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When the sky began to brighten up, Jiang Xiao led everyone to the Phoenix ancient tower.

He didnt have to go to the birch forest at night, but the earth and the strange ball could overlap at any time, and time was life!

Fortunately, unlike the Barbarian tribe, the ghost monks didnt have a fixed time to rest.

They were full of energy and wanted to fight at all times.

They also liked to “shop” at night, like ghosts wandering in the ancient city at night …

Jiang Xiao, who arrived at midnight, also made the entire Phoenix ancient tower “alive”.

The most dissatisfied people should be the soul Warriors and the dancers.

This couple was a race that got up in the day and slept at night.

They were very regular.

However, it didnt matter.

Under the city Lord li Haoges instructions, the dancers began to play their flutes.

Soon, the creatures in the city calmed down, including the dancers themselves.

After Jiang Xiao, the Falcon brothers, li Haoge, Yue Yuchen, and Lord Zhang songfu gave some instructions, the Phoenix ancient tower immediately began moving.

And whether it was the Falcon brothers or Zhang songfu, they were both filled with shock and yearning for the fusion of earth and the strange planet.


Dachui, who was woken up by the moving sounds, felt extremely uncomfortable.

Damn brigade commander Jiang, he gave him work again!

He had been sleeping well at home, but suddenly, he was asked to move and rebuild the city!

Sigh … He was old, he couldnt rest in the strange ball, he couldnt enjoy his life.

However, Jiang Xiao did not think that he was old at all!

He wasnt even 50 years old yet, and he was already thinking about how to retire every day …

In Jiang Xiaos world of calamity and shadows, there was also a city of yinggu tower, but it was located in Tibet.

Most importantly, there was no strange light pillar in the Central Plains in the previous version of the world of calamity and shadows.

But now, the Central Plains had a pillar of light.

This was the key factor that allowed the ghost monks to gather here and stay here with peace of mind.

While the city was moving, Jiang Xiao also began to get busy with his own matters and continued to absorb star beads!

During the trip to the peninsula, not only did the approaching Star team complete their experimental goals, but they also obtained countless star beads of the Vajra Tiger, Vajra deer, hibiscus, and lily of the valley.

The hibiscus in the abnormal sphere was a Platinum-quality creature, so its star beads were of platinum quality.

100 Platinum Star beads could increase the star quality by a small level.

1,000 Platinum Star beads would be able to increase the star quality to the moon quality!

During the battle with the approaching Star team, the number of star beads of the hibiscus man far exceeded 1000.

The ghost monks, Soul Warriors, dancers, and other creatures watched Jiang Xiao absorb the star beads while moving.

They all looked envious, especially Jiang Xiaos direct disciples, the ghost Face monks.

They were more arrogant and had a better relationship with Jiang Xiao.

Therefore, from time to time, a few ghostly monks would shamelessly approach him and say,”Master, please give me a star bead too …”

In the end, Jiang Xiao decided to take the trouble to call out all ten members of the golden couple and surround him as his bodyguards.

No one was allowed to approach him!

Jiang Xiao finally felt much more at ease.

Star quality level 1 … 2… 8… 9… Ding! Ding!

“Earth Light has been upgraded! Candle moon grade!”

“Star concealment upgraded! Candle moon grade!”

“The Deputy Minister has been upgraded! Candle moon grade!”

Jiang Xiao was overjoyed because he had absorbed a total of 1000 star beads.

It was really nourishing!

The group of bodyguards around him, including the star beasts that were moving, were all moving slowly.

They all liked the environment with rich star power.

Jiang Xiaos world of calamity and shadows had a huge gate that was 100 meters long!

However, all the star beasts that were moving away were willing to leave beside Jiang Xiao …

Jiang Xiao read the star map introduction carefully and his eyes lit up!

[Candle moon: when the star map trembles violently, there will always be a strong light.] Condenses star power, shakes and changes the star maps original appearance.

Consumes star power continuously when activated.

You may have a new Star map, the number of Star Slots and the star beads and star techniques that have been embedded can not be changed.(3/6)”

Jiang Xiao licked his lips excitedly.

The three star maps that he had already used were the flower blade star map, the withering bow star map, and the sea-devouring Soul Star map.

And after the upgrade, there were three new Star maps that could be created!

This time, Jiang Xiao wouldnt focus on the star map for melee combat.

There was no doubt that after meeting Leanna of the star transformation organization, Jiang Xiao knew that there were many mysterious star maps with strange functions in the world.

He definitely couldnt just focus on the soldiers beside him while making star maps!

Old hes Orange bell and Yi qingchens safety pin were both very practical star maps for the support system.

Leannas star map of the sea-devouring soul had even more strategic value!

Well, there was no hurry.

He had to think about it carefully before deciding on the new Star map.

While thinking, Jiang Xiao looked at the text introduction below:

“Zhu Yue-star concealment: by sealing, concealing, adjusting, transferring, and other methods, the star power in the body can be freely mobilized.”

Jiang Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly and thought to himself, theres no difference in the text introduction.

I can only think about it from the effect.

In the future … If he concealed his star power again, the effect would be better

If he went to the training space again, would the output and output rate of star power be higher

“Zhu Yue secondary image: second form.

Star power is continuously consumed when activated.

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

The F * ck

Originally, the introduction of the star·Assistant Minister was the second appearance!

The text suddenly changed into a second “form” after reaching the quality of a candle moon

What did that mean

The STAR technique, secondary image, was very interesting and the lowest level was silver quality.

The introduction of silver quality was the “second face”, and gold quality was the “second appearance.”

Ever since it was upgraded to platinum quality, the text introductions of diamond quality and star quality had not changed.

They were all “second appearance”! However, in the process of improvement, Jiang Xiao could finally move up and down by 10 centimeters.

Disguising could no longer be called disguising, because Jiang Xiao could completely transform into another person.

All the details, including his voice, would be exactly the same as the target.

The effect of his STAR technique changed from “like” to “yes.”

As for Zhu Yues quality … From the secondappearance, it had changed into the secondform.

Did this mean …

Jiang Xiao closed his eyes and carefully experienced it for a while.

All of a sudden, his body was wrapped in layers of star power and his image began to change!

Jiang Xiao, who was 182 meters tall, had transformed into a 2.82-meter tall monk with a grimacing face, wearing a bamboo hat and a straw Cape!

In an instant, the ten golden couple bodyguards around them were all dumbfounded!

They were originally facing outwards and guarding Jiang Xiao.

At this moment, they turned around one after another, only to see that the person they were surrounding was no longer their master, but a ghostly monk!

The ghostly-faced monk slowly stretched out his ghostly hand, his long and sharp nails pushing up his bamboo hat, revealing his ghostly face and his golden eyes.

“Hehe … Hehe …” Jiang Jinfu opened his mouth wide and chuckled.

The surrounding golden couple disciples felt their blood run cold!

What the hell is this

Jin Tangs temper was obviously one of the fiery ones.

He strode over with his long legs, carrying his giant blade, and shouted angrily,””What did you do to my master!”

Jin Chong and Jin Song, who were at the side, saw that something was wrong and hurriedly reached out to pull Jin Tang.

Jin sanniang, on the other hand, looked curiously at her golden partner who was surrounded in the middle and asked tentatively,””Master”

Jiang Jinfu nodded.

His body transformed again, and he returned to his human form.”Everyone, turn back! Guard me! Dont turn your head no matter what I become!”

The group of golden couple disciples looked at each other, but unfortunately, everyones faces were dark, and no one could tell what their expressions were …

The golden couple disciples turned around in a daze, their hearts filled with shock.

Master … Had he been assimilated by the ghost monks after hanging out with them all day

Jin Zhi was full of thoughts.

He was curious and would look behind him from time to time, only to be shocked!

Jiang Jinyue, who had just been standing there, had suddenly turned into wuniang Jiang!

They were both wearing bamboo hats and straw capes, but they had white hair and a pale face, especially … Why did she keep staring at her long, white legs

The next moment, the 2.82-meter-tall white-faced dancer turned into a 2.82-meter-tall dark jade beast.

It raised its big head at a 45-degree angle and looked at the sky.

It was born with a pitiful posture that was begging for “food”…

If the ghostly monk and the white-faced dancer were still in human form, then this auspicious beast was completely out of human form!

Jiang ruishou was ecstatic!

In the past, when his STAR technique, the secondary photos, was of low quality, he could transform into Jiang Xiaowu.

There was nothing wrong with his image, but there was a problem with his height.

Now, the problem of height was solved! He could become a living being that could float up and down by one meter!

What made the STAR technique undergo a qualitative change was the fact that Jiang Xiao could actually transform into creatures of different races!

This wasnt just a matter of height, it was more of a matter of body shape!

It was like a stone hammer!

Im actually a monkey! So I can learn the seventy-two transformations …

It was perfect!

‘From now on, I can transform into an astral beast and lead the pack of astral beasts, calling for other astral beasts to enter the world of calamity!

If it was a creature of a lower rank, such as a group of gold quality white ghouls, then … As Jiang Xiaowu, who is in the Galaxy stage (Platinum stage), can I order those gold and white ghouls to enter my world of calamity

The more Jiang Xiao thought about it, the more excited he became.

This was simply a godly technique for recruiting and driving away star beasts!

Moreover, it could even trick people!

The celestial flower organization obviously had the Vajra Tiger, Vajra deer, and other joint star Beast armies!

Jiang Xiao could transform into the Vajra Tiger and mix in with the star beasts.

When the members of the celestial flower organization passed by him, he would strike them to death if they were not careful!


As Jiang Xiao continued to experiment, the 82-cm paper ink spirit finally landed on the ground steadily.

‘Hmm … This was a little difficult to handle!

Although he had transformed into the shape of illusionary lines, Jiang shuhun couldnt float, and could only stand on the ground.

Moreover, Jiang shuhuns illusionary palm couldnt penetrate the ground at all.

It was only manifested in the form of illusionary lines, but in essence, his “physical body” still existed.

It was just that under the effect of the STAR technique, he had become exactly the same as shuhun!


The “monkey” was not thorough enough.

The great sage could even transform into a fly and sneak into someone elses house through a crack in the door.

However, Jiang Xiaos body size could not be compared to the great sages, and he could not even transform his “physical body”.


Other than living things, could it be turned into an object

While he was thinking, Jiang shuhun transformed back into Jiang Xiaos original form.

He had wanted to turn into a stone.

The result was that it didnt appear

Jiang Xiao thought to himself in disdain, what kind of lousy STAR technique is this! What a piece of trash~


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