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Chapter 30: Nine-Headed Heavenly Python, Xuan Yous Next Toy

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“So I can even get a grandmaster-level reward like this!”

Lin Xuan was overjoyed.

He easily got a top-notch reward. This kind of life was a paradise!

As for the Grandmaster-level beast-taming talent, according to the system, demon beasts below the third-stage great demon beast level could be controlled at will.

As for great demon beasts, they were equivalent to Supremacy Realm humans.

Not bad!

Lin Xuan was very satisfied with this reward.

Next, he continued to bring his daughters into the mystic realm.

Although they were frightened by the Tier 4 wild wolf monster just now, Xuan Zhu and the others had no intention of retreating.

In their hearts, as long as their father was around, they werent afraid of anything!

With Lin Xuans company, the four girls bullied many low-level demon beasts along the way.

Their skill level was also rapidly increasing.

Their cooperation even had a natural tacit understanding that made Lin Xuan feel extremely gratified.

It was said that twins and siblings could communicate telepathically.

Xuan Zhu and the others performance made Lin Xuan certain that this was indeed true.

Unknowingly, the light in the mystic realm gradually dimmed.

Rumble ~

The four little girls stomachs growled one after another.

“Father, Im hungry!” Xuan Zhu put away her sword and hugged Lin Xuans legs.

Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You also leaned on Lin Xuans legs.

“Then lets rest here for a while. Daddy will get you guys food now.”

They left in a hurry and didnt have the time to bring anything. Lin Xuan had to do it himself.

“Can we also eat delicious food in the wilderness” Xuan Xi was curious.

Lin Xuan pinched her little nose. “Of course!”

With the perfect father program, as long as there were ingredients, Lin Xuan could make delicious food suitable for the children.

Before long, a pile of sumptuous food was placed in front of Xuan Zhu and the others.

Red alluring snake fruits, fragrant roasted White-Winged Immortal Goose egg, and tender white boiled Silver-Piercer Fish…


The little girls couldnt help but let out cries of surprise.

It turned out that they could eat so much delicious food in the wilderness.

Their father was really omnipotent!

While Lin Xuan enjoyed his daughters admiration, he ate heartily with them.

After they finished eating,

The surrounding light was already very dim, and it looked like it was already sunset.

In the depths of the secret plane, a brown light suddenly lit up.

A tall, mysterious and magnificent mountain with no peak appeared in the swirling clouds.

“This mountain might be the end of this mystic realm.”

Just as Lin Xuan thought of this, Xuan Zhu and the others couldnt wait to pull him up.

“Father, lets go take a look!”

The children were naturally curious about new and unknown things. Lin Xuan naturally wouldnt refuse and immediately brought them out.

At this moment,

Bai Fengxin, Lin Tong, Ning Jie, Wang Wenyang, and the others also noticed the sudden appearance of the mountain.

“This mountain is extremely dangerous, and is definitely the end of the secret realm. Apart from the Longevity Flower, there might be other treasures!”

Bai Fengxins eyes lit up.

The Consort had ordered Ling Rong to enter the mystic realm. Even if the Longevity Flower was discovered, Bai Fengxin would not dare to compete for it with Ling Rong.

But if there were other treasures, Bai Fengxin believed that the Consort would not interfere.

They all had the same thought.

Lin Tong, Ning Jie, and Wang Wenyang also quickly gathered towards that mountain.

On the mountain,

Ling Rong dragged her injured body and gritted her teeth as she climbed up.

In order to get the Longevity Flower, she had been running desperately towards the depths of the mystic realm along the way.

Her innate sensitivity allowed her to avoid the attacks of demon beasts many times.

But for some high-level demon beasts, she was still unable to avoid being scratched and bitten.

There were even a few times when she almost died at the mouth of the demon beast.

Fortunately, it wasnt in vain. She finally saw this magical mountain appear before her eyes.

Moreover, because she didnt waste any time, she became the first person to come to this mountain.

“The Longevity Flower must be on this mountain!”

The blood under Ling Rongs body left a long trail on the hillside.

She could not care less about this. Her only thought was to get the Longevity Flower.

Only by getting the Longevity Flower would she have the chance to find her past self, and only then would she have the qualifications… to see Lin Xuan again!

A mysterious pink light penetrated the spiritual mist and lit up Ling Rongs eyes.

“Its the Longevity Flower!” After Ling Rong confirmed it, she was overjoyed.

She quickly grabbed a huge rock and climbed up. Fortunately, she successfully obtained the Longevity Flower.

“The Longevity Flower blooms every hundred years. I finally got it!”

Ling Rong shed tears of excitement.

Then, she opened her mouth and was about to eat the Longevity Flower.


An incomparably fishy wind suddenly blew.

An indescribable pressure and killing intent instantly locked onto Ling Rong.

Ling Rong raised her head and saw a pair of huge red eyes appear where she had pulled out the Longevity Flower.


It was not one pair, but nine!


As these nine pairs of terrifying eyes appeared, the entire mountain trembled crazily.

Ling Rong saw the hill bulge rapidly.

A huge snake with nine heads and nine tails broke through the sand and stone as it looked down at her menacingly.

It was a thousand feet long with two red halos in its golden pupils.

“A rank 2 Nine-Headed Heavenly Python!”

All the pores on Ling Rongs body opened up and the chilliness penetrated her bones.

In front of her, there was a second-stage great demon beast!


The Nine-headed Heavenly Python raised its tail and smashed down.

Huge rocks and dust exploded on the hillside. The terrifying impact sent Ling Rong flying and she fell towards the river at the foot of the mountain.

At this moment, Bai Fengxin, Lin Tong, and the others all arrived in front of the large mountain.

When they saw the huge object on the hill that had become more than two hundred feet tall, Bai Fengxin and the others sucked in a cold breath.

“Its actually a level two great demon beast!”

“You have to be at least a Supremacy Realm powerhouse to deal with it, right”

Everyone looked at each other.

Bai Fengxin pondered for a moment and looked up.

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“A second-stage great demon beasts strength is indeed very terrifying, but if we miss it just like that, I believe everyone will definitely regret it!”

Lin Tong asked, “Does Sect Master Bai want to deal with this demon beast”

Bai Fengxins lips curled up. “Kill it. The demon core, the demon blood, the bone, and the tendon will be distributed together!”

Everyone thought about it and nodded at the same time. “Okay! Deal!”

This Nine-headed Heavenly Python was at least four to five thousand years old.

At the great demon beast level, it could be said that its entire body was a treasure.

For cultivators, even a drop of its blood was precious.

Although the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python looked extremely powerful, it was unable to contend against the large number of people here.

There was a chance of victory if they fought.

Seeing that everyone had reached an agreement, Bai Fengxin took out his Intrinsic Flying Sword and shouted, “Everyone, attack together!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Hu Hu Hu ~

In the blink of an eye, killing intent filled the air.

Bai Fengxin and the others used their strongest powers and transformed into streams of light as they charged at the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python.

As if it was enraged by them, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python raised its nine heads and roared.

Then, it suddenly lowered his head and opened its bloody mouth at Bai Fengxin and the others.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Nine streaks of fiery light descended from the sky. Terrifying heatwaves stirred up layers of shock waves in the air.

“My God, this Nine-Headed Heavenly Python is of the fire attribute!”

“This demon is too powerful. Everyone, avoid it first!”

Under the pressure of the soaring fire wave, Bai Fengxin and the others had no choice but to withdraw in a sorry state.

Even though they retreated immediately, a few people were still scalded by the splattering flames and almost burned to ashes.

Bai Fengxin and the others revealed indignant looks.

The Nine-Headed Heavenly Python was a treasure, but its strength was extremely terrifying.

Facing such a huge temptation, they were caught in a dilemma. It was really vexing to think about it.

“Father, this huge snake is so cute. Can you catch it and let me play with it”

At this moment, Lin Xuan brought his four daughters to stand behind everyone.

Hearing Xuan Yous shout, Bai Fengxin and the others revealed shocked expressions.

Heavens, was the Consort going to capture the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python alive!


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