the literary giants of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm and the Lower Realm are here. Its a gathering of elites.”

“As an outsider of the literary world, if I hadnt come sooner, I probably wouldnt have even gotten a seat in the end.”

Lin Xuans brows raised slightly. “The terms of the meeting are so strict”

He originally thought that anyone could participate in such a discussion.

From the looks of it, the requirements were exceptionally high.

“Yes, yes!” Mu Youqing nodded. “Thats why my dear cousin-in-law, youre so esteemed to be able to come with a VIP invitation!”

Lin Xuan shook his head and smiled. “It doesnt matter whether Im esteemed or not. The main thing is to bring the children here to play and broaden my horizons.”

Mu Youqing smiled sweetly.

Her cousin-in-law was talented and had a prominent identity.

However, his tone was so gentle and respectful, and it didnt carry a condescending air at all.

But the more it was like this, the more extraordinary he was.

Sometimes, the definition of low profile for important figures was not really low profile.

It was because their position was too high, so they naturally appeared blase.

“Lets go over now.”

Mu Youqing then carried Xuan Zhu and Xuan Xi and walked to Wenqu Mountain with Lin Xuan.

According to Mu Youqing, the venue of the literary discussion was the Hall of Literature at the top of the mountain.

After walking for a kilometer,

a handsome man in a red robe brought two others to block in front of Lin Xuan and the others.

Mu Youqing frowned slightly when she saw the red-robed man.

She did not have a good impression of this man called Sima Wenyi.

However, Sima Wenyi smiled at Mu Youqing. “Junior Youqing, long time no see!”

A look of rejection formed on Mu Youqings face. “Please, dont try to curry favor with me, okay Im not your junior!”

Sima Wenyi was the last disciple of North Mystic Heavens other literary master, Shen Yakang.

Three months ago, Mu Youqing was attending Shen Yakangs class and coincidentally met Sima Wenyi.

Originally, Mu Youqing did not have a bad impression of Sima Wenyi.

However, ever since they attended class together, Sima Wenyi had forcefully addressed her as his junior and forced her to address him as her senior.

There was flirtatious ambiguity in his words that disgusted Mu Youqing.

“Alright, alright, I wont call you that anymore!” Sima Wenyi immediately changed his address.

“Youqing, I suddenly had an inspiration two days ago and wrote a love poem that is peerless and timeless. Do you want to listen to it”

As he spoke, he withdrew a folded piece of white paper from his sleeve.

“Peerless and timeless” Mu Youqing scoffed. “Youd better keep it for yourself!”

With that, she prepared to leave with Xuan Zhu and the others.

Sima Wenyi hurriedly caught up to her. “Youqing, this is really a masterpiece!”

“If you think its bad, Ill leave immediately!”

The other two people following Sima Wenyi nodded repeatedly.

“Thats right, Senior Simas poem has already been read by his teacher. The teacher was full of praise for it!”

“Miss Youqing, you also know that our teacher is a literary giant on par with Great Scholar Jiang. You believe his standards, right”

Mu Youqing thought about it and said teasingly,

“I naturally believe in Great Scholar Jiangs standards. However, I feel that its better if you dont show off in front of an expert!”

“Show off in front of an expert How come Im showing off in front of an expert” Sima Wenyi was puzzled.

He was Shen Yakangs personal disciple.

He was quite famous in the literary world of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Furthermore, the poem in his hand was appraised by Shen Yakang and many people from the literary world.

That was the reason why he was confident about reading it to Mu Youqing.

Unexpectedly, Mu Youqing said such a thing.

Mu Youqing sneered. “Have you guys heard the two lines,Falling Clouds and Lonely Birds, Eternal Love Together”

Sima Wenyi and the other two nodded at the same time.

“Of course! Over the past two days, the literary world in North Mystic Heaven has been spreading these two lines!”

“Its said to be a masterpiece from fifty thousand years ago. No one has been able to write a matching verse.”

“Thats right. In the past two days, someone finally wrote a matching verse. Its simply exquisite and unprecedented!”

Mu Youqings gaze landed on Sima Wenyi. “Hows your standards compared to these two verses”

Sima Wenyi thought about it and gritted his teeth. “Im still far off!”

“So, I said youre showing off in front of an expert.”

Mu Youqing smiled and pointed at Lin Xuan. “The person who wrote this poem is my cousin-in-law!”

Sima Wenyi and the others immediately turned their gazes to Lin Xuan.

In the face of Lin Xuans graceful aura, they all felt a sense of inferiority.


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