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Chapter 27: The Image of a Perfect Father Must Not Be Tainted!

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“I am Bai Fengxin of the Crimson Nimbus Sect. Greetings, North Mystic Heavens Consort!” Bai Fengxin hurriedly went forward and bowed.

Even if he was a person of Crimson Nimbus Heaven, he had no choice but to take the initiative to bow to Lin Xuan.

In fact, in Bai Fengxins opinion, it was already his honor to meet the North Mystic Heavens Consort.

Although the Wind Moon Sect was somewhat famous in Crimson Nimbus Heaven, compared to the North Mystic Heavens Consort, it was worlds different. They could only look up to him.

Seeing Bai Fengxin bow, Lin Tong and the others hurriedly went forward and bowed one by one.

“Lin Tong of the Crimson Nimbus Great Sword Sect greets the North Mystic Heavens Consort!”

“Crimson Nimbus Heaven Mystic Sects Wang Wenyang greets the North Mystic Heavens Consort!”

Seeing this, Ling Rongs body could not help but tremble again.

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She looked up at the handsome man standing opposite her.

“Even Bai Fengxin, who was aggressive towards me just now, was subservient before him.”

“A man like him is a real high and mighty existence.”

“Compared to him, what are the king of the Great Xia Kingdom and the crown prince”

Ling Rong could not help but shake her head.

The marriage contract back then was not her intention.

It was just that the Ling familys family head, who was her father, for the sake of the familys interests, forced her to marry the crown prince.

Unexpectedly, when they heard that her cultivation level and spirit roots were gone, the Great Xia Kingdoms sovereign and crown prince immediately changed their attitudes.

How could petty people like them be qualified to call themselves nobles

They were nothing in front of the North Mystic Heavens Consort!

“Yes,” Lin Xuan replied calmly.

Before he appeared, his spiritual sense had already enveloped the area where everyone was.

He was well aware that Bai Fengxin had threatened Ling Rong, so he did not have a good impression of Bai Fengxin.

Although this had nothing to do with him, Lin Xuan naturally looked down on people who liked to bully the weak.

“Father, Mother said that every demon beast has a demon core. Where do you think the iron lion monsters demon core is hidden”

Xuan Zhu returned to Lin Xuans side and asked.

“Of course, its in its stomach.” Lin Xuan rubbed her little head.

Xuan Xi walked over as well. “Mother said that the demon cores are very useful. Then were they spat out by demon beasts or born”

Xuan You hurriedly rushed forward and raised her hand. “I know, it must have been born!”

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han looked at Xuan You at the same time. “How do you know”

When Xuan You saw that her three sisters did not know anything, she immediately raised her chin proudly and snorted.

“Because the Nine Scaled Python in my room has many demon cores.”

Xuan Zhu and the others shook their heads. “Thats clearly a snake egg!”

Xuan You said unhappily, “Impossible! The last time I asked the Nine Scaled Python if it gave birth to a demon core, it kept nodding and saying yes!”

Xuan Zhu covered her mouth and laughed. “Thats because its afraid of being bullied by you!”

Xuan Xi shook her head and sighed. “Mother said that the Nine Scaled Python was originally very ferocious. Now, it has been bullied by you into becoming a good child.”

Xuan Han nodded. “Thats right. These demon beasts are very unlucky to encounter you!”

Lin Xuan heard his daughters entire conversation and couldnt help but laugh.

It seemed that Donghuang Ziyou only mentioned the demon core to her daughters but did not explain the demon core to them in detail.

It seemed that if he had the time, he would have to tell them about the demon beasts in detail.

Bai Fengxin walked up with a pure white ball in his hand.

This ball was the size of an egg, and there were nine golden lights circling around it.

Even from afar, they could still sense the intense aura emanating from it.

“Consort, this is the demon core of the iron lion monster.” Bai Fengxin said respectfully.

He felt that as the North Mystic Heavens Consort, Lin Xuan naturally wouldnt personally take action on a small matter like retrieving the demon core.

He took the opportunity to take out the demon core and express his goodwill to Lin Xuan.

“Wow, so thats how the demon core is. It looks so interesting!” Xuan Zhu and the others were shocked.

Lin Xuan smiled. “If you like it, take it.”

Xuan Zhu nodded and took the demon core from Bai Fengxins hand.

The four little girls then gathered together and studied the demon core with wide eyes.

Lin Tong and the others looked at that demon core enviously.

The demon core of a Tier 9 demon beast was definitely a priceless treasure in the cultivation world.

If one could refine and absorb it, one would definitely advance by at least half a major cultivation state immediately, it would definitely increase by at least half a cultivation state.

However, this thing originally belonged to the North Mystic Heavens Consort.

No matter how covetous they were, they did not dare to have any evil thoughts.

At this moment, a small figure suddenly rushed towards Lin Xuan and knelt in front of him.

Ling Rong pleaded, “Consor, please let me enter this mystic realm.”

Lin Xuan looked down at her indifferently. “The mystic realm is dangerous and unpredictable. They have already told you very clearly, so why do you still risk your life to enter”

The expressions of Bai Fengxin and the others changed drastically.

It turned out that the North Mystic Heavens Consort had heard everything they had just said.

His abilities were really impressive and scary!

“Because I want my parents to stand up for themselves! I want the Ling family to regain our dignity!”

Ling Rong slammed her head on the ground. “I only ask that you give me a chance. If I succeed, I will repay you with my life!”

Lin Xuan saw an indescribable stubbornness and drive in her eyes.

This was the first time Lin Xuan had seen such an indomitable will in the eyes of a woman.

“Other than these reasons you mentioned, what you want to do the most is to recover your talent and then prove the emperor and the crown prince of Great Xia Kingdom wrong, right” Lin Xuan asked playfully.

Ling Rong gulped. “At first, I did have this thought.”

“But after meeting you, I feel that people like them are not worthy of my efforts.”

“So, Ive already given up on this idea.”

Lin Xuan nodded. He could tell that Ling Rong was not lying.

Lin Xuan looked at Bai Fengxin and the others calmly and asked, “What do you guys think”

Bai Fengxin and the others hurriedly bowed. “Everything is up to you, Consort!”

In front of a powerhouse, they would not dare to make a decision on their own.

Lin Xuans gaze landed on Ling Rong. “Alright, Ill give you one chance.”

“Thank you, Consort!” Ling Rong, feeling extremely excited, hurriedly kowtowed.

Lin Xuan nodded slightly and moved his gaze away from her.

The reason why he had helped Ling Rong was not only because he admired her ruthlessness.

The most important thing was to set a good example for his daughters.

After all, he had a very magnificent image in their hearts.

If he wasnt even willing to help, then what was the difference between him and Bai Fengxin and the others who bullied the weak

The image of a perfect father could not be tainted in the hearts of his daughters!

As expected, Xuan Zhu and the others laughed happily when they saw Lin Xuan acting as the savior.

“Father is really a good person!”


“Yes, yes!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Bai Fengxin and the others blushed for some reason.

If they had known that they would encounter the Consort, they wouldnt have stopped her just now.

Sigh, in the end, it was still because Ling Rong was lucky to encounter a great benefactor like the Consort under such circumstances.

Just as everyone was overwhelmed with emotions, the spinning golden light suddenly exploded, and an extremely rich spiritual aura rushed out through the golden light.

“The mystic realm has opened!”


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