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Chapter 5: The Empress Husbands Mantra!

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“Thank you, Consort!” Baili Zhou immediately nodded.

In his eyes, a man who could become the Consort must have something special about him.

Since the Consort was going to do it himself, he might as well observe from the side.

Perhaps he would receive great inspiration.

With the same thought in mind, the hundreds of people in the kitchen stopped what they were doing and gathered around Lin Xuan.

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Everyone looked at Lin Xuan expectantly and waited for his next move.

Lin Xuan ignored the onlookers.

With the systems tutorial, he was extremely familiar with the combination of delicacies.

After asking about the taste and effects of the various ingredients in the kitchen, he personally cooked.

With his grandmaster-level culinary skills, he was very familiar with the various kitchen utensils.

Not only was it easy to use, but it was also very fast.

In just half an incense stick of time, he had prepared more than ten plates of new ingredients.

Baili Zhou and the other chefs looked at the ingredients on the plate in shock.

They had never heard of such combinations before.

Baili Zhou hurriedly asked, “Consort, can you tell me what are the names of these dishes you made”

Lin Xuan said with a smile, “These are Red Bean Taro Porridge, Salted Thunder Egg Soup, Teriyaki Squid, BBQ Polar Bear Palm…”

Just as he finished speaking, a commotion sounded in the kitchen.

“Amazing! So it can be matched like this!”

“The empress husband has really broadened my horizons!”

“Impressive! Impressive!”

Baili Zhou hurriedly took out a blue flame and lit the furnace. He said eagerly, “Consort, please!”

Lin Xuan nodded and started the first dish, BBQ Polar Bear Palm.


The dishes had just been served when a rich aroma filled the entire kitchen.

Baili Zhou and the others revealed looks of admiration. This smell was rich, but not sickening. This was the first time they had smelled it.

“The empress husband is so impressive. Perhaps after he enlightened me today, my cultivation can improve again!”

Baili Zhous eyes lit up.

He had cultivated as a chef for three thousand years, but he had reached a bottleneck five hundred years ago and had not made any further breakthrough.

But today, he had a strong premonition that he had hope of taking another step.

In the Mystic Ice Palaces Main Hall.

Donghuang Ziyou sat upright on the Ice Phoenix Divine Throne while looking down at her highnesss group of ministers.

These people were all rulers of the kingdoms of the North Mystic Heaven.

However, in front of Donghuang Ziyou, they were merely subjects.

The Min Kingdoms monarch, Song Yan, went forward and said, “Reporting to Your Majesty, recently, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom of the Heavenly Demon Realm has been restless and has been causing constant turmoil on our borders.”

“Your Majesty, please issue a decree to send troops to attack the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom and show the might of North Mystic Heaven!”

Du Yunlong, the Divine General who was affiliated with the Mystic Ice Palace, stepped forward and cupped his fists. “Your Majesty, Im willing to lead troops there!”

Donghuang Ziyou said, “For this trip, I will send my troops to personally conquer the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.”

The crown prince and the other ministers were all shocked.

Song Yan hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom is only a small country in the Heavenly Demon Realm. It is simply not worth it for you to personally go to war.”

Donghuang Ziyou waved her hand. “Its decided.”

Her intelligence network was spread across the entire North Mystic Heaven, and even the Heavenly Demon Realm.

The news she received was naturally more accurate than Song Yans.

According to her understanding, the reason why the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom dared to invade North Mystic Heaven was because they had obtained a powerful backer.

The old demon who suddenly disappeared ten thousand years ago from the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord, had appeared!

As for Bloodthirsty Demon Lords strength, it was also at the Emperor Realm.

If Du Yunlong and the others were allowed to go, they would probably be digging their own graves.

Only if she went out personally could she guarantee victory in this battle.

In addition, everything beyond the Nine Heavens belonged to the Heavenly Demon Realm.

Donghuang Ziyou felt that in the Heavenly Demon Realm, there was probably more countries than merely the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, who wanted to cause trouble in North Mystic Heaven.

As the master of the North Mystic Heaven, if she did not give the Heavenly Demon Realm a head-on show of strength, even more Demon Kingdoms would come to stir up trouble.

Most importantly, she had just succeeded the North Mystic Heavens throne four years ago.

Many of Her Highnesss ministers secretly did not have faith in her.

She wanted to make use of this battle with the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom to shut everyone who questioned her up.

In the end, this battle could not be lost!

In the back kitchen of the Crystal Palace.

“The empress husband is indeed impressive!”

“Watching the empress husband cook is more effective than studying for ten years!”

“The empress husband has really broadened our horizons!”

Exclamations from Baili Zhou and the others sounded.

Today, they finally understood what real childrens delicacies were.

The dishes cooked by Lin Xuan were not only lustrous, but also fragrant.

It was diverse and tasteful.

Baili Zhou took a few bites and knew that these dishes would definitely satisfy the children.

Lin Xuan said, “There are only two words for a childs diet: reasonable nutrition, suitable taste, and varied taste.”

Baili Zhou and the others immediately remembered the mantra.

After savoring the taste repeatedly, they found it even more delicious.

“Thank you for your guidance, Consort!” Baili Zhou bowed respectfully.

Just those words made him feel like he had been enlightened.

He was certain that the bottleneck that had plagued him for five hundred years was about to be broken.

Lin Xuan said, “Remember the methods to make these dishes. Ill teach you more methods to make them when Im free.”

He would have to take care of the four children in the future and would not have so much time to personally cook.

Letting Baili Zhou be his apprentice would save him a lot of trouble.

With Baili Zhous aptitude, he basically understood it immediately. There was no need to worry about the taste.

“Yes!” Baili Zhou was extremely excited.

He had benefited greatly from just observing how to cook these ten or so dishes.

If he could learn more methods from the empress husband, he would really be lucky.

Lin Xuan then got someone to bring these dishes to the dining room.

Before he entered the room, the four hungry kids in the room cried out in surprise.

“Wow, it smells so good!”

“I feel like eating!”

“Daddy is so awesome!”

“Father must have cooked this!”

The four little girls looked at the door.

Their eyes were shining.

When they saw that it was really Lin Xuan who brought the dishes in, the little girls were extremely happy.

Xuan You jumped down from the chair and raised her hands high. “Daddy, I want to eat!”

Lin Xuan carried her up and placed her back on the chair. He took a pill made from a Purple Shadow Snow Auger and placed it in her bowl. “Dont worry, everyone has a share.”

“Oh!” Xuan You lowered her head to look at the meatballs in the bowl. Her little nose twitched, and she felt that they smelled good.

At this moment, the Heavenly Dog Beast arrived at Xuan Yous feet and raised its head with an expectant gaze, like it also wanted to eat the Purple Shadow Snow Auger.

Xuan You kicked it away. “You cant eat what Daddy makes!”

With that, the little girl stuffed the Purple Shadow Snow Auger into her mouth.


The little girls eyes suddenly lit up with an intoxicated expression.

“It looks so delicious!”

Xuan Zhu and the other two quickly picked up a meatball and put it in their mouths when they saw Xuan You enjoying it.

All of a sudden, the entire dining room was filled with the cheerful cries of children.

At this moment.

The mechanical voice of the system in Lin Xuans mind suddenly sounded.


“Your culinary skills have perfectly won over your eldest daughter, Xuan Zhu. Reward: Rakshasa Spiritual Sense!”

“Your culinary skills have completely won over your second daughter, Xuan Xi. Reward: Absolute Mystic Sutra!”

“Your culinary skills have perfectly won over your third daughter, Xuan Han. Reward: Divine Movement Bracelet!”

“Your culinary skills have perfectly won over your fourth daughter, Xuan You. Reward: Ten Direction Diagram!”


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