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Chapter 18: The Consort Has the Talent of a Saint!

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Just as the four little girls were chattering over Lin Xuans statue, all the scholars stood up.

According to the rules of the literary world, everyone who participated in the literature worlds discussion would bow to the statue of the Literary God.

To everyone, the Literary Gods sculpture was like an ancestral tablet that was lofty and sacred.

Of the ten thousand people, only Lin Xuan and the children sat there without getting up.

When everyone knelt, he seemed especially out of place.

However, no one felt that it was inappropriate.

Lin Xuan was not a person of the arts and had a prominent identity.

If he didnt want to bow, no one could force him.

After everyone finished paying their respects, the discussion would officially begin.

In the early stages, this kind of discussion was equivalent to the literature salon Lin Xuan had seen in his previous life.

They were just cultured and refined people who communicated with each other, flattered each other, and made connections.

During this process, almost everyone with some status came to greet Lin Xuan.

Whether they were from the Lower Realms Cang Dragon Continent or the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, they were all very polite to Lin Xuan.

Some people even took the chance to give Xuan Zhu and the others presents to give some of their Spirit Artifacts to Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan didnt stand on ceremony and kept all these treasures.

Xuan Zhu and the others liked it, so Lin Xuan gave it to them on the spot as a toy.

Unknowingly, the highlight of the discussion had begun!

Jiang Jiubai and the others walked to the front of the Literary Gods statue and circulated their true essence at the same time before chanting a mantra.

Phew ~

Instantly, seven-colored holy light filled the sky.

A terrifying aura of a saint erupted from the Literary Gods statue and it automatically flew into the air.

Before long, the statue floated in the air.

A huge water screen appeared at the bottom of the statue about a thousand feet from the ground.

“Father, what is that” Xuan Zhu asked curiously.

Lin Xuan said, “Thats the holy water-screen. As long as you write on it, you can test a persons literary talent.”

Xuan Zhu nodded. “It looks a lot like the Spirit Testing Stone weve touched before!”

The so-called Spirit Testing Stone was a type of Spirit Stone used to test martial arts talent.

Lin Xuan asked, “Then what level of talent are you all at”

He guessed that his daughters were very talented.

Since he had mentioned it, he might as well find out about their talents.

Xuan Zhu said, “Were all Heaven-rank!”

Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You nodded in unison.

Lin Xuan sighed in his heart. These four precious daughters were indeed freakishly talented.

Talent grades were normally divided into four levels Heaven, Earth, Mystic, and Yellow, with the highest being Heaven Grade.

Furthermore, talent could increase with age and experience.

Xuan Zhu and the others were only three years old and were already Heaven-rank.

If they grew up a little more, their future potential would be limitless!

“Father, are you going to take the test later” Xuan Xi asked with anticipation on her face.

“Thats right. I really want to know how high Fathers literary talent is!” Xuan Han nodded.

Lin Xuan shook his head and smiled. “Forget it. This is a matter of their literary world. Daddy is not interested.”

According to his understanding, this was a literary discussion held once every five years in the literary world.

The reason they wanted to test his literary talent was actually to select talents.

Whoever was more talented would receive an acknowledgment.

Even for a figure like Jiang Jiubai, if his talent was suppressed by others, he could only retire from his position as a literary master.

To put it bluntly, this was a screening to find the best guide for the literary world.

And according to Lin Xuans understanding, the level of literary talent was divided according to the color of the light that was revealed.

White, green, blue, red, purple, purple, purple, purple, and seven colors increased one after another.

If anyone could get the seven-colored holy light, they would be worthy of being called a “Literary God that descended to the mortal world.”

If they were to obtain this honor, even Jiang Jiubai and the others would have to address this person respectfully as “sir”!

Unfortunately, whether it was the Cang Dragon Continent or the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, in the past hundred thousand years, there had never been a “Literary God that descended to the mortal world.”

Xuan Zhu and the others saw that Lin Xuan didnt want to participate in the test, and their spirits were instantly dampened.

If their father were to take the test, he would definitely be the person with the best talent!

The little girls thought silently.

As the discussion continued, Jiang Jiubai was the first to arrive before the screen.

He picked up a white brush and wrote a few lines.

Phew ~

A purple light shot into the sky from the water-screen.

Immediately after, a golden color flashed in purple.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

“Purple-gold! Scholar Jiangs talent is already at the quasi-Saint level!”

“Impressive! Its been five years since we last met, and Great Scholar Jiang has improved again!”

Jiang Jiubai was delighted. There were three thousand scriptures in the world, and if one was able to attain the violet gold rank, then it would be a quasi-Saint.

When he attained the quasi-Saint Realm, he, Jiang Jiubai, would definitely be able to be famous throughout the ages and become the idol of future scholars.


Not long after the golden light appeared, it suddenly dimmed.

In the end, only a purple light was left.

“Sigh! Im still not capable enough!”

Jiang Jiubai shook his head and sighed.

He had spent so much effort to prepare this article.

He did not expect to fail to receive the Literary Gods acknowledgment.

Everyone couldnt help but sigh.

They were finally about to witness the birth of a quasi-Saint, but he had failed in the end.

Following that, Shen Yakang and the others went on stage one by one for the test.

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Disappointingly, none of the ten great leading scholars made any progress. They were all purple.

In other words, they could only be called Great Scholars, not Pseudo-Saints.

Next, including Shangguan Jie and the others, hundreds of people appeared in succession. None of them could surpass Jiang Jiubai and the others.

As for the remaining few thousand people, their talent was ordinary to begin with, so it was even more impossible for them to achieve any miracles.

Jiang Jiubai swept his gaze around the surroundings and sighed lightly. “The path of cultivation in the literary path is difficult. As expected!”

Shen Yakang nodded in agreement. “It seems like we can only wait another five years to see if theres a Pseudo-Saint in the world.”

Jiang Jiubai glanced at everyone. “Then lets continue working hard.”

Shen Yakang looked determined. “That must be the case!”

It was already getting late, and the discussion was about to end.

Jiang Jiubai and the others stood up and came in front of Lin Xuan before greeting him.

Mu Youqing came to Lin Xuans side and said casually, “Cousin-in-law, youre so talented in literature. You can give it a try too!”

When she said this, Jiang Jiubai and the others eyes lit up.

Jiang Jiubai said, “Consort, youre talented in literature. Why dont you give it a try”

Lin Xuan shook his head and said, “Im an outsider in the literary path, so theres no need.”

Shen Yakang shook his head and said, “Dont regard me as an outsider, Consort. The way of literature is not differentiated by internal or external factors. Those who are capable can cultivate literature. Why dont you give it a try”

Hearing that, Xuan Zhu and the others interest was piqued.

The four little girls were all pestering Lin Xuan and wished they could bring him to the Literature Saint Water Screen.

Seeing that he couldnt refuse, Lin Xuan agreed. “Alright, Ill give it a try.”

He thought of an encouraging sentence about the foundation of a scholar and casually wrote it down with a brush.

Body cultivation, harmonious family, governing the country, and peaceful world!

After the words were written, there was a bang!

A seven-colored holy light rumbled.

The strong light covered Lin Xuans crooked words and erupted with the majestic aura of a saint descending to the world.

When they saw this scene, Jiang Jiubai and the others revealed shocked and excited expressions.

“Seven-colored holy light! This is the light of a Saint!”

“Could it be that the empress husband is Literary God”

“Is there even a need to doubt it The appearance of the seven-colored holy light means that the empress husband has the qualifications to be a Saint!”


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