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CH 16.


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The following week, something big happened.

Rongshang industry, which had a particularly strong upward momentum, has many scandals exposed.

Such as employees’ domestic violence and drinking due to excessive pressure from the company.

There are pictures and short videos as evidence.

The lens shakes and people’s faces can’t be seen clearly, only one man suspected of being drunk narrates.

Making many revelations about the harsh treatment of employees of Rongshang industry, even mentioning that he wants to commit suicide to end of this kind of life.

Anyone could hear the overwhelming despair.

This makes people think of the uproar caused by the news of a Japanese black company pushing employees to commit suicide not long ago.

Currently the public momentum is still present, with the disclosure of the company’s harsh treatment of employees the situation was stirred up again.

Rongshang industry has been pushed to the forefront of the storm.

Most companies will have such disadvantages.

Especially fast rising companies like Rongshang industry, are more susceptible to instability.

As long as no one breaks the news, it’s human nature to work overtime appropriately, but it’s practically mandatory in Rongshang Industry.

An inconclusive domestic violence incident, combined with plausible videos, exposed the real problems within the company.

With the recent trending worldwide events, this successfully caused a series of follow-up reactions, but the people behind it left without a trace, as if everything was really just a coincidence.

Liu Zhengming is one of the few people who knows that this matter has something to do with his son.

At that time, he heard about Liu Chen’s dispatch of bodyguards.

It seems that the protagonist of domestic violence is Shao Fei’s father

“The boy did a really good job.

He’s better than me when I was that age.

He’s too sharp for a child.”

Although there are praises and demerits, the pride could be felt from Liu Zhengming’s tone.

“How much did you help”

Wu Lianggang left himself completely out: “I didn’t handle this matter at all.

It was only after the event that I knew the young master was involved.”

Liu Zhengming carefully observed Wu Lianggang’s face.

There was nothing that stood out, so he sighed heavily: “My son is too arrogant.

Even his rebellious period is different from others.

Sooner or later, he will suffer.

If he doesn’t fall a few times, I’m afraid he will be defiant to the heavens.”

Wu Lianggang looked down: “As for Rongshang industry…”

“Since Xiao Chen has created such an opening, it’s a pity if we don’t take a bite.”

“I hear you’ve been getting close to Feifei recently”

Wu Lianggang remained unperturbed: “Miss Yao hasn’t seen you for a few days.

She can only find you through me.”

Liu Zhengming saw Wu Lianggang’s annoyance and laughed.

His original doubts went away and comforted him in turn: “You’ve worked hard too.

I’ll add another 4% to this year’s year-end bonus.

If you have time, accompany her tonight and help me make a reservation.”

After the two talked, Liu Zhengming thought of the boy he saw that day and asked, “How’s Shao Fei”

Wu Lianggang truthfully reported: “I heard housekeeper Yu said he was not bad and is a very hard worker.

He took the school entrance exam last week.

The grades should come out soon.”

“If Xiao Chen makes things difficult, arrange for another residence for Shao Fei, so as not to really kill the child.”

Wu Lianggang understood the underlying reason why Liu Zhengming asked Yao Feifei to bring along her child.

One time Liu Chen kicked several illegitimate children out of the Liu family, which hit Liu Zhengming’s face.

After the incident he deliberately arranged a child who was not related by blood to come over specifically to annoy Liu Chen.

On the one hand, it shows Liu Chen that compared to complete strangers half blood related brothers are still better. 

On the other hand, it can also serve as an outlet for Liu Chen.

When not his own children, Liu Zhengming doesn’t feel guilty at all.


Shao Fei received a call back from Yao Feifei.

She said she had dealt with the matter.

Her tone implied that he should not inquire further. 

Shao Fei suddenly felt frustrated.

While he knows the future, it doesn’t mean he has the power to change it.

Each person has a different personality and thoughts, which can’t be changed by a few words.

He didn’t go out anymore, staying in his room and waiting for the school’s notice while he continued to revise high school knowledge.

Without any previous memories, only by doing things and enriching himself can he have a sense of security.

These days, the number of times he sees Liu Chen is greatly reduced.

When they meet, they say hello normally.

The male lead still takes care of him, but Shao Fei feels as if he is distant and unfamiliar.

Attributing it to the male lead’s eccentricities.

Although he didn’t know what was wrong with the male lead, he guessed there must have been a fight with the female lead.

According to the plot, the both of them should already have feelings for each other.

When their feelings stabilise, the plot will be coming to an end.

Everything was developing in a good direction.

What pleased him most was that the nightmares that had plagued him before had disappeared.

He felt that all the great gods of the building had finally blessed him.

Therefore, he was preparing to light incense and worship them.

The only troublesome aspect is the cleaning.

Liu Chen won’t let him use cleaning tools.

He can only use rags to clean the room.

Other areas are fine, but it’s too difficult to wipe the floor with rags.

Uncle Yu, the housekeeper, is still a little guilty.

He feels that his young master is tossing people too much.

Although Shao Fei feels that Liu Chen is deliberately making things difficult, he doesn’t resist.

Although it’s more difficult, it’s not too big of a deal; he can just treat it as exercising.


From that night on, Liu Chen noticed something strange about himself, like something was expanding out of his control.

He slowly kept a distance from Shao Fei, and his plan to let the little animal relax their vigilance was also temporarily paused.

He didn’t even send the report card to Shao Fei.

This state left Liu Chen out of control at school too.

He was very different from the image of a good student at ordinary times, becoming especially irritable and indifferent, which made people around him perplexed.

In the face of inquiry and concern, although Liu Chen still expressed his gratitude, others could feel that he didn’t intend to explain any further.

In particular, Luo Yufei invited him to go out a few times, but was consistently rejected.

Liu Chen’s pride made him restrain himself and try to adjust his state back to his normal state.

But some things are uncontrollable.

The more one tries to suppress it, the more powerful the backlash.


That night, Liu Chen, who was upset and irritable, inexplicably came to the balcony.

When he realized it, he immediately decided to go back.

He hasn’t been here for many days.

Diagonally opposite, a totally unguarded little animal was taking off his clothes.

The bandage on Shao Fei’s head was changed regularly.

Today, he finally took it off, the swelling on the back of his head has completely healed.

He endured it for a long time, and at last he can take a bath.

Shao Fei felt marvellous and giddy.

Alone In the house, of course, he took off his clothes at will.

Liu Chen felt that he should avoid watching.

Even if seeing a boy naked was no big deal.

But at the moment, all his instincts told him to close his eyes.

There was a vague realization that if he looked again, there would be no going back .

But his eyes were not willing to move, unwilling to let go of any detail.

The white and soft T-shirt was pulled up, revealing the slender flexible waist that can be held in one hand.

The beautiful collar bone, just like a butterfly spreading its wings, leading down to the upturned hip, covered by a pair of loose pants.

But the cloth couldn’t stop the exploration of his eyes .

Beneath this ordinary face, was an exceptionally attractive body.

Unfortunately he’s not a woman.

Realisation of the truth came along with this feeling of pity.

A truth that most people can’t accept.

Liu Chen suddenly took a step backward, his face was very ugly, and complex emotions stirred in his eyes, disgust, disbelief and shame.

When the accumulated emotions reached its peak, he seemed to be fully aware that he had crossed the boundary.

At least before now, he never thought he would covet a man in this manner.

TN: So exciting  things are about to turn up a notch 


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