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Yao Feifei is not really unscrupulous.

There is no shortage of beautiful flowers within the celebrity circle similar to her.

Currently all her thoughts are on the prey in front of her, unaware of the situation by the stairs.

Shaofei tugged Yao Feifei’s arm and whispered, “Mom, we should go.”

From the perspective of their interaction, Yao Feifei obviously got on well with her old flame and completely ignored her son.

Before she could reply, the man seemed to just notice the presence of the bland young man.

He was surprised.

The young man’s bangs were very long and near completely covered his eyes.

A pair of glasses on his face, he was thin and tall, only a little taller than Yao Feifei wearing high heels.

From the man’s experienced eyes, even covered by glasses and hair, the boy is more than beautiful.

However when standing beside the glamorous Yao Feifei, he becomes inconspicuous: “Is this your son”

Yao Feifei nodded reLiuctantly, as if she didn’t want to admit him.

That’s why she didn’t want to bring Shao Fei out.

This son didn’t take after her at all, it was humiliating to admit she was his mother.

It wasn’t that he was ugly.

He was just too ordinary; he would be lost as soon as he was in a crowd.

“What’s the child’s name” the middle-aged man smiled gently, making people feel similar to a spring breeze.

“Not a child, he’s already 18, just looking at his…” Yao Feifei’s words abruptly stopped, from the corner of her eyes she saw a familiar figure.

Shaofei, who also noticed the new arrival, was as dazed as her.

As if Wu Tehzu didn’t see how she acted previously, he politely said, “Miss Yao, your appointment with the chairman is nearing, and I have come to pick you up.”

This man is Liu Zhengming’s confidant.

Yao Feifei was in confusion: “Ho, how can I bother assistant Wu We’ll go up now!”

Yao Feifei left so fast that she didn’t even have time to say goodbye to the middle-aged man, as she pulled Shao Fei to the elevator. 

Wu Dezhu greeted the middle-aged man: “Mr.

Yang is here to attend tomorrow’s online forum meeting”

“Such a coincidence I happened to bump into Wu Dezhu.

How about I make an appointment with director Liu to have a drink”

They greeted each other with a smile, as if they had forgotten the woman had just who left.

Entering the elevator, Yao Feifei looked at Shaofei thoughtfully: “Did you see him coming from afar, so you reminded me”

She seems to have ignored the son who has no sense of existence for too long.

Now she is reevaLiuating him in a new light.

Shao Fei was still thinking that Wu Dezhu was standing beside the young man by the rails, the chances of the young man being the male lead Liu Chen was previously 8/10 now it’s upped to 9/10.

Sure enough, it was exactly the same as what was described in the novel.

Whether it was temperament, appearance or other factors, it was even more realistic than the novel description.

Maybe this is what the system described as the will of the world optimizing itself.

He nodded perfunctorily, but because of his honest appearance, his perfunctory attitude didn’t show through at all.

Yao Feifei seems to have discovered a new world.

This son is not as much of a burden as she thought.

Thinking of the scene just now, Yao Feifei’s face flashed a trace of ruthlessness, there are ways to make Wu Dezhu keep his mouth shut.

She calmed down and said to her son: “If something like that happens again, you must remind me in time.

Don’t dawdle! You can live well if your mother lives well, therefore you won’t need to return to your previous life with your father.

You and I are in the same boat!”

She didn’t wait for this stuffy gourd to answer her.

At the moment the elevator doors dinged, she was like a soldier about to go to war: “Remember, please Liu Chen.

He is the key to whether we can stay in the Liu family.”

In her opinion, she is an elder.

Of course, it is more appropriate for her son to deal with Liu Chen.

Yao Feifei entered the dining room on the fifth floor with a hand through her son’s arm, walking on the transparent floor.

This is a well-known Michelin restaurant in Kunming1, called Huamu court.

Under the guidance of the waiter, the two came to the outside of the courtyard through a corridor.

Each seat is separated by curved stone carvings.

Gurgling water flows over the stone carvings, and the sound of water streams into their eardrums, like melodious music.

The flowers and plants are interspersed with soft lights.

This design pattern allows guests to feel relaxed in privacy.

As expected, when he glanced up Yao Feifei’s expression became much softer.

It seems she is very satisfied with Liu Zhengming’s arrangement.

As a space maintainer, Shao Fei knows that this hotel is one of Liu Zhengming’s businesses.

Many of his lovers have come here.

Liu Zhengming has his own routine to make women happy physically and mentally.

The mother and son were led over.

Liu Zhengming looked only in his early thirties.

He was not old, and there was no obvious sign of weight gain.

His facial lines were cold and dignified.

Even the warm light on the table couldn’t soften him.

As he smiled gently, there were crow’s feet around the corners of his eyes,  exuding an atmosphere of noble kindness, which made anyone who talked to him feel flattered.

Shao Fei thinks this may be a characteristic of the Liu family.

“Uncle Liu.” Shao Fei greeted stiffly, but his attention was captured by the young man sitting on the side listening to music with headphones on.

Dressed in a dark coloured top that vaguely revealed a hard outline.

His smooth hair swayed in the breeze and scratched the most itchy place in people’s hearts, however this was not his main concern.

He trembled from the bottom of his heart.

Finally, he was 100% sure that Liu Chen was the person who watched him from the railings.

Liu Zhengming stood up, he immediately liked the boy who was coming over.

Everyone likes harmless creatures, and he seemed quiet and clever.

Completely different from his wolf-like son.

He joked with a smile: “Xiao Fei2 is a boy, you can’t be so timid.”

Shao Fei’s name is still Shao Fei in this world.

According to the system, the role he entered is passers-by A.

Even if the name is changed to his own name, it will not affect the spatial balance.

This welfare is part of his novice gift package.

Shao Fei seems to have never met such an amiable elder, as his eyes shone at the elder.

In order to maintain his character settings, Shao Fei regards himself as the original owner most of the time.

There was sudden pain on his hand.

Yao Feifei pinched the inside of his hand.

She whispered, “Speak, are you a fool!”

Liu Zhengming saw through these little movements and motioned to Yao Feifei: “It doesn’t matter.

Don’t scare the child.”

Yao Feifei immediately smiled and turned around.

If Liu Zhengming hadn’t asked for the boy by name, she wouldn’ have brought her son.

How could she deliberately bring out the oil bottle3 How Liucky for him.

Fortunately, Liu Zhengming seems to like Shao Fei’s silliness.

Liu Zhengming pointed to the boy beside him: “This is my son, Liu Chen.”

Liu Chen didn’t seem to hear their conversation, immersed in his own world.

His slender fingers drummed against the table rhythmically, like dancing with the music.

His skin was so white that it captured people’s eyes, like agitated butterfly wings.

Already so stunning at this age, in a few years he will probably fit the saying, walking hormone dispenser.

Liu Zhengming patted Liu Chen on the back of his head, smiling as he scolded, “Smelly boy, say hello!”

From the intimate tone, they could feel the doting for his son.

Liu Chen took off the BLiuetooth headset hanging on his ear and stood up.

The young man was tall and had perfectly sculpted facial features.

A pair of black bottomless pupils looked straight at him.

When he looked at Shao Fei, there seemed to be a different meaning in his smile, making Shao Fei’s heart palpitate.

He immediately thought of the previous scene and seemed to understand the connotation in the young man’s smile.

It seems that Yao Feifei’s task to please Liu Chen is unlikely to be completed.

When Liu Chen smiled, it was a little gentle and full of youthfulness fitting his age: “I’m Liu Chen.”

They are still students, a greeting nod is enough.

Shao Fei hesitated on what to call him for a while, and finally chose a less offensive way that could still fulfill Yao Feifei’s requirements: “Chen dage.”4

The character in the original text called him xiong di5, which seemed too close.

He didn’t want to be taught a lesson by Liu Chen.

Liu Chen didn’t expect that he would call himself so.

Seeing Yao Feifei’s face of hating iron that couldn’t become steel6, and seeing the expression on Shaofei’s face, he thought that the mother and son were very interesting.

The mother tried hard to climb up, but the son was completely unhelpful, his smile became a little more real: “this title is interesting.

Then am I your big brother in society”

The joke in Liu Chen’s words immediately alleviated the originally awkward atmosphere.

The parents on both sides also felt the first meeting was quite pleasant and were very satisfied with the results.

Shao Fei: …

After finishing the main course, Liu Zhengming explained to Shao Fei his new school arrangements: “Originally, I didn’t want you to transfer.

As you may not be used to transferring in your senior year.

However, your mother wanted you to receive a better education.

As a parent myself, I can understand her.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen is also there.

I think you two children can take care of each other.

If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask him.

He was admitted into class 1 by his own ability.”

From the tone, they could all feel that Liu Zhengming, like all fathers in the world, is proud of his extremely smart son.

Hearing the speech, Shao Fei knew that his mother wanted him to stick to the Liu family father and son.

It’s best if he could become a real Liu family young master.

But he wasn’t worried, Liu Chen doesn’t care about passers-by A, B or C.

Although the two children didn’t talk much, there were two adults at the dinner table to adjust the atmosphere.

One tried to praise his son, and the other pandered to him, praising Liu Chen like nothing in the sky or the earth compared to him.

However, Liu Chen himself was obviously indifferent.

He stood up directly and didn’t give Liu Zhengming face in front of others.

Sure enough, Liu Zhengming’s expression immediately sunk, even his son should show him respect in front of outsiders.

His attitude remained unchanged as he asked, “Xiao Chen, didn’t you just come back Where are you going now”

Liu Zhengming hardly ever scolded his son, most of the time he couldn’t wait to praise him in front of others.

“Going to the bathroom.” After a few steps, Liu Chen seemed to think of something and smiled innocently, “Oh, speaking of going out just now, when I saw Aunt Fei downstairs…”

His eyes slid over to Yao Feifei and Shao Fei.

This time, even Yao Feifei, who wanted to sit and watch the tigers fight, couldn’t sit still.

Her heart beat increased, as she felt too guilty to meet Liu Chen’s gaze.

Shao Fei thought that the man really knew how to speak.

He left half of his speech at a point that hangs people’s appetite.

But even if said here, it will only pointlessly create a contradiction.

Yao Feifei’s pillow talk can not be underestimated.

If Liu Chen was not stupid, he would not choose to tear his face with his father’s lover for no reason.

Sure enough, Liu Chen’s words took a turn: “Xiao Fei and aunt Fei are really more beautiful than I thought.”

“You boy, your aunt Fei is a generation above you.

Don’t know your place!” Liu Zhengming’s anger turned into a smile and generously let his son go.

Instead of getting angry, he felt that his son appreciated his girlfriend and approved of his high standards.

Yao Feifei clenched her knife and fork.

She underestimated the young master of the Liu family.

He was warning her that he could kick her out of the Liu family at any time.

If she were to be intimidated by a teenager under the age of 20, she wouldn’t have made it this far.

Compared with the threat of a child, it is more important to grasp Liu Zhengming’s heart.

She resolutely took off her high-heeled shoes, and a pair of jade legs wearing transparent silk stockings immediately seduced Liu Zhengming under the table.

She lightly brushed against his thighs, and Liu Zhengming’s breathing deepened.

He sent a warning glance and admonished in a low voice: “Don’t make trouble!”

Yao Feifei didn’t feel threatened at all.

Maybe this environment made it more exciting.

Liu Zhengming also lets her get away with this much, as he continues to cut his steak slowly.

When he turned to observe Shao Fei, he noticed that the little guy was still eating with his head buried.

Such a simple and shy teenager is obviously more in line with Liu Zhengming’s preference.

Shao Fei, who was closely observed, ate the food on his plate.

He didn’t seem to notice the movements under the table.

It’s not easy being passerby A, he had to frequently play ignorant.

When Liu Chen came back, Liu Zhengming had already been teased to his limit.

He ordered the driver waiting below to send up a coat to cover an embarrassing place.

Then he and Yao Feifei left in advance while telling the two children to continue eating.

As for what happens after, the remaining two tacitly understood, even the most ignorant Shao Fei knew what was happening.

“Enjoy the show” Liu Chen asked casually after the couple left, crossing his arms as he looked at Shaofei who had been buried in eating.

Shao Fei didn’t know what he was eating.

When he heard this question, he knew that the other party was asking him how he felt about watching the adult show.

He really had a bad personality.

He could only pretend to be stupid and say, “This restaurant is very nice.”

“Really” Liu Chen’s eyes were intrigued.

Are you stupid, or are you pretending to be stupid

Shao Fei was inexplicably flustered and felt like a beast was eyeing him.

Liu Zhengming left in a hurry.

As soon as they closed the car door, things became heated in the back seat.

Since meeting Yao Feifei, Liu Zhengming felt as if he had regained his youthful vitality.

That’s why he was willing to make an exception to allow Yao Feifei to enter the Liu family home.

Liu Zhengming has always been willing to spend money on his favoured lovers.

He has a typical desire life for love, and death for evil.7 

Wu Tezhu, who had already asked the driver to go back first, drove the car on the road smoothly.

Before the divider was put down, Yao Feifei and Wu Tezhu’s  gaze locked through the rearview mirror, their colliding eyes causing a burst of sparks.

1 Kunming 昆明, capital of Yunnan Province, is known as ‘the City of Eternal Spring’ for its pleasant climate and flowers that bloom all year long.

2 Adding Xiao in front of someone’s name makes them seem more familiar, like a nickname.

3 As in a oil bottle that drags her down and seen as a disadvantage when attracting men

4Big brother Chen

5A way to call brother that sounds more like they both have an equal standing, while the previous dage is more deferential 

6Iron won’t turn into steel, meaning he can’t meet her expectations

7 “The Analects of Confucius Yan Yuan”: “Love desires life, evil desires death, desires of both life and death, is confusion.” means to go to extremes when loving and hating a person


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