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Posting the first of today’s 3 bonus PMP chapters thanks to @MochiiSpiider for the ko-fi!

“Bang Bang…”

After switching from headphones to speaker, fierce banging on the door resonated from the mobile phone, accompanied by the unpleasant sound of shouted abuse.

It was particularly harsh in the quiet car.

Ah Dang, the bodyguard acting as the driver, turned to look at Liu Chen’s mobile phone.

Liu Chen calmly closed the app, Ah Dang was a retired soldier personally recruited by Liu Chen and was highly professional.

Retracting his sight, he continued driving swiftly and skillfully.

This app is called ‘listening network’.

It is specifically designed to synchronize with the planted eavesdropping device.

And can monitor in real time, of course, Liu Chen heard the sequence of events by coincidence.

He planted the listening device as a precaution.

He does not have this perverted hobby.

It is impossible for him to waste time paying attention to the little fool continuously.

According to the data, Shao Yuanlong and Yao Feifei divorced when Shao Fei was five years old.

For Yao Feifei who wanted to live a luxurious life, she certainly didn’t want to bring an oil bottle son.

So Shao Fei was directly handed to Shao yuanlong.

It was only when Liu Zhengming mentioned Shaofei recently that Yao Feifei came to school to find this son.

For acts of domestic violence, the state has not issued an effective policy.

Even if the offender is arrested, they are detained for a few days for education.

The punishment is not serious, so offenders rarely rehabilitate.

This is true of any policy.

When the punishment is not heavy enough, there will be endless recurrences.

Shao Fei’s cowardly and introverted character was formed in such an environment.

On the other hand, Shao Fei had called the police when Shao Yuanlong started banging on the door.

However it’s unlikely that the police will arrive on time.

And who knows for how long he can hold on.

He can already see cracks on the door, you can’t expect too much from the structural integrity of an old house.

The door material is similar to frozen tofu.

Judging from the fact that Shao Yuanlong lost his mind and just wanted to break down the door, he could probably last another three minutes

No, maybe not even three minutes.

Although the door didn’t break, he heard the sound of the lock starting to.

If the door lock could hold on…

No, I can’t hold on!

As if he had a hunch, Shao Fei suddenly fled from the door and avoided the explosion of the door breaking open.

When the barrier disappeared, Shao Fei had to face the burly man.

Shao Yuanlong, who’s reason was burned away by Shao Fei’s disappearance and days of alcohol, saw his thin son standing there.

Almost in reflex, he raised his hand and slapped Shao Fei: “Heartless bastard, I raised you.

You can’t go anywhere!”

Shao Fei had prepared in advance and narrowly avoided the attack, Shao Yuanlong had already lost his mind and prepared to storm over.

However he was blocked by a more powerful arm.

The next moment, the hand to commit the murder was twisted.

Shao Yuanlong let out a painful cry that sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

Shao Fei seemed more frightened seeing the visitor than when faced against Shao Yuanlong.

Why is Liu Chen here Shouldn’t he be in class

They haven’t been separated for a long time, why did he appear here This sudden event made him feel chilled.

Shao Fei should be happy.

He should appreciate the person who arrived in time to save him.

But he couldn’t control his instinctual reaction.

Taking a step backward, he tipped on the wine bottle that Shao Yuanlong kicked over, his legs softened and he fell.

Falling on his back upon the hard floor, his head hit the foot of the bed, knocking away his glasses.

The sharp pain almost stopped his breath, leaving his chest stuffy and uncomfortable, and his ears buzzing.

Red flowed down his neck, to his ears.

He had accidentally bit the corner of his mouth and broken skin.

At that moment, Shao Fei thought that he had not been hit by Shao Yuanlong, but he was injured because of Liu Chen’s sudden visit.

They were really fated to be disharmonious .

Both of them were stunned.

Shao Yuanlong saw the trace of blood shed by Shao Fei and his painful expression.

A trace of clarity flashed past his blurred eyes.

There seemed to be embarrassment and regret in his complex and indistinguishable emotions.

The torture of alcohol made him a madman.

Liu Chen looked thoughtfully at Shao Fei who fell to the ground.

His knees bent slightly and suddenly hit Shao Yuanlong’s stomach.

The man bent over painfully.

Bodyguards came one after another, but Liu Chen indicated that he didn’t want them to interfere.

He hasn’t practiced his skills for a long time.

Liu Chen waited for Shao Yuanlong to stand up.

The man’s body shape gave him a huge advantage.

Even though Liu Chen has stood out among his peers, he is still growing.

And is a few centimeters shorter than Shao Yuanlong as well as several times thinner.

But he wasn’t afraid.

When Shao Yuanlong charged, he flashed aside,  his expression changed instantly.

Without a smile his face looked cold without a hint of temperature, and his eyes were as sharp as a knife.

These were the eyes of the wolf staring at prey.

Shao Yuanlong didn’t expect that the young man was so skilled.

He stumbled a few steps through the air.

Liu Chen wouldn’t give him a chance to fight back.

He grabbed Shao Yuanlong’s wrist, drilled through the gap on the right, and landed a fist on the exposed chin.

Shao Yuanlong was drunk, dulling his mind and reflexes.

He only used brute force, while Liu Chen was a young wolf who grew up experiencing countless actual battles, disguised with a gentle outer shell.

Even if he can’t match him in strength, he has a higher skill level, varied attacks and cunning.

Always targeting people’s weaknesses.

How could Shao Yuanlong be his opponent

Without waiting for Shao Yuanlong to stand still, he clasped his neck and dragged him to the tea table.

Liu Chen knelt a knee on him to prevent him from moving disorderly.

He grabbed his hair and mercilessly smashed him against the glass until Shao Yuanlong fainted from dizziness.

Liu Chen was slightly disappointed and let the man go.

It seems he felt a pity that the man only looked strong on the outside.

He asked the bodyguards to deal with the aftermath: “Tell Wu Lianggang, I want him to find a way to escalate the situation.”

Currently the omnipotent Wu tezhu is still on a business trip with Liu Zhengming, but for Wu Liang, these things can also be completed remotely.

Liu Chen went over to Shao Fei on the ground and said, “In addition, I want this scum to drink tea at the police station everyday.”

“But he didn’t commit a crime…” Ah Dang and other bodyguards hesitated.

“That’s where you come in.” Liu Chen arrived beside Shao Fei who was covering his head, and his voice became colder and colder.

“Can’t it be made up Do I still need to teach you Let Wu Lianggang deal with it.

You all learn from him.

I don’t want to keep useless people.”

Although the tone didn’t sound angry, several bodyguards who also acted as assistants felt the pressure.

Sometimes the young master gives them a stronger sense of deterrence than the master.

No wonder the master wants them to stare at the young master recently.

When Ah Dang was dealing with the unconscious Shao Yuanlong, he saw the words “Rongshang furniture” on the back of the man’s clothes.

Rongshang furniture is a subsidiary of the Rongshang group.

It is also a group that has suddenly grown from a small company to a nouveau riche in recent years.

Recently, there are even signs of competing for business with the Liu family.

Perhaps, the purpose of the young master coming was not as simple as it seems.

Ah Dang and the others dare not delay.

They called Wu Lianggangs number, but the other party turned it off.

It’s strange, because Wu Tezhu is always available, he holds the important position of secretary general.

Shao Fei’s condition improved slightly, and a man appeared through his blurred vision.

The man looked at him from a commanding position, vaguely overlapping with the young man who looked at them from the second floor.

He was cold and noble.

He didn’t hear what Liu Chen had just said, unconsciously he grasped onto the person in front of him because of his dizziness.

Looking at the hand on the trouser leg, Liu Chen squatted down and slowly lifted the man up to lean against his shoulder.

Guessing that once the little fool realized who he had clung to, he might escape.

Only when he was helpless, was he willing to rely on him.

Ironically, perhaps there was more fear of himself than Shao Yuanlong

When Liu Zhengming brought him into the business circle, he said that there are many things you can control in the world, but there will always be things beyond human control.

Shao Fei was a wayward event that broke into his world.

After Shao Fei lost his glasses, as he expected his temperament changed a little, and his fine eyelashes hung obediently.

A palm touched the slightly swollen cheek, and Shao Fei inhaled sharply.

Touching the delicate skin again, it was really warm and smooth.

Although he didn’t inherit Yao Feifei’s beauty, the body still had a fine foundation.

It’s a pity that such smooth skin grows on a man.

Wait a pity

What is he thinking

The heart stuttered for a while, and Liu Chen vaguely realized that he was not simply interested in Shao Fei.

He seemed to be travelling down another fork in the road.

Subconsciously, he didn’t want to delve into this path and cast the doubts and all related thoughts to the back of his mind..

When Shao Fei woke up again, he felt that he was leaning against something.

Before completely losing consciousness, he remembered that Liu Chen came.

Later, the police also came, although he couldn’t hear their conversation.

There was no memory of leaving the house and getting into a car.

What happened to Shao Yuanlong How did Liu Chen appear

His eyes turned… It seems this was the Liu’s car.

Now he is leaning on Liu Chen’s shoulder!

This reality is so horrifying that it won’t directly shock the remaining soul of the original owner to fall into a coma right

Slowly removed his head away, but he was gently pressed back by a pair of dry and warm palms.

The sound of a young man’s indifferent voice rang: “You will faint from dizziness again, lean on me.”

“Oh… OK.” Shao Fei habitually obeyed.

At this time, he dared not faint again.

Liu Chen’s words completely woke him and he immediately sobered up.

Like an air dried statue pressed on Liu Chen’s shoulder, he only dared to move a few millimeters at a time.

Until his head was only barely resting on Liu Chen’s shoulder, ready to move away at any time.

iLu Chen naturally noticed his little moves, but he didn’t say anything, only his eyes grew colder.

Shao Fei adjusted his tone and said gratefully, “Chen ge, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to come out today… Thank you.”

This gratitude is sincere and heartfelt.

Shao Fei still knows right and wrong and he should be grateful to Liu Chen for helping him.

Shao Fei’s reaction was similar to Liu Chen’s expectation.

The little fool should rely more on himself.

“Oh, so you hit your head as soon as you saw me because of a pleasant surprise”

“Er, that’s, of course!” he answered while his heart started thumping wildly, “That’s why.”

Really, really guilty.

“Is that so” Liu Chen seemed very satisfied with Shao Fei’s docility, even better Shao Fei also seemed grateful to Liu Chen and wanted to repay him now.

Shao Fei felt that the current atmosphere was a little strange, but he couldn’t pinpoint where it was strange.

He was too busy defending himself seeing the male lead’s scary attitude: “I just didn’t expect you to come.

I thought it was my illusion from hoping to see you so much that this accident would happen.” Said Shao · unbelievable · Fei.

Listen to my prayers , the male lead must believe me.

Must not let him know that I fell because I was scared to death.

Liu Chen gently rubbed Shao Fei’s smooth cheek.

Shao Fei forcibly relaxed his tight body and was rubbed until he trembled.

Liu Chen narrowed his eyes and distinguished whether the docile little fool was speaking the truth.

However, at this moment, the little fool’s eyes seem to be full of stars, which are surprisingly bright.

It seems that he is really grateful to the extent of becoming disbelieving.

The coldness in Liu Chen’s eyes gradually disappeared, and the next words held a little warmth: “You still have a conscience.”

Little fool, you’d better not let me find out you lied.

“I really appreciate it.

How can I show you my sincerity”

After the little guy’s eyes lost the cover of glasses, he brought his own hazy effect, which was particularly pleasing and pitiful.

Liu Chen was in a much better mood.

“Then pay me back with your body” He tilted his head, and his voice was playful, Shao Fei felt as if an imaginary breath lifted his hair.

Shao Fei bounced away like an electric shock, leaning against the door on the other side, looking at Liu Chen in incredulity.

Lu Chen protected Shao Fei’s still swollen head with one hand, so it didn’t hit the back of his chair.

He joked, “Can’t take a joke You’re so cute.”

Shao Fei blushed with shame.

He felt so ashamed to have taken it seriously, tricked by the man’s somewhat serious tone just now.

This man is still so wicked.

Thinking about the conversation just now.

It was said so carelessly and he still took it seriously.

He was hopelessly stupid.

This is a BG novel, BG novel.

There is no man in this world who is straighter than the male lead!

How can he think so dirty!

1 The phrase he used to call himself is Lao Zi = 老子, more self important.


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