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The actor turned to Natalia and Gong Jie with a smug expression, as though his point had been proven.

Natalia nodded with a vague understanding.

“You seem to know a lot,” the girl said with surprise.

“I thought you said youd never done much kite-flying.”

“Ive never flown a kite, but I did my homework before coming here!” The actor had read through a lot of information.

Kite-flying wasnt something he was familiar with.

Besides, it was a rare outing with Natalia, so he naturally didnt want it to end in failure.

And so Natalia and Gong Jie found themselves another spot, one that was still relatively empty, away from the mass of kites.

Although there were not many people during this hour, the people who came to fly kites were all gathered together.

Therefore, that part of the sky was filled with a dazzling array of kites.

There were all sorts.

The spectacular scene was breathtaking.

“Daddy, lets go fly them!”

“Mmm…” Gong Jie picked up two of the kites.

“Which one should we fly first”

Natalia stared at the two kites Gong Jie was holding.

One was the Peppa Pig kite and the other was the Baymax kite.

After hesitating for some time, she picked the Baymax kite.

“Lets fly this one first!”

Both Gong Jie and the actor were surprised.

“Eh Why Baymax I thought you liked Peppa Pig”

“Ill practice with Baymax first.

If I make a mistake and it flies away, theres still Peppa Pig!” The girl was scheming.

Hua Jin looked resentful at that.

Baymax was his favorite! However, in the presence of his precious daughter, the actor compromised despite himself.

“Dont worry, Ill take good care of Baymax!” With that, Natalia grabbed the kite and ran towards the open space.

“Slow down!” Gong Jie hurried after her.

“Do you know how to fly it”

“I do!” With that, Natalia took off.

The actor smiled helplessly and remained where he was, watching over their belongings.

Natalia had no idea how to fly a kite, but she was very headstrong.

Gong Jie offered to teach her, but the girl ruthlessly exposed him.

“You dont actually know how to fly a kite, do you!”


“Ive seen others do it, I know how to!”

With that, Natalia held the Baymax kite up high and her little legs began to race like a motor.

However, her way of flying a kite was a little inappropriate.

The weather was beautiful.

Clear skies, with little cover on the lawn, so the wind was strong.

Natalias kite flying method would normally work if there was no wind.

By running, she would have generated the wind needed to lift the kite.

But now that there was wind, her method was not suitable.

As soon as she ran, the kite tried to lift itself into the wind.

She was not very tall and was a puny girl, so in the blink of an eye, she was hung to the ground by the crosswind.


Natalia scrambled to her feet, scowling and pouting.

Gong Jie saw her taking a tumble and immediately ran over to her, looking nervous as he crouched down beside her.

“How are you Did the fall hurt you”

“A little …”

“Show me.”

Carefully, he cupped her knees in his hands.

Her knees were red and scraped from the friction of the lawn.

“Does it hurt”

Natalia spoke softly.

“It doesnt hurt.

It just burns.”

“A little abrasion, but no blood.”

“Yeah, its okay…”

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