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Every morning before going to the office, Mu Yazhe would deal with his hair meticulously, styling it with mousse.

Yueyao suddenly woke up and started asking for her daddy.

He walked over to her and picked her up.

The little princess thought his hair looked good, even before it was set.

She reached out with her little hands, but of course the man wouldnt allow it and gave them a tiny pat.

With this, the rebel in her was aroused.

The more Daddy wouldnt let her touch it, the more she wanted to touch it.

Her little hands flailed around and messed up his hair.

Yun Shishi had walked over to see her husband carrying the girl and looking completely helpless, but he couldnt bear to snap at her.

That day, someone went to work with messed up hair! It was said that Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen had secretly laughed at him behind his back.

Their boss had never been seen in the office with messy hair.

Alas, the mousse in his hair had already set.

Unless he washed it out, he really could not restyle it.

When asked about the messy hair, the man even gloated over his little princess “masterpiece” and said that Yueyao had personally styled his hair.

Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen were amused when they heard that.

They laughed at him for being such a clown.

Half-jokingly, the man replied, “Thats my only daughter, what can I do”

“If you have another one, then she wont be the only one.” Jiang Shen said jokingly as well.

Lu Jinyu bumped his shoulder.

“Are you stupid Boss has only one daughter.

Its impossible for him to have another.”

“Why not”

“Youve forgotten” Lu Jinyu was incredulous.

“Boss underwent a vasectomy.”

“Ah, I remember now.” Only then did Jiang Shen recall that after Yueyao was born, Mu Yazhe had undergone a vasectomy.

Having had a pair of sons and a daughter, things were perfect.

He had nothing to regret!

Youyou carried Yueyao and teased her while saying meaningfully, “Yueyao, dont play with that brother of yours in the future.

He even scams his own sister.

Hmph! Lets ignore him!”

With that, the boy walked away with Yueyao in his arms.

Left alone in the room, Little Yichen gaped at his brother as he walked off with Yueyao.

“I did not!” Muttering under his breath, he ran after them.

Youyou thoroughly enjoyed his time with Yueyao.

The girl liked to pester him into playing games with her.

However, she was only three after all, so of course the games they played were childish games.

Youyou was long past his fun-loving years.

He was much more precocious than most children, so he wasnt interested in most of the games she liked to play.

However, as long as it was something Yueyao enjoyed playing, he was willing to be patient and focus on playing with her.

Yueyao liked to play with dolls.

Because of that, Mu Yazhe had a doll house specially decked out.

It was a tiny room, and all the closets and furnishings were tailored to Yueyaos height.

The closets were all filled with doll clothes and toys used in playing house.

Yueyao liked to dress the dolls.

She would often drag Youyou into this room, and there, she would change each doll into a new set of clothes.

After this, Youyou would change the hairstyle of each doll to match the change of clothes.

The siblings would also study how to braid the dolls hair.

The boy took the exercise as an opportunity to practice.

When Yueyao grew up, this hair braiding skills would come in handy! Therefore sometimes, Youyou took this game even more seriously than Yueyao.

If it had been Little Yichen, he probably wouldnt have understood what it was about these dolls that kept the girl sitting there all afternoon.


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