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Dong Ling forcefully held back her depression and turned her head ready to state her refusal to budge.

She felt Liu Chen’s eyes floating over and sweeping across her, with eyes that were dark like ink eternally frozen.

All her words seemed to be stuck.

She realized that Liu Chen was serious.

“Who is he” Liu Chen didn’t care who was sitting at the same table before.

Just because he didn’t care, girls always made great effort when it was time to change seats.

Since he’s telling her to move, there’s only one possibility.

He cares now.

Liu Chen thought, rubbed his finger on the book and said: “… Brother.” Well.

Putting people under his nose is to remind himself not to make mistakes again, and he is sure to control this small mistake within the scope of his control.

That being said he still needs an excuse to cover, a brother’s identity is just right.

It will be a fresh experience to look after something.

Dong Ling breathed a sigh of relief and finally felt much more comfortable.

When she looked at Shao Fei, her eyes were not so hostile.

Recently, she heard that Shen Banqing of class 3 was entangled with Liu Chen.

Dreaming to fly up with her green tea face.

Simply delusional.

Boys are always better than girls.

And brother, that belongs to the category of relatives.

It is said that several of Liu Chen’s half brothers don’t have a good relationship with him.

Most of them follow their mother’s surname.

Is this one of them She secretly decided to investigate afterwards.

Now that she has figured it out, she should take the initiative so that she can leave a good impression in front of Liu Chen.

At the moment, teacher Kong was searching for what position to assign to Shao Fei, who was not especially tall or short.

He could be arranged anywhere.

Dong Ling chose this time to raise her hand, and teacher Kong asked her, “What’s the matter”

“Teacher, I can’t see clearly when I sit in the back row.

Can I change to the fourth row” There is still an empty seat in the fourth row.

Teacher Kong said, “You were the one who wanted to be in the last row before.

Now you are the one who wants to change.

You girls are fickle.”

The students in the class joked with the teacher, “Miss Kong, aren’t you a girl.”

Teacher Kong laughed and scolded, “Don’t give me cheek.”

“Shao Fei, do you have good eyesight”

Shao Fei looked at Liu Chen’s direction and saw the demon king sitting there calmly.

“I can see clearly.” Because of Liu Chen’s order, he changed to contact lenses with his part time job money.

In fact, it’s sometimes useful that Liu Chen has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Then you will sit in the last row.

If you have any questions, you can ask your deskmate.

His grades in all subjects are very good.” While explaining to Shao Fei, she urged Dong Ling, “Change your seats first, sort other things after class.

Then let’s begin class.”

Shao Fei didn’t expect the world to change in the twinkling of an eye.

He actually became Liu Chen’s desk mate.

Is the treatment of passerby A too good Simply makes people doubt life.

Shao Fei hurriedly checked whether his character settings had collapsed.

If he exceeded the third warning , the red light would be on to remind him.

At 60% he could say goodbye to the world.

Fortunately, he didn’t receive any warnings, which showed that he was still in character.

Shao Fei dared not delay and walked to the back row.

There were many things in the girl’s drawer.

Dong Ling first took with her the textbook notes to the fourth row.

As they passed by Dong Ling gently bumped Shao Fei’s shoulder.

Shao Fei regained his senses and heard her say, “I’m Dong Ling.”

“I’m Shao Fei.” Shao Fei thinks his self introduction was very stiff.

“I already heard.”

Shao Fei: Her laugh is a little wicked.

If this girl is a game player, she should be at the same level as Liu Chen.

They both belong to the top tiers.

The novel describes her as Liu Chen’s ex-girlfriend.

One of the female partners who due to love turned jealousy, constantly targets the female lead.

Sure enough, the aura is… Formidable.

Bumping into him, yet not too hard, should show that she is angry, but was still restrained.

Dong Ling whispered to him: “Just a reminder, don’t touch his things.”

In reply Shao Fei nodded.

He won’t go around touching random things.

Shao Fei came to the young master with his school bag and school uniform.

Liu Chen had out a calculus textbook and was working on a problem.

The workbook next to him was full of formulas, all neatly written.

He secretly lamented that the male lead was indeed gifted, but backing up natural talent was hours of hard work.

Class had already started, he gently slid out his chair and sat down.

His deskmate had a strong sense of existence that couldn’t be ignored.

This time, his lying skills fell below standards, and the male lead’s displeasure was understandable.

Shao Fei didn’t notice his voice contained hints of begging for mercy as he whispered, “Chen ge, I didn’t mean to hide it from you.” Well, I admit it was intentional.

Liu Chen ignored him.

From the side his face looked more three-dimensional.

With thick and long drooping eyelashes.

When he blinks, it stirred the hearts of people.

It’s rare to hear this guy take the initiative to admit his mistake.

There was a little anxiety in that soft voice, making Liu Chen’s mood rise rapidly again.

Although he didn’t respond, the boy wasn’t deterred and continued talking.

Seeing that Liu Chen’s pen stopped moving, Shao Fei kept up his efforts: “I haven’t been in a good learning state recently.

I thought I had failed that exam.” In fact, I’m also very desperate.

“I didn’t think I could make it into class one, so I’m too ashamed to tell you.

I’m afraid you will be disappointed.” The last sentence is false.

Liu Chen didn’t respond at all, as if regarding him as air.

“And… And…” He can’t think of any more excuses.

Liu Chen raised his eyebrows.

… Need to fabricate more.

“And I don’t have your number or wechat.

I don’t know how to contact you, so I didn’t tell you.” Why didn’t I think of this before!

Liu Chen’s eyes contained mirth.

When he got along with this little thing, the number of times he was in a good mood always rose sharply.

In fact, it was good to have such a brother.

Originally, he only intended to tease him and pulled the corners of his lips: “Are you asking me for my number in disguise”

“No, how could I” Why would I ask for your number when I don’t intend on using it.

Liu Chen’s eyes swept over.

Shao Fei’s throat became blocked: “That’s right…”

“If you want it, just ask.” There’s no need to beat around the bush.

Shao Fei: I suddenly want to perform the broken big stone in my chest.1

“Over there, don’t whisper in class!” Teacher Kong heard the chatter and almost threw the chalk hand at their heads.

Seeing that it was Liu Chen, she was a little surprised.

When she first started teaching this class, she knew the reputation of this student.

An excellent student since young, there were no flaws from his family background, appearance to character.

He also did his own work quietly in class.

She never saw him chat with his deskmate.

Because of his good performance in general, even if there were occasional problems, she would not care too much as his teacher.

Luo Yufei also pricked his ears to listen to the movement behind him.

He heard their dialogue and felt that Lu Chen was a little different than normal.

What is different…

Shao Fei heard the teacher’s words and felt that the surrounding gaze all looked over.

He immediately sat upright and dared not chat any more.

Seeing everyone else flipping through textbooks, he was reminded that he didn’t have any textbooks yet.

Liu Chen looked at Shao Fei, who looked like an ant on a hot pot.

Then cast his gaze away like nothing happened, as if he were waiting for something.

Shao Fei couldn’t keep up with his current level.

He planned to listen to the class and make up afterwards.

Now the new textbook hasn’t been distributed, he needs to borrow from someone.

If he had an ordinary deskmate, two people could share one.

He took a glance.

There were no textbooks on Liu Chen’s desk.

It should be that he didn’t need to take them out at all.

Xueba2 probably didn’t need it.

In addition to the required textbooks, most of the subjects in Dijiang high school use an exclusive extra edition, one for each person.

The only person who can share with him is the male protagonist who doesn’t need to study them at all.

Shao Fei was in trouble.

He kept glancing at him and then glancing away again.

The appearance of wanting to talk yet didn’t dare to makes Liu Chen want to laugh, but he held back and stayed cold and indifferent.

Shao Fei touched Liu Chen’s elbow with his elbow.

During a hot spell in autumn, their elbows are not blocked by clothes.

Liu Chen felt the slight heat at the place of contact, like small cells  leaping through into his own blood vessels.

Just as the idea emerged and he didn’t completely avoid him, just moved slightly away from the heat source.

In an act of benevolence he asked: “What’s the matter”

Shao Fei lowered his head, using the students in the front to block him.

He whispered, “Can you lend me your English textbook”

Liu Chen moved his hand out of the way and leaned back slightly.

His eyes never left the textbook.

From Shao Fei’s point of view, he could see from the light pouring in, a clean and tidy desk drawer.

He means take it yourself if you want.

Shao Fei hesitated and thought of Dong Ling’s words just now, Liu Chen should be giving his approval.

His hands probably won’t be cut off.

He bent half his body, carefully kept a distance from Liu Chen, and rummaged in the drawer to find the textbook he needed.

Liu Chen looked down to see Shao Fei’s head with a small hair whorl, following with a section of white and slender neck.

As if it could be broken with a little force.

The boy had obediently followed his order and got a haircut.

Very good.

Should he lean forward a few more centimeters, he will completely cover him.

However, Liu Chen quickly looked away and did not do anything.

Shao Fei got the textbooks he needed as quickly as possible.

He also fished out the books for the next three classes.

Seeing that Liu Chen had no reaction, he breathed a long sigh of relief.

Actually,  the male lead is usually very nice.

If Shao Fei has a digital display on his head, there will probably be a favorability 1.

Gradually, from the unilateral fear at the beginning to the normal communication now, Shao Fei is also imperceptibly changing.

After the bell rang, Shao Fei was still memorising grammar.

Luo Yufei, who paid attention to them during class, turned his head.

He gently closed Shao Fei’s textbook.

When Shao Fei looked up, he smiled: “My name is Luo Yufei, I’m Liu Chen’s friend.”

Shao Fei shrunk slightly when he heard the name and looked straight at Luo Yufei, as if his stare could bloom a flower.

That natural black belly

Luo Yufei’s face is full of question marks.

What’s with this reaction Have I done anything to him

Two big eyes and small eyes stared at each other.

Liu Chen frowned and reminded Luo Yufei: “Turn around and don’t disturb him.”

“I’m just saying hello.” You were chatting in class.

Why can’t I

Liu Chen directly pasted the English textbook Shao Fei borrowed just now on Luo Yufei’s face.

While Shao Fei was stunned, he calmly taught: “He is not a good egg.

Pay less attention to him in the future.”

Shao Fei: …

Luo Yufei: WTF, are you not the worst egg!

The author has something to say:

Luo Yufei: I think I am the most wronged person in the world!

1Breaking a boulder on the chest is an acrobatics performance.

A person who is lying down puts a big stone on the chest, and the other person uses a sledgehammer to break the stone. 

The principle is that the mass of the stone used is very large, so its inertia is also great.

Therefore, when the hammer falls down quickly.

Due to the inertia, the acceleration of the stone is very small, so that it will not produce huge pressure on the person below, so they will not be hurt.

2 Xueba = school tyrants, top exam scorers 


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