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Chapter 17: Build a Statue For Daddy!

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Mu Youqing then raised her chin and walked away proudly with Lin Xuan.

Xuan Zhu, who was in Mu Youqings arms, shook her head and said, “That uncle is very unlikeable.”

Xuan Xi nodded in agreement. “Thats right. Hes a person who likes to show off, and Mother taught us not to be such a person.”

Mu Youqing kissed the two girls dotingly. “Youre both right. I hate people like him too!”

Xuan Han and Xuan You were in Lin Xuans arms. They raised their little fingers at the same time and pointed at Lin Xuan.

They said in unison, “Daddy is the best!”

Mu Youqing chuckled. “You little girls, youre afraid that others wont know how good your daddy is!”

“Of course!”

The four girls nodded proudly.

Their father was the best in the world. Hmph!

He watched as they walked away, and the occasional laughter could be heard.

Sima Wenyi clenched his fists tightly with a vexed expression.

“Damn it, so Youqings cousin-in-law is that poet!”

The two people following him shook their heads and sighed.

“Judging from Miss Youqings expression, she admires her cousin-in-law!”

“This is human nature. After all, her cousin-in-law is extremely handsome and talented.”

“Hmph!” Sima Wen was indignant. “All the literary giants will be gathered at this conference. I want to see how capable her cousin-in-law is!”

With that, he called the other two and quickly walked to the top of the mountain.

When Lin Xuan and Mu Youqing brought the children to the outside of Wenquxings Hall, they heard a commotion inside.

Clearly, the majority of the people attending the meeting were already here.

Before they entered, they saw eleven gold-plated seats on the highest platform at the far end.

Lin Xuan determined that these eleven seats were the eleven most important VIP seats, including Jiang Jiubais.

At this moment, ten of the seats were already filled with people.

The remaining one was clearly Lin Xuans.

As for the discussion in the hall, it was about the remaining seat.

“With the gathering of the literary giants, the eleven VIP seats are even more dazzling. Who is it that can sit in the last seat”

“I heard that it was the person who wroteSunset and Lonely Fly.'”

“For this talented person to be able to write such a sentimental verse, he is indeed worthy of this honor!”

“Im so envious! If I could sit up there, I would wake up from my dreams laughing!”

Lin Xuan had just walked in when Shangguan Jie hurried over.

Shangguan Jies face was full of flattery. After cupping his fists at Lin Xuan, he brought him to the VIP seat on the high platform.

At this moment, everyones attention was on Lin Xuan.

The white haired old man in a white robe, Jiang Jiubai, hurriedly went forward and said, “So this is the Consort. You really are handsome!”

After Shangguan Jies introduction, Jiang Jiubai already knew Lin Xuans identity.

When he saw Lin Xuans elegant bearing, he was filled with admiration. He was like a celestial being.

Seeing Jiang Jiubai take the lead, the rest of the literary giants, including Shen Yakang, and the leading scholar, also stood up and greeted Lin Xuan.

Although they had a high status in the literary world,

Lin Xuan was both the empress husband and wrote that brilliant verse.

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His talent and identity were sufficiently lofty, and it was sufficient to win Jiang Jiubai and the others respect.

The people below the stage also praised him one after another.

“So the person who wrote that verse was the empress husband. Hes really impressive

“The empress husband is so handsome and talented. Hes so lucky!”

“Im so envious!”

Amidst everyones praises, the moment he stepped in, he saw his teacher, Shen Yakang, greeting Lin Xuan.

Sima Wenyis expression instantly darkened.

A strong sense of defeat lingered in his heart while wiping away his pride.

Lin Xuans identity, talent, and looks were all top-notch.

Even his teacher greeted him. He, Sima Wenyi, was not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Lin Xuan!

With Lin Xuan around, how could Mu Youqing look at him

With this thought, Sima Wenyi felt the piece of paper with the love poem in his hand heat up.

Even if they asked him to take it out now, he would not be willing to.

Gritting his teeth, Sima Wenyi tore the paper into pieces and turned to leave the hall with a dejected look.

He didnt want to stay here and watch Lin Xuan shine brilliantly while enjoying being adored by everyone.

At this moment, Lin Xuan had already exchanged greetings with Jiang Jiubai and the other top ten literary figures. Jiang Jiubai and the others returned to their seats.

Lin Xuan also sat in his seat.

Fortunately, the chair was large enough for the four girls to sit with him.

Four cute little girls sat in Lin Xuans arms.

The tens of thousands of people at the literary discussion revealed looks of envy.

This was especially so for some male scholars. They wished they could immediately go home and have a daughter with their wives and dote on them.

Xuan Zhu and the other two girls were really too likable.

Lin Xuan brought four children and such a warm scene almost melted everyones hearts.

While everyone was sighing inwardly, a holy light suddenly lit up.

Behind Lin Xuan and the others VIP seats, a huge statue of a hundred meters tall was born from the light.

He was dressed like a scholar in a long robe. He held a pen in his left hand and a book in his right. He looked up at the sky with an extraordinary bearing.

With the knowledge given by the Absolute Mystic Sutra, Lin Xuan recognized at a glance that this statue was the Literary God.

Xuan Zhu pointed at the statue and asked, “Father, is this the Literary God”

Lin Xuan revealed a hint of admiration. “You also know the Literary God”

“Thats right!” Xuan Zhu nodded. “Mother taught me.”

Lin Xuan nodded silently. Xuan Zhu was the child who paid the most attention to etiquette and was also the one who liked literature the most.

Come to think of it, Donghuang Ziyou must have discovered her unique characteristic and thus taught her according to her aptitude.

“However, Mother only mentioned the Literary God briefly.”

“I still dont know what kind of person he is!”

Xuan Zhu frowned.

Lin Xuan said with a smile, “According to the legend, the Literary God is the fourth star of the Big Dipper, the main tertiary star.”

“Hes in charge of the human worlds KOA reputation, his literary skills, and his official career. Hes also very talented and charming.”

Xuan Zhu thought about it for a moment and nodded. “So, hes a literary grandpa transformed from the Big Dipper.”

“You can say that.” Lin Xuan felt that Xuan Zhus comprehension was indeed very high, and she summarized it very well.

Xuan Zhu asked, “Then why did they make a statue for him”

“Of course its because they admire and like him.” Lin Xuan smiled and touched Xuan Zhus little head.

“Oh, okay.” Xuan Zhu nodded.

Xuan Xis eyes widened as she smiled with two adorable dimples.

“Then I have to build a statue for Daddy.”

Xuan Han raised four fingers. “I want to make four. Well each have one!”

Xuan You shook her head. “Not enough, not enough! I want to create a thousand, ten thousand!”

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han all revealed shocked expressions.

They said in unison, “Xuan You, if you make so many, what if someone steals them from you”

Xuan You was speechless.


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