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In the world of calamity, Jiang Shous calamity training space.

“Little Tao.” Maldas combat knife stopped for a moment, and he took two steps back.

“Ha … Ha …” Chen lingtao was gasping for air.

Looking at the beautiful and charming but extremely terrifying young lady in front of him, he couldnt help but take half a step back.

Master has shown mercy Was he preparing to let him rest

Marda looked a little embarrassed and said,”I have something to tell you.”

“Yes, go ahead, master.” Chen lingtao said respectfully.

“Uh …” Looking at Chen lingtaos respectful expression, Marda thought to herself,”I wonder if youll still be able to maintain this attitude after I tell you this news.”

“Do you know about the alien planet” asked Malda.

“Strange ball” Chen lingtao was stunned for a moment, then he nodded and said,”I know this concept.

Through the holy ground, the lower space can enter the upper space, and through the holy ground, you can enter the strange ball.

I also heard that the alien planet and Earths location, from a certain point of view, are likely to coincide.

Our earth could merge with the alien planet at any time.

“Mm, very good.” Marda nodded.

As a core disciple of the Yi family, it was not strange for him to know about this.

Now, he had to go on and on.

“Whats wrong Master” Chen lingtao asked,”why are you suddenly asking this”

“Were in the alien planet now,”said Martha.

Chen lingtao was speechless.

“Last night, the strange planet fused with earth,” said Malda apologetically,”and my true body was trapped on the strange planet during the brief shock period of the fusion.”

Chen lingtao looked at Martha in a daze and stammered,”This … This … Ill go out … Uh …”

“No,” Marda shook his head,”with your strength, youll die if you go out.

The creatures on the alien planet are generally one or two levels higher than those on earth.

Youre only at the late Nebula stage, not even touching the threshold of the Galaxy stage.

Your physical fitness is not up to standard.

Marda pondered for a while and said,”how about this Ill prepare the star beads for you.

Youll train hard here.

When you reach the Galaxy stage, your strength will increase greatly with the star beads Ive reserved for you.

Ill take you out then.”

Chen lingtao had a pained expression on his face.

He wished that he was born three years earlier.

If that was the case, he would at least be like Yi qingchen and would have reached the Galaxy stage.

At this moment, Chen lingtao still did not know that his sister qingchen had already gone to the starry sea …

“The fusion of the alien planet and earth is inevitable,” Marda consoled.”Perhaps it wont be long before we can return to Earth.

You dont have to worry.”

The master and disciple began to chat in detail.


At the same time, in front of the stone villa, at the edge of the lake.

The woman, who was tied up and thrown to the ground with her hands behind her back and star power handcuffs on, suddenly turned her eyes and looked at the open space door beside her.

Then, when she saw who it was, her body started to tremble violently.

In fact, when she saw the spatial gate open, she already knew what was going to happen.

That terrifying demon was here again …

Ever since she had been thrown here, the demon had been right in front of her.

Under her watch, he had summoned another bait.

Jiang tu, whom she had killed before, had returned!

Jiang tu wouldnt make cui Keli so scared, but his real body would!

Jiang Xiao had destroyed cui Kelis mental state again and again, leaving her with a deep psychological shadow.

Just last night, Jiang Xiaos original body took some time to visit cui Keli and she experienced three “tears bath” overnight.

In the words of Jiang Xiaos original body, it was to “wash away all her sins”.

Jiang Xiao asked,I see that youre recovering well.

Do you have other thoughts Hes really strong-willed and can sing and cry.

Jiang Xiao then stretched out his hand and countless water droplets formed under the domain tears realm.

The stream of water that was a mixture of domain tears and sad tears once again rolled onto cui Kelis body.

“No, dont …” Cui Keli kept shaking her head and looked at Jiang Xiao pleadingly.”Ive told you everything.

Ive told you everything.

Dont do this to me again.

I …” She said.

Cui Kelis mind had completely collapsed.

She suddenly choked up and started crying.

Jiang Xiao looked at the leader of the celestial flower organization in front of him and said,””I just dont have time to deal with you now! In the face of danger, Ill let you bunch of Rascals be alive and kicking for a few days!

‘After I solve the crisis in our country … Ill visit everyone in your organization one by one.

Jiang Xiao then patted cui Kelis head and exited the space gate, leaving Jiang tu, who had been silent, to sit beside the crying cui Keli and look at the calm lake.

This Lake was something that he and the humming whale had built after the World of calamity and shadows had been upgraded to restore their home to its original state.

That day, when they were building the lake, in the villa behind them, in front of the glass window in the room on the southwest corner of the second floor, there was a beautiful figure quietly watching the man and the whale rebuild the lake.

It was just like when she quietly stood in front of the window, watching the man and the whale play under the moonlight …

At the thought of this, Jiang tu turned around and looked out, only to see that Han Jiangxue was no longer there.

As the womans cries gradually died down, Jiang tu turned around and said,””You can speak”

“Yes, I can!” Cui Keli didnt dare to slack off at all.

She stammered, but she also responded in fear.

“Tell me,” Jiang tu said.”How did the celestial flower organization get to know the Japanese” Speak in Korean, and Ill learn a foreign language.

It wasnt that he really wanted to learn the language, but he had already made up his mind to use cui Keli as a new “mecha.”

One day in the future, when he was controlling the “cui Keli” spiked battle armor to go to the celestial flower organization, if he didnt have the language skills, he would be quickly seen through.

Since you want to play, then lets play something big!

When the time was right, Jiang Xiao planned to use the star map of the sea-devouring soul as bait and control cui Kelis body to land in Japan.

Even if anything happened, Jiang Xiao, who could flash all over the world, would be able to immediately lead the team to support her.


After walking out of the world of calamity and shadows, Jiang Xiao returned to the empty Vatican Tower City.

With a flash, he entered the conference room next to the city gate of the ancient Phoenix Tower.

Here, the gold and silver disciples were standing, while the members of the approaching Star team were sitting in front of the table.

Jiang Xiao said,”youre all clear about the situation.

Tell me.

What are your thoughts”

Jiang Xiao said, but his gaze shifted to Zhang songfu.

Zhang songfu understood tacitly.

He seemed to have thought about it for a long time, already having an idea.

He directly replied,”commander Jiang wants to drive the astral beasts into your world as soon as possible.

This will reduce the amount of astral beasts released into the dimensional spaces on earth.

This will also make preparations for the fusion of earth and the alien planet.

We all agree with this plan.”

As he spoke, Zhang songfus gaze swept over Falcon li Haoge and yousun Yue Yuchen, and the two of them nodded in agreement.

Zhang songfu continued,”I believe that with the existence of a diamond and a Silver Partner, it wont be difficult to subdue the ghost monk clan in the Central Plains.”

We only need to send out a team of ghost monk soldiers to support the diamond couple, then carry out a thorough search.

When we see the forces of the ancient tower, we will call them into your world of calamity and shadows.

On the way, if they encountered the star Cave Clan and the Ye City clan, they could also kill and tame them.

Weve lived in the Central Plains for so long, so we know the specific characteristics of the star beasts here very well.

This task isnt difficult.

“Mm …” Jiang Xiao nodded and turned to look at the Falcon brothers.”Haoge, Yu Chen, Ill leave the Golden and silver Partners disciples to you two.

Youll work together with the diamond and silver Partners and have a good time in the Central Plains.

In addition, baze will also be assigned to you.

You know, thats another me, so if theres any situation, we can communicate face to face.

Li Haoges phoenix-like eyes shone brightly as he nodded his head heavily.

After so many years, he seemed to have finally found a true goal.

In the past few years, he had only been trying to survive.

However, after meeting Jiang Xiao, he had adjusted his mentality and began to strive to strengthen the ancient Phoenix Tower.

However, li Haoge and Yue Yuchen were true soldiers who guarded the night.

When they found out that what they did on the alien planet could protect a part of Chinas land, the sense of self-recognition and honor that had not been seen for a long time came back.

After pondering for a while, Jiang Xiao said,I still have a special star technique that can improve the Star Beasts rank.

“Youve all seen the appeal of diamond couples.

For the efficiency of your mission and your safety, Im going to promote all the Golden and silver Partner disciples present to the diamond Division.

All of a sudden, the three generals of the pagoda were dumbfounded and stared at Jiang Xiao in disbelief.

Just as Zhang songfu was about to say something, he was interrupted by Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao continued,”also, Yue Yuchen, your auspicious beast has been with you for a long time.

Ill upgrade your Mount to a higher level to enhance its appeal in the clan.”

The auspicious beast clan is not like the other star beasts.

The auspicious beasts are not warlike, and they are timid and very well-behaved.

I think it should be easier to subdue them.

Li Haoges heart skipped a beat.

He suddenly said,””In Ye City, there is also the double night Mandarin Duck clan, which is similar to the auspicious beast.

Although the double night Mandarin Duck is difficult to tame, it has a close relationship with the auspicious beast clan.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

If there is a call from a high rank auspicious beast, the double night Mandarin Duck will also obey.

“Are you sure” Jiang Xiao asked after being stunned for a moment.

Li Haoge replied,”thats right, Mr.


Ive lived here for so many years.

I know the characteristics of the star beasts in the Central Plains very well.

Other than the creatures in the star Cave, which are a little tricky to deal with, everything else is easy.”

On the side, the blind girl suddenly said,”I can contribute my Mount.

Its very obedient.

City Lord Li, you can take it with you to carry out missions.”

Li Haoges expression was a little interesting.

He wanted to accept it, but he was too embarrassed to do so.

“Its all for the mission,” the blind girl continued.”Theres no need to worry too much.

When our approaching Star squad returns, I hope youve also returned here.

I also hope that by that time, all the ghost monks, auspicious beasts, and double night mandarin ducks in the Central Plains will be gathered in the fanggu Pagoda.

Zhang songfu asked,”commander Jiang ….

You seem to have forgotten about me”

“You have another mission,” Jiang Xiao said.

“Huh Go on.

Jiang Xiao said,”time is of the essence.

Since I have such a STAR technique, Id better execute the mission in multiple lines and complete the mission as soon as possible.”

Well find suitable Spirit Warriors, dancers, and little book spirits among the hundred elite soldiers to raise the rank of each individual creature.

You and little Chongyang will lead them to Ludong province and gather all the local creatures.

“Ya! Jiang Xiao, Jiang Xiao, I want to be with you.

” He Chongyangs expression turned anxious as he hurriedly spoke.

It would be best if the person leading the Hun clan, the dancer and The Little Book soul was little Chong Yang, because she had already established her prestige in the military.

Looking at the girls anxious expression, Jiang Xiao knew that he shouldnt use the standard of a soldier to judge this child.

He thought about it and remained silent.

However, at the table, the other “Jiang Xiao” spoke.

Jiang Xun gestured to little Chongyang and said,””Ill accompany you.

During the expedition to the peninsula, Jiang Xun had also set up WeChat in the Army.

He cooperated with little Chongyang as an additional layer of insurance.

“Oh!” Little Chongyang was relieved at first, but then he felt a little disappointed.

He rubbed his little face and toot,”theres only one …”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

This is too much! Why You still want to have women on your left and right

So beautiful that your snot is bubbling

While cursing in his heart, Jiang Xiao suddenly realized that there were images in his mind!


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