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At the end of midsummer, the heat gradually dissipated along the road, the light of the sunset drilled out between the thick clouds, the pleasant lingering effect remaining, across the horizon with a warm yellow tone, the sigh of the wind brushed his cheek, making Shao Fei narrow his eyes in comfort..

Through the window, rows of towering buildings quickly passed by, and his scattered thoughts were called back by the women in the co-driver’s seat.

Shao Fei unconsciously showed a shallow smile to calm the other’s anger.

The dimples that created small shadows, made him look a little younger than his actual age: “What”

“Why are you so inattentive Do you want Uncle Lu to see you like this later” Yao Feifei looked at her son who wouldn’t speak well even if he were beaten with a stick.

She feels very dissatisfied, making her charming face stained with a little annoyance.

Obviously, she and her ex husband were outgoing and well-spoken.

How can her son have such a dull temperament.

Shao Fei bowed his head: “No.”

Yao Feifei, the mother of this body, is still charming even in her thirties.

Only a few indistinct lines in the corners of her eyes expose her age.

She is a flower wanting to me her way through upper class society.

Without a prominent background, she relies on her charming beauty and style.

This time, it is Lu Zhengming, the head of the Lu family, who is the target of many women.

She is not yet in her 40’s and looks particularly young among a group of mature women.

“I won’t remind you what to say or what not to say later, but you don’t have to be too nervous.

Although your uncle Lu looks strict, he won’t pick on children.

You just answer whatever he asks you, okay” she reminded him anxiously.

Shao Fei nodded in accordance with this body’s character design, but he was thinking about Lu Zhengming, who they will meet later.

This time, Yao Feifei’s new lover is an influential character in this book world and is the father of male lead Lu Chen.

“By the way, you may see your uncle Lu’s son, Lu Chen.

He’s a few months older than you.

Remember to call him brother.

If he doesn’t want you to call him that, do what he likes, in short, he must not be offended.

Otherwise, I’ll send you back to your father and never pick you up again.” She didn’t like her son.

Sure enough, when it comes to Shao Fei’s father, Shao Fei’s face turns white.

Yao Feifei is very satisfied with his reaction.

She doesn’t want to be dragged down by this useless and forgettable son.

“Yes.” Shao Fei will call him brother as instructed, but Lu Chen is a person who hides deeply.

Even if he accepts on the surface, in his heart he will never admit this kind of cheap brother.

If he does anything that touches the bottom line, the result will make it so even his relatives won’t be able to recognize him.

Fortunately, as long as he stays a passer-by, the man will take care of him when he is idle.

He knows this because he transmigrated into this world.

He has no other memories .

The system says that he has become a vegetable in his own world.

His soul was recruited into the system to work.

If he works well, he will be rewarded the opportunity to retrieve his lost memory and attain a new life.

His job is to enter these incomplete worlds for repair.

It can be traced back to a Jin Jiang author who wrote many novels.

These novels have become new parallel worlds by themselves.

However, because the author has been digging pits and not filling them1, these worlds are very unstable.

He needs to enter these worlds to properly guide the plot so that they can end smoothly, Therefore maintaining the stability of the world.

This is his first world.

Novices enter into the time when the plot has not yet begun.

This body is a character who barely had some scenes in the book, a dull and quiet good student.

His parents divorced when he was very young, and his father was a gambler fond of domestic violence.

His role is easy to control.

As long as he speaks less and shows fewer emotions, it will fit the character description.

After all, a passer-by can’t have too much personality.

In the story, he secretly fell in love with the female lead and helped the second male lead.

After being noticed by the male lead, he was expelled from the Lu family, and disappeared for good.

Becoming even more impoverished.

In order to maintain the plot smoothly and stay close and guide the male and female lead, he plans to make different choices that don’t lead to the collapse of the plot.


he and Yao Feifei are on their way to see the Lu father and son.

This will be his first meeting with Lu Chen and Lu Zhengming, but these insignificant details will not be written in the book, so he can only improvise on the spot.

In fact, Lu Zhengming has many lovers, most of whom are raised outside.

Only those who are particularly favored will be taken home.

These women are also considered by outsiders as candidates for future wives recognized by Lu Zhengming.

That’s why Yao Feifei solemnly reminded Shao Fei again and again on the road, for fear that the meeting would be ruined because of her son’s gloomy personality, lest she lose the opportunity to enter the Lu family.

Once Shao Fei saw Yao Feifei’s face, he understood why she was favored.

She was exceptionally beautiful and charming.

When the car arrived at the agreed Huamu2 hotel and entered the hall, melodious music and an elegant fragrance floated out.

The huge chandelier above swirled with a diamond like radiance.

The mother and son bumped into an acquaintance just a few steps in.

To be exact, it was an acquaintance of Yao Feifei.

The man looks ordinary, but his eyes are kind.

His temples are mixed with a few strands of white silk, but he combs them neatly behind his back.

When he looks at a person, he has a motionless and majestic momentum.

It’s easy to make people speechless in awe.

The two assistants behind him stand a step away from him in wait.

It looks like a well-trained habit.

The man gently asks, “Feifei, how come you’re here”

Yao Feifei instantly smiled like a flower, and there was no lack of flattery in her words.

Shao Fei’s eyes flashed.

Of course, no irrelevant people will be mentioned in the novel, but in the memory of the original owner, Yao Feifei is a high and beautiful flower, and there are not many people who can be  picked by her.

Her standards are  quite high.

All her chosen gold owners are either rich or noble.

It seems that this person should be in those categories.

Now he just hopes not to be seen by the Lu family.

The former boyfriend has not yet broken up and is about to enter the house of the new boyfriend.

Yao Feifei is too greedy.

If she doesn’t handle it well, his mother’s future life will be over.

If Yao Feifei is ruined then his task will certainly be affected.

But sometimes the more he doesn’t want it to happen, the more likely it will happen.

He senses a line of sight enveloping their spot.

He can’t help looking around, only to see no one paying attention to them.

Huh Wrong direction! It’s from the second floor!

Looking up, his eyes collided with an amused pair of eyes.

When the teenager was noticed, he was calm and even hooked his lips to the flustered Shaofei.

The teenager was within a group of teenagers and young people.

He wore a standard school uniform.

The school uniform of the private school looked very rigorous, but the open collar gave a more uninhibited and casual air.

He had bent his elbow against the railing, with his legs casually crossed.

Obviously, the other party is about his age, but his eyes seemed unfathomable.

Shao Fei’s pupils narrowed slightly.

He felt that the other party seemed to see through his thoughts, and hung his head in a hurry.

After all, this was his first task, and he had not been able to manage his emotions well.

For uncontrollable accidents, he felt it was still necessary to understand the situation.

He couldn’t help shouting in his mind: “System, is this the novel’s male lead” The novel is a novel.

When writing is turned into a real person, there is still a degree of discrepancy.

The appearance of the teenager made him have some speculation in his heart, but he didn’t want to make the wrong assumption.


He forgot that the system said that it was only responsible for bringing him into the world, and how to maintain the plot depended entirely on himself.

Only in life-threatening and serious situations, he could press the emergency button in his mind to call for help.

There were only three opportunities for each world, in order to make the host better integrate into the world.

At the railing on the second floor, Lu Chen, who was chatting with Wu Tezhu, pointed in a certain direction: “Is that my new stepmother and stepbrother”

Wu Tezhu happened to see Yao Feifei laughing when he followed the young master’s pointed finger.

He works closely with the chairman.

Of course, he knows his current favorite.

Looking at the man talking to her, from the investigation on her.

Isn’t that man Yao Feifei’s former benefactor This woman is smart and spreads her fishing nets widely.

Is she still throwing out bait

But a woman who is too clever often loses due to her intelligence.

Wu Tezhu calmly looked away and said, “Yes, but it’s just a lover raised by the chairman in his spare time.

How can they deserve to be called the young master’s family”

Lu Chen glanced back at Wu tezhu, did not comment on this sentence, and looked at the mother and son downstairs.

His attitude was indifferent and a little cynical, “They won’t be the first two people to settle in Lu’s house, and of course they won’t be the last.

Do you expect my romantic father to leave the skirts of women for one day”

“I don’t mean that.

In my heart, the Lu family belongs to the chairman and you, and the others are outsiders.” Wu Tezhu also realized that he was out of line, and some words could not be said by outsiders.

Lu Chen suddenly moved close.

Wu Tezhu didn’t have a change in his expression and simply stepped back.

The young man’s eyes had the effect of making people feel flustered.

They looked at each other: “You spoke so boldly, I almost thought you wanted to change your master.”

Wu Tezhu felt a drop of cold sweat fall.

He must watch what he says, although the boy before him is still young his methods are cruel.

Lu Chen suddenly smiled.

His almost perfect face still showed hints of childishness.

The tense atmosphere collapsed in an instant, and his playful expression was like a teenager who likes pranks: “What are you so nervous about It’s just a joke.”

Before Lu Chen turned and left, he said, “Notify me when it’s time for the meal.”

Wu Tezhu looked silently at the back of the young man leaving, his gaze deep.

Shao Fei was struggling to figure out the identity of the person above.

When he saw Wu Tezhu coming down step by step, he was racked with nerves.

His assumption seemed to be correct.

1Starting novels and then leaving them unfinished.

2Literally flower and tree, so I thought leaving it as is would sound better


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