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Shao Fei rushed to the toilet in one breath.

He was hit by the high attractiveness index.

If the male and female lead got together, it would be the legendary golden age of beauty.

As an ordinary person it would purify his eyes just by occasionally looking, Shao Fei thought happily.

There were only a few people in the men’s bathroom.

Shao Fei entered a cubicle with his school uniform and thought about the development of the male and female lead while changing clothes.

They should have been tied together by the red line of fate by now and entered the ambiguous stage .

Shen Banqing is also very upset recently.

In addition to the bad circumstances at home, there are rumours in school.

Someone had seen Liu Chen with her at the school gate.

That day, many people witnessed Liu Chen at the school gate and these people completely ignored the passerby also on site when spreading the rumor.

Probably because she is too beautiful, girls have frequently treated her with faint hostility ever since she was young.

If she were low key, everyone could keep the peace, but now she has a rumoured relationship with someone high profile in school.

Even if there is nothing between them, there will always be malicious speculation, and rumors are more fierce than tigers.

She has been warned many times by Dong Ling of class one accompanied by a group of girls, which makes her disgust for Liu Chen soar.

Even if Liu Chen is also the victim of “rumors”, she always remembers the other party’s eyes that looked at her like dirt.

A boy suddenly sat in the empty seat in front of Shen Banqing, hugging the back of the chair.

His handsome face had a frivolous smile: “I believe you have nothing to do with Liu.

You two are opposite in character and constellation signs.

Us two on the other hand are highly compatible, as high as 98%.”

With that, Yang Xin took out his iPad and pointed to the result of divination.

He looked particularly satisfied.

Shen Banqing looked up and saw the man who had pestered her for several days.

She was very helpless, there was no interest in the childish boys of this school.

She continued on while ignoring his existence, Yang Xin didn’ t mind at all as he continued talking.

Their interaction only caused the surrounding girls to whisper more.

But Shen Banqing doesn’t care.

Anyway, she no longer hoped to make friends.

She just wants to study hard and do well in the exam.

The enrollment rate of this school is famous all over the country.

She wants to enter a university where Xie Yun is.

No matter how he treats her, she can’t forget the warmth from childhood.

There was a constant urge within to be closer to that person.

A wechat notification sounded.

After listening to the voice message, Shen Banqing immediately stood up and rushed out.

Liu Chen, the other gossiped protagonist, has never paid attention to gossip.

He has long been used to it and he has never bothered to correct false news.

After all, it won’t benefit him.

He leisurely turned on Shao Fei’s mobile phone.

Within moments, he had probed it inside out.

Outside the door, a schoolgirl came to deliver hand baked biscuits on schedule.

A slacker who just woke up in the back row whistled and several boys booed together, which made the little sister somewhat embarrassed.

But this time things didn’t progress smoothly.

She approached slowly and had yet to hand over the delicately decorated biscuits.

When Liu Chen pushed his slender legs until one end of the chair tilted up, the whole person tilted with the chair.

He held Shao Fei’s mobile phone in one hand and fished inside Shao Fei’s school bag with the other hand.

Subsequently pulling out a half crushed packet of cranberry biscuits, picked up a piece and ate it.

The little sister’s hand holding biscuits can no longer stretch out.

Although nothing was spoken, the meaning is obvious.

When the little sister left, there were bursts of voices in the back row, especially those bad teenagers who usually had revolutionary friendships with Liu Chen.

They didn’t avoid any sensitive topics when they talked such as; “squandering opportunities”, ” wasting natural resources” and “being born fortunate yet ignorant of his fortune”.

Liu Chen gestured to them with a laugh, “So annoying, don’t shout.”

Luo Yufei observed Liu Chen’s action and blinked.

“How come I’ve never seen you refuse before” Luo Yufei thought again, as if to find the answer, asking and replying on his own, “Because before it was unnecessary”

You take advantage of Shao Fei’s absence to use him as a shield against your admirers, without their knowledge

Don’t you feel any guilt

Well, indeed Liu Chen feels no guilt.

Liu Chen didn’t even bother to respond to him.

Only bowed his head and continued to fiddle with Shao Fei’s mobile phone, opening the address book in wechat, and directly added his own contact information.

When he saw that the wechat avatar was blank, with only one class group belonging to the previous school.

There was almost no chat history, and his mood rose two percentage points higher.

He ignored Luo Yufei on the side who had been dazzled by his smile.

“I say, are you really going to treat him as a brother” Luo Yufei continued to harass the person behind him and put stress on the word “brother”.

This time his expression had turned serious.

He had nothing against Shao Fei, his thought process came from growing up in an aristocratic family.

Should Liu Chen personally admit him as a brother, this gold content, tut tut tut.

“En, can’t I” Liu Chen’s eyes didn’t leave Shao Fei’s phone.

In a rare act of kindness he also downloaded some avatars.

After picking and comparing, he chose a picture of a chinchilla and set it up.

Luo Yufei was about to make fun of Shao Fei, when an unregistered number call came up on Shao Fei’s mobile phone.

Judging from the number, it was not a harassing call.

Pressing the mute button, Liu Chen stood up and planned to find Shao Fei.

While walking, he took out a small magnet from his pocket and played with it in his hand.

The magnet was specially made to suck out the new eavesdropper.

Since Liu Chen planned to keep people in front of his eyes, he considered removing this thing.

He was not a pervert and didn’t really want to monitor or peep continuously.

Before he wasn’t concerned, but now it’s different.

There are many candidates for the beta test, but Shao Fei is like Pandora’s box.

An uncontrollable variable.

Lost in thought, he was hit by an oncoming girl in front  of class three.

Many people in the corridor saw this scene.

In their eyes the girl was waiting for Liu Chen to pass by and deliberately bumped into him.

Liu Chen’s chest was hit hard.

Even the most cultured people will be angry when they are hit like this.

What’s more, this is not the first time Liu Chen has encountered deliberate collisions.

Although it’s still rare to so accurately implement the timing.

This girl is deeply scheming.

Liu Chen would not be so angry at ordinary times, but this incident has caused a ruckus.

The foreign English teaching assistant who was passing by laughed with derision.

As soon as he saw the girl’s face, Lui Chen’s voice suddenly cooled several degrees, and his eyes were full of disgust: “Why is it you again.”

Shen Banqing is engrossed in worry, otherwise she wouldn’t collide with him.

She was not one of those fan girls, even having a bad impression of Liu Chen.

At this time, she immediately thought of the previous humiliation and snorted.

She didn’t want to hear the man’s ridicule and launched a preemptive sneer: “An obedient dog doesn’t get in the way.”

After taking revenge, she rushed away.

Now she has no time to pay attention to this person who is arrogant all the time.

But what outsiders saw was them talking intimately.

It was just a false rumor before, but now it seems to become truth.

Evolving into, the transfer student of class three may really be Liu Chen’s new girlfriend.

She is in line with Liu Chen’s usual aesthetics: white skin, thin waist and long legs.

Liu Chen’s face had frozen over.

The good mood accumulated in the previous classes was almost wiped away.

He tidied up his clothes.

Good upbringing and a moral bottom line made him not deal with women who had no conflict of interest with himself, but this could not stop him from hating this scheming woman.

At this time, Shao Fei had just finished changing his clothes.

When he heard what seemed to be a commotion in the corridor outside, his ears trembled and he didn’t go to check.

He went to the urinal and released the accumulated inventory.

Because he couldn’t keep up with the previous classes, he concentrated solely on the lectures and forgot to relieve himself.

Just now in the cubicle, he heard two boys outside comparing their sizes.

This is a common dirty topic among boys, but it concerns one’s self-esteem.

Shao Fei had slightly low self-esteem so he didn’t come out until they left.

He looked down and sighed deeply, “Alas.”

Liu Chen came to the door of the toilet and glanced around,  about to call Shao Fei out to answer the call.

His eyes caught onto passerby A who was ignorant and preoccupied.

A small area was exposed, revealing a little yellow duck pattern whilst the other areas were wrapped.

Still Liu Chen could almost completely trace it with his eyes.

He has studied sketching and while he is more inclined to draw scenery, knowledge of human body structure is a basic skill.

Because there is the illusion of cover, it gives a more mysterious feeling.

From the artistic perspective, he can infer the radian.

He can also imagine that the soft and white bulge can’t be held by both hands.

Liu Chen has good eyesight.

All the depression was swept away and replaced by a sensory stimulus that itches to the extreme and electrifies straight to the brain.

Focusing on that place, hidden under the calm is the surging dark tide.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Luzi: It’s time to test willpower

Xiao Feizi: … (Hooligan!)

Xiao Luzi: Only for you… And I didn’t everything

Xiao Feizi: … (Pervert!)


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