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Liu Chen looked back at the person who wanted to keep a distance from him.

His dark eyes didn’t reveal his mood, but the sense of oppression disappeared.

He looked back and waited for Shao Fei to catch up, half blaming: “Why didn’t you enter the classroom just now If I didn’t notice, were you going to leave like this”

Liu Chen’s attitude seems normal.

As if the previous indifference just now is his own illusion.

Is he really not angry Is this a trick

This change isn’t like flipping a page, it’s like shooting a rocket!

Hesitating because of the change of attitude before and after, Shao Fei felt frightened and didn’t know which side was true.

Shao Fei carefully considered his words and whispered, “There are too many people.

I didn’t intend to leave directly, I know that would make you worry.” He explained the situation.

“Oh, at least you’re aware you make others worry.” Liu Chen flicked Shao Fei’s forehead, his attitude can even be called kind.

Shao Fei covered his head.

He didn’t hide this time.

First, because the male lead behaved too naturally, second, he didn’t see a reason to and third, he… didn’t dare.

Looking up, he thought that the sun was too dazzling and the young man in front was even more dazzling.

Wearing a simple white shirt and black suit pants, it outlined his thin and slender figure, and his exquisite facial features were highlighted by light and shadow.

The invisible sense of distance made Shao Fei dare not continue looking. 

Quick as a flash, it was blinding.

At this moment he felt that the male lead was abundantly releasing his charm.

How is this possible

Be cool, calm down, the other party is also composed of carbohydrates, just that the composition happens to be particularly good-looking.

You can’t be confused by the appearance.

This is a male lead who eats people and doesn’t spit out bones.

“I’ll try to squeeze in next time.” Well, let’s promise first.

Shao Fei tried to make his appearance as honest as possible, hoping the other would believe it.

How can he be so obedient So obedient that people want to test the limit of his patience.

Liu Chen looked at the slightly bent neck of passer-by A, like a swan.

There was a small mole on it, positioned between the fine hair.

His white soft ears trembled slightly when he was afraid and his fists curled up.

Liu Chen looked away.

He seems to have forgotten the awkwardness just now, acting like a good brother: “That’s right, since dad and aunt Fei left me in charge, I’ll take care you, unless — you don’t trust me”

Liu Chen leaned over slightly, and coldness flashed through his eyes.

His breath brushed across his face bringing along the heat of late summer.

Shao Fei felt a little itchy, yet he didn’t dare to turn his head.

He hurriedly explained: ” Of course I trust you.”

Just kidding.

He would rather die than let the male lead misunderstand him.

He doesn’t want to experience this person’s means at all.

Looking at Shao Fei’s face blushed by the sun, Liu Chen’s tone became gentler: “Don’t be nervous, I’m only a few months older than you.

We are friends in the same generation, right”

Liu Chen watched the little animal obliviously enter his circle.

Shao Fei still hung his head and didn’t pay attention to the more and more profound eyes of the brother above.

“Hmm.” He nodded, as if what he said was reasonable.

He didn’t want to conflict with the male lead.

Why go looking for trouble

It’s just that when the young man lost his smile in the corridor, he gave off a sense of oppression that left him at a loss of what to do.

At this time, a delivery man came to ask if Liu Chen was here.

Liu Chen took the milk tea and said in a low voice, “Caramel macchiato, I ordered less ice for you.

Since you have a bad stomach, you should drink it in small mouthfuls.

Don’t be greedy.”

Shao Fei, who likes sweets, especially caramel flavor, couldn’t resist and his eyes flashed.

Liu Chen tore open the packaging around the straw, inserted it into the cup and handed it to him.

Summer is a raging hot season.

So when touching cold things, the mood always unconsciously gets better.

The taxi called for Shao Fei also arrived.

When Shao Fei opened the door to sit inside, he saw a girl standing behind Liu Chen.

Since he had his head bowed before he didn’t see her, she must have waited for a while.

Isn’t this the girl who they met in the morning

The more he thought about this morning, the stronger the feeling of familiarity.

With a flash of inspiration, Shao Fei realised in surprise: Could this be the female lead!

After carefully reviewing the description from the novel and comparing it, this should be the case.

She’s really beautiful!

Shao Fei has always been looking forward to meeting the female lead.

In the novel, she is a remarkable person.

Excluding being a little blind at the beginning when she secretly fell in love with an unreliable man.

He was a little excited.

In fact he really wanted to chat, but now is when the male and female lead should deepen their relationship.

As a passer-by, he should stay out of the way.

Of course, Liu Chen noticed Shao Fei’s eyes had been looking behind him.

Before he had already noticed that someone was following, but he didn’t bother to pay attention.

When passers-by A’s car left, Liu Chen’s gentle and elegant face fell like a mask.

Dissipating little by little until he completely lost his smile and his eyes held no temperature.

This overlaps with what Shao Fei saw in the corridor.

Avoiding his touch by so far, was he a poisonous snake or beast

On the way Shao Fei, who was sipping his drink, suddenly trembled.

Liu Chen turned back and walked to the school gate.

As if he didn’t see the person who waited nearby for a long time.

When Shen Banqing came over, she saw them chatting.

She was a little envious of the friendship between the two boys, she hasn’t made any friends since she transferred to this school.

Maybe she really didn’t fit in here.

She didn’t come forward immediately and waited for them to finish talking before she went over.

Unaware that she had just hit the muzzle of the gun: “Hello, classmate Liu, excuse me, yesterday…

Just about to ask if the other party spoke up to save her yesterday.

Unexpectedly Liu Chen glanced at her as if looking down at a mass of mud, spitting out a word: “Scram.”

The Liu family has always been like this.

When they tear off their masks, they are disgustingly arrogant.

Their eyes will make people feel inferior involuntarily, as if they are filthy things immersed in the dirt.

It took Shen Banqing a long time to react that he was telling her to go away.

When she wanted to fight back, he had already walked far away.

Does he know how to be polite What basic human decency is!

Her face was red and blue, showing her extreme anger.

Continuously clenching her fist in place, wishing to stare to death that arrogant man.

Are those girls crazy How is this kind of person worth their crazy chasing

What thanks, she is kind by not taking revenge.

If he really is her savior then she really can’t afford to thank him. 

She prayed that she would never meet this man again in her life!

Not aware that this scene was seen by passing students.

When Liu Chen arrived, the physical education class had begun.

The teacher was giving pointers to some boys on tennis skills.

Dijiang high school implemented a relatively loose teaching method and taught students in accordance with their aptitude, interests and hobbies.

Today, several boys said they wanted to learn tennis, so the teacher began to teach with a smile.

The relationship between teachers and students was very harmonious most of the time.

Luo Yufei immediately saw that there was something wrong from Liu Chen’s appearance.

There was a trace of fierceness leaking out.

He remembered one summer a few years ago, Liu Chen had just returned from the training camp.

At that time, he was like a wild wolf.

Although the current him was not as extreme as that time, he had not seen such a Liu Chen for a long time.

As they grew up, Liu Chen became more and more stable.

Not everyone can be the student representative for consecutive years in this province.

“What’s the matter with you Did something happen” He just went out with a little guy from another school just now.

Is it because of the glutinous rice dumpling

Liu Chen’s attitude was a little cold.

He didn’t have the usual patience to be polite to everyone: “Gather a few people and have a party.”

Then he changed his sportswear and told the teacher he was going to play basketball, the boys in other classes who were originally playing joked about a friendly game.

Liu Chen did not speak, so the two sides were decided.

As soon as the referee classmate blew the whistle, Liu Chen broke through several people in a row, quickly performed a feint, then directly dunked the basket.

The basket ring made a loud noise.

The girl standing outside the court screamed.

This isn’t just a shot, it’s a slam dunk.

High school students often can’t jump high enough to dunk due to the limitations of their height and technique.

How can this scene not make their blood boil, this is rarely seen in high school basketball.

Outside the basketball court, more and more students in physical education class gathered, during which girls cheered.

Today’s Liu Chen was very fierce today.

He scored points again and again, leaving the opponents with no power to parry and too tired to cope.

They hurriedly adopted the last ditch tactic of four people marking Liu Chen.

In the sun, sweat slides down from his hair and into the collar.

It’s sexy.

His actions are more and more ruthless, which has the effect of making the girls around him blush and heart speed up.

In fact, Liu Chen rarely plays so wild.

In this state he is the opposite of his normal polite indifference.

It is not the youth’s freshness, but the wildness between youth and adulthood.

After the end of the first half, the boys on court couldn’t bear the pressure of the surrounding sight and took the initiative to surrender.

Luo Yufei said that they were just playing and invited the other party to have lunch outside.

Liu Chen really didn’t give face today.

If everyone didn’t have a little friendship, it would have turned into a fight.

Luo Yufei could only be a peacemaker.

After making the appointment, he came over to Liu Chen, who was sitting next to the basketball court resting.

“The little boy from outside the classroom before, could he be the oil bottle1 brought into your family” He has heard a little about this.

They all know the rumoured romantic history of Liu’s patriarch.

Liu Chen didn’t answer.

The anger had gradually subsided when crazily playing basketball.

He only said: “The little pet at home is not obedient at first.

It will bite people and won’t allow itself to be touched.

What do you think I should do”

Luo Yufei didn’t expect that Liu Chen would be so obsessed over a pet.

And it was a chinchilla that’s no better than a hamster.

After thinking about it, he said, “Either pull out its teeth so that it can’t bite, or domesticate it so that it will be obedient to you alone.”

The author has something to say:

The female lead is grumpy: this man is the worst person I’ve ever met!

Xiao Feizi: (although in truth he is a little moody, but) it’s OK.

He usually talks very well (probably).

The female lead sneered: you are blind.

Xiao Feizi: …

1In case you forgot, oil bottles are children born from previous marriages.

That are dead weight to their parents in their next marriage.


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